Learning Wisdom From the Wise Women of the Bible
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Learning Wisdom From the Wise Women of the Bible

Wise Women of the Bible

Throughout the Bible, we find stories of wise women who contributed greatly to God’s plan. Their wisdom and courage provide valuable lessons for us as Christian women today. In this post, we will examine the lives of five wise women of the Bible and what we can learn from them.


Women play a vital role in God’s redemptive plan, though they often go unnoticed. The Bible contains many accounts of wise and godly women who faithfully served the Lord. Their stories inspire us to wholeheartedly follow God and trust in His provision. Though each woman faced unique circumstances, their steadfast faith remains a model for all believers.

As we explore the lives of these wise women, we discover recurring themes – courage in the face of adversity, devotion to God above all else, and imparting wisdom to future generations. Their remarkable stories remind us of the extraordinary influence of righteous women. May their examples spur us on to live wisely and courageously for the Lord.

Key Takeaways:

  • Women, though often overlooked, fill crucial roles in God’s redemptive plan.
  • The Bible presents many wise and godly women as models of faith.
  • Their lives exhibit courage, devotion to God, and passing on wisdom.
  • Their stories inspire us to follow the Lord wholeheartedly like they did.
  • The righteous influence of women should not be underestimated.
Learning wisdom from the wise women of the bible

Mary, Mother of Jesus

Mary occupies an esteemed position among biblical women. Chosen by God to bear the Savior of the world, her obedience altered the course of history. She exemplified profound faith and trust in God despite the uncertainty of her calling. Mary’s humility and acceptance of God’s plan demonstrate the posture every believer should adopt.

Courage in the Face of Uncertainty

After the angel Gabriel announced she would give birth to the Son of God, Mary courageously trusted the Lord’s calling on her life. She knew pregnancy outside of wedlock could lead to a death sentence. Yet Mary believed God and declared, “I am the Lord’s servant, may your word to me be fulfilled” (Luke 1:38). Her courage to accept this monumental calling, despite not fully understanding it, challenges our faith. Like Mary, God calls us to obey Him even when His plan seems unclear or dangerous. Her bold faith in God’s faithfulness should inspire us to trust Him more.

Utter Devotion to God’s Plan

Upon learning she would deliver the promised Messiah, Mary rejoiced in awe of God, “My soul glorifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior.” (Luke 1:46-47). Her magnificent Song of Praise in Luke 1 expresses deep devotion to God and humble acceptance of His will. She understood the profound implications of her calling and dedicated herself fully to bringing glory to God. Mary desired only to serve the Lord’s purposes, not seeking honor for herself. We too must cultivate this attitude of unwavering devotion to God, not our own interests. Mary sought to exalt only the name of the Lord.

A Model of Wisdom

Mary pondered the meaning of events surrounding Jesus’ life, growing in wisdom over time. After the shepherds visited the newborn Jesus, “Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19). She contemplated her Son’s ministry more deeply after He stayed behind teaching at the temple (Luke 2:51). Her wisdom instructed Jesus’ first miracle at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11). Though she did not grasp everything initially, Mary gained wisdom by meditating on God’s actions through His Son. We too can grow in discernment when we treasure God’s words and make time to reflect on how He works in our lives. Mary’s thoughtful example provides a wise model to follow.

Mary lived with courage, devotion, and wisdom. What a tremendous example for us as Christian women today! Her godly influence forever impacted the world by bearing and raising the Son of God. When we embrace God’s call like Mary did, we open ourselves to His transforming work in and through us.

Esther, Queen of Persia

Esther’s remarkable story provides another portrait of a strong, faithful woman of God. Her wisdom and courage as Queen of Persia saved the Jewish people from destruction. Yet beyond her noble deeds, we find a woman whose deep faith in God fueled her success. Esther allowed the Lord to use her mightily because she believed His sovereign purposes would prevail, an example we must follow today.

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Shrewd Discernment

When learning of Haman’s plot to massacre the Jewish people, Esther displayed keen discernment to devise a strategy to save her people. She astutely assessed the political climate and chose her actions carefully to expose Haman’s wicked scheme. Esther advocated for her people at precisely the right moments by gaining the king’s favor. Her perceptive plan led to the Jews’ deliverance against overwhelming odds. Like Esther, we as Christian women need wisdom to navigate challenges today. Seeking discernment through prayer is key, along with prudently pursuing God’s will. Esther’s judicious example reminds us of the power of godly wisdom.

