Why Do We Need The Power Of God?

We live in a fallen world full of sin, suffering, and death. As humans, we are weak, fragile, and limited in our abilities. On our own, we cannot overcome the forces of darkness that seek to destroy us. This is why we desperately need the power of God in our lives. In this post, I will explore why God’s power is so vital for believers and how we can experience it.


As Christians, we believe that God is all-powerful. He spoke the universe into existence and holds all things together by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). There is no limit to His might, wisdom, and abilities. He can do the seemingly impossible and transcends our human understanding.

God’s power is unlike any other power. It cannot be earned or manipulated, but only received as a gracious gift. We cannot twist God’s arm or bargain our way into experiencing more of His power. It must come through an attitude of humility, faith, and total dependence on Him.

The human condition is one of weakness and limitation. On our own, we are no match for the forces of sin and darkness in this world. We need God’s strength to overcome temptation, walk in holiness, fulfill our callings, and be bold witnesses for Christ. His power is not a luxury but an absolute necessity for the Christian life.

In this post, I aim to answer the following key questions:

  • What are the main sources of God’s power available to believers?
  • Why do we need the power of God in our lives?
  • What are the benefits and outcomes of experiencing God’s power?
  • How can we posture ourselves to receive more of God’s power?
  • What are the obstacles that can block the flow of God’s power?
  • How does God’s power lead us to worship and glorify Him?

Let’s explore the beauty, necessity, and life-change potential of God’s awesome power.

Why Do We Need The Power Of God Why Do We Need The Power Of God?

The Sources of God’s Power for Believers

God makes His power available to followers of Jesus in several key ways. While God contains endless power, He specifically channels it to us through:

The Holy Spirit

When we receive Christ, God sends the Holy Spirit to dwell within us. The Holy Spirit is God himself coming to empower us for the Christian life. Jesus promised His disciples they would receive power when the Holy Spirit came upon them (Acts 1:8).

The Holy Spirit gives us strength, discernment, boldness, conviction, spiritual gifts, guidance into truth, transformation into Christ’s image, and the ability to accomplish God’s work. As we yield to the Spirit’s leading and rely on His strength each day, we experience the very power of God.

The Word of God

The Bible is called the “sword of the Spirit” (Ephesians 6:17). Scripture is the word of God that releases spiritual power within us as we read, believe, and apply it. God’s word exposes and cuts through lies, strengthens faith, renews our minds, ignites hope, and equips us for every good work. Immersing ourselves in the Bible allows God’s power to permeate our lives.

The Promises of God

God’s many promises recorded in the Bible unleash His power in our lives when we claim and believe them. Promises related to the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, prayer, God’s presence, healing, provision, hope, and victory all release God’s power into our circumstances as we exercise faith. Leaning on what God has promised enables us to rise above our human weakness.

The Name of Jesus

There is awesome power in the name of Jesus. At the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue confess He is Lord (Philippians 2:10). When we invoke Jesus’ name in prayer and faith, demons flee, crises surrender, storms cease, healings manifest, and the impossible becomes possible. The name of Jesus is like a spiritual nuclear bomb that demolishes the devil’s schemes.

The Anointing and Grace of God

The anointing of God is the supernatural empowerment that comes upon believers to accomplish God’s will. When God’s anointing rests on us, we are empowered, equipped, and emboldened to carry out His calling. The grace of God also enables us to do what we could never do in our own strength. When we operate under the anointing and grace given to us, God’s power flows mightily.

This is not an exhaustive list, but these are some of the primary channels God uses to dispense His power into the lives of His people. Having surveyed the sources, we will now explore why we need God’s power so desperately.

Why We Need God’s Power

We live in fallen world where demonic forces constantly assault us. The appetites of the flesh tempt us, sins entangle, cares of life overwhelm, and the world system exerts great pressure upon us. Here are some key reasons why we need the power of God to live victoriously as Christians.

Overcoming Sin and Temptation

On our own willpower and strength, we cannot conquer besetting sins and resist relentless temptation. Our flesh is weak, but the Holy Spirit gives us power to walk in purity and endure temptation without giving in. We need power over the strongholds of sin that wage war in our minds. Through the Spirit, we can mortify the deeds of the flesh and not fulfill its lusts (Romans 8:13).

Walking in Obedience to God’s Will

Obeying God often requires strength beyond what we naturally possess. We need courage, conviction, and spiritual power to obey when it is difficult or inconvenient. The filling of the Holy Spirit gives us the strength to walk in God’s will and not faint. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).

Fulfilling Our God-Given Callings and Destiny

We all have a calling and purpose which is impossible in our own ability. To reach our potential and fulfill our kingdom destiny, we need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. When we depend on God’s power, we find strength to fulfill our ministries, overcome opposition, resist temptation, love the unlovable, and use our spiritual gifts.

Being Bold and Effective Witnesses

It takes spiritual backbone to share our faith and be a light in a dark world. When we tap into the power of the Holy Spirit, we receive holy boldness to unashamedly declare the Gospel and minister to others in Jesus’ name. Sharing our faith is not about eloquence or ability, but about demonstrating God’s power (1 Corinthians 2:4).

Standing Firm Under Attack from the Enemy

The devil seeks to destroy our lives and neutralize our witness through affliction. Believers around the world suffer persecution because of their faith. We need God’s strength to stand firm when the enemy brings affliction. By depending on His power, we can endure hardship and continue shining for Jesus.

Receiving Healing and Deliverance

Sickness and demonic oppression are realities, but God’s power can bring healing and freedom. Jesus healed the sick and cast out demons as displays of God’s power over the curse. We can still depend on His healing power today. When we lack strength, we can rely on the Spirit’s power to be revitalized both physically and spiritually.

Overcoming Trials, Setbacks, Grief and Depression

When trouble strikes, we need power to endure and overcome. Life can overwhelm us, but God’s strength carries us through. During grief, depression or any difficulty, the Spirit renews our inner man and reminds us of God’s promises to sustain us. We are weak, but the Holy Spirit comforts and uplifts us.

Being Strengthened When Weak

When our natural strength is depleted, God can renew and refresh us. Many saints through history testified to experiencing extraordinary empowerment when weak or weary. God’s strength is made perfect in weakness! His power infuses energy and ability when our reserves are spent so that we can keep going.

This list reveals our great need for God’s power every single day! Let’s now explore the amazing benefits and outcomes of receiving the power of God.

The Outcomes of Experiencing God’s Power

Here are some of the fruits that come from continually experiencing the manifest power of God:

Victory Over Sin

Sin loses its foothold and strongholds are demolished when we live in the power of the Spirit. Temptations lose their allure and habits can be conquered. The flesh is weakened and the new creation in Christ is strengthened. As we access God’s power, we experience practical victory over sin.

Courage and Boldness

The power of God eliminates fear and infuses courage. Those who tapped into the Spirit’s power in the Bible were bold to speak and act for God. The fearful become fearless when the power falls. God calls us to courageously follow Him, even when it is difficult or dangerous. His power enables boldness.

Strength Perfected in Weakness

Though weak in ourselves, in tapping into the Spirit’s power, we find glorious strength. The weary become refreshed, the faint run and not grow weary, the weak become mighty. God’s power rescues us from utter depletion and renews our vigor. Christ’s strength shines brilliantly even through weak vessels.

Fulfilling Our Calling

With God’s empowerment we can walk confidently in our calling, giftings, and destiny. Things which seemed impossible by human effort become achievable through His power. We can fullfill our purpose and bring maximum glory to God.

Operating in Spiritual Gifts

The Holy Spirit distributes spiritual gifts to believers which empower our ministry. Gifts of healing, miracles, prophecy