Courage to Risk for God’s Purpose

Esther took a monumental risk by approaching the king unsummoned to expose Haman, which could have meant death. Yet she proclaimed, “If I perish, I perish,” trusting God’s ultimate authority over the situation (Esther 4:16). In this defining moment, Esther acted with courage because she knew God placed her in that position to save her people. It was no coincidence Esther became queen “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14). When we know God calls us to fulfill a purpose, we can have boldness like Esther to take risks and trust God will use them for greater good. Her courage motivates us to step out in faith when action aligns with God’s leading.

Steadfast Faith in God’s Sovereignty

Above all, Esther’s story highlights steadfast faith in God’s control over all circumstances. When challenged to save the Jews from Haman’s wicked plot, Esther urged all the Jews to fast and pray with her for deliverance (Esther 4:16). She trusted wholly in God to work through her feeble efforts. Ultimately, the Lord did save His people dramatically through Esther’s obedient actions. However, Esther gave God full credit by instituting the celebration of Purim to honor Him (Esther 9:26-28). As Christian women, we must emulate Esther’s firm belief in God’s sovereignty. We can boldly obey Him when we trust He holds supreme power to work all things for our good.

Esther’s inspiring example of wisdom, courage, and faith proves the significant influence of righteous women. God displayed His might through one faithful woman who acted on her belief in God’s sovereign purpose. When we wholly devote ourselves to the Lord’s plans like Esther, we open the door for Him to powerfully work through us.

Ruth, Loyal Daughter-In-Law

As a destitute foreign widow, Ruth easily could have chosen self-preservation by returning to her native land. Instead, her steadfast love and faithfulness to her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi, demonstrate extraordinary loyalty and belief in God’s provision. Her remarkable devotion built her lineage in Jesus Christ. Ruth’s story inspires our commitment to love others selflessly by trusting God’s plans, not our own limited wisdom.

Selfless Commitment

After both women became widowed, destitute Naomi urged her daughters-in-law to return to their Moabite families for security. Yet Ruth refused to leave Naomi, insisting “Where you go I will go. Your people will be my people, and your God my God” (Ruth 1:16). In this poignant pledge, Ruth abandoned self-interest and safety to care for Naomi in her desolate state. What beautiful selflessness and loyalty, modeled perfectly in Christ’s love for us! We must extend this same grace-filled commitment to others, regardless of what it costs us personally. Ruth calls us to live with radical, sacrificial love.

Steadfast Work Ethic

As a penniless foreigner, Ruth tirelessly labored as a gleaner to provide for Naomi. She rose early to gather leftover grain in the fields, trusting God to provide for them through her diligent efforts. Her faithful service and provision for Naomi ultimately led to God’s phenomenal blessings on her life. Ruth’s story assures us that God honors those who diligently serve Him and others with integrity. When we work heartily as unto the Lord, we open the door for His abundant blessings in His way and time.

Devotion to God and Family

Ruth not only committed to Naomi but also to Naomi’s God, displaying impressive devotion. She sacrificed her identity and security as a Moabite to fully assimilate into Naomi’s Israelite family and faith. Ruth chose to serve her mother-in-law’s God alongside caring for her. In doing so, she grafted herself into Jesus’ lineage as David’s grandmother and received rich blessing herself (Ruth 4:13-17). Like Ruth, our devotion to Christ must translate into fulfilling our family duties. Her remarkable legacy inspires our wholehearted commitment to following the Lord.

Ruth models selfless love, tireless devotion to God’s work, and caring for family. Her noble character challenges us to look beyond ourselves and emulate the greatest command to love. When we exemplify Ruth’s faithful service to others, we live out the gospel and participate in God’s redemptive purposes.

Hannah, Faithful Mother

Hannah’s persevering prayers and dedication of her long-awaited son Samuel to the Lord’s service present a striking portrait of a godly mother. Despite years of infertility and torment from her husband’s other wife, Hannah remained wholly devoted to prayer and trusting God’s timing. Her steadfast faith serves as an inspirational model for mothers today.

Persistence in Prayer

Despite deep anguish over her inability to conceive, Hannah never wavered in fervent prayer, pouring out her heart to the Lord (1 Samuel 1:9-18). She did not demand God answer her prayers, only that He look upon her misery and remember her. Hannah persevered in prayer because she trusted God ultimately to act according to His will. Even when we pray persistently and God seems silent, we must believe He hears and responds according to His wisdom and timing. Hannah’s example encourages us to persevere in prayer with unwavering faith.

Faithfulness Honoring Vows

After finally bearing a son, Hannah faithfully honored her vow to dedicate Samuel full-time to the Lord’s service. Though excruciating to relinquish her long-awaited child, Hannah obeyed the Lord by placing Samuel under the priest Eli’s care (1 Samuel 1: 24-28). God then blessed her with five other children for her selfless sacrifice (1 Samuel 2:21). Like Hannah, God calls us to remain faithful to our promises before Him, trusting He will redeem them for good. Hannah models integrity and obedience despite tremendous personal cost. Her steadfast example inspires our obedience to the Lord.

Imparting Wisdom to Children

Hannah poured wise instruction into her children, specifically teaching them to honor and serve the Lord above all else (1 Samuel 2:1-10). Samuel rose to become one of Israel’s greatest prophets and judges under Hannah’s early nurturing. Wise mothers like Hannah pass their faith onto children, bearing fruit for generations. Though painful, she exemplified the need to train up children in the Lord’s ways, not our own. Hannah ultimately trusted God’s purposes over her motherly attachment to Samuel. We too must seek God’s wisdom to raise godly children, not simply pursue our own happiness.

Hannah’s persevering prayers, faithfulness to vows, and spiritual instruction of her children offer much wisdom for mothers today. She guides us to wholly seek God’s heart for our families, trusting His perfect will above our own.

Abigail, Discerning Peacemaker

Abigail’s quick action and discretion following her husband’s foolish insult toward David demonstrated profound wisdom. Her peacemaking intervention saved their whole household from slaughter after her husband’s offense. Beyond diplomatic mediation, Abigail’s story provides a model of godly discernment and courage that still instructs us today.

Wise Discernment

Abigail immediately discerned the critical nature of her husband’s mistake and acted promptly to resolve it through shrewd diplomacy. Her foresight avoided bloodshed and appeased David’s wrath when others might have easily dismissed David’s threat. Abigail did not downplay the situation but treated it with appropriate gravity and respect. Her prudent assessment of complex circumstances presents a thoughtful model of applying wisdom. Seeking godly counsel like Abigail provides helpful perspective when navigating challenging situations.

Peacemaking Intervention

While no excuse existed for her husband’s foolish insult toward David, Abigail gracefully apologized on his behalf and appealed to David’s better judgment to avert vengeance. Unlike her rash husband, Abigail chose peacemaking through humble mediation. Her discretion and direct appeal to reconciliation aligned with God’s heart for restoration. Like Abigail, we should actively pursue peace by quelling contention before it escalates, rather than prolonging conflict. Our words contain power to produce either peace or strife.

Courage to Act Rightly

Abigail bravely entered a hostile situation to attempt mediation, risking David’s potential anger toward her. Yet she prioritized preventing bloodshed through courageous intervention, not fearful avoidance. Abigail’s story reminds us that passivity can have dire consequences in the face of clear wrongdoing. Though uncomfortable, we must confront issues with wisdom and grace, rather than complacency. Abigail modeled brave peacemaking grounded in discernment and morality.

Abigail’s quick discernment and mediation exemplify the need for courage and wisdom in resolving conflict. Her remarkable example calls us to pursue both righteousness and peace through active reconciliation efforts. When we apply Abigail’s principles, we can walk in greater discernment and unite others like she did.


Throughout Scripture, we find ordinary women who lived extraordinary lives of faith, courage, wisdom and strength. Despite facing enormously challenging circumstances, they trusted God and contributed to His divine plan in remarkable ways. Their inspiring stories urge us to wholeheartedly follow God like they did. As Christian women today, we can glean much wisdom from their remarkable examples that transcend time and culture.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mary – Courage in uncertainty, devotion to God, thoughtful wisdom
  • Esther – Discernment, risk-taking faith, belief in God’s sovereignty
  • Ruth – Selfless love, diligent work ethic, loyalty
  • Hannah – Persistent prayer, faithfulness, motherly wisdom
  • Abigail – Peacemaking intervention, courage with grace

What invaluable instruction these wise women of the Bible provide for our lives today! Throughout history up to the present, God has worked powerfully through faithful women who trust Him. The righteous influence of women devoted to God cannot be underestimated. May the examples of these and other biblical women spur us on to live wisely and courageously for the Lord every day.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
He has been in pastoral ministry since 1988.
Today he is the owner and managing editor of 3 successful Christian websites that support missionaries around the world.
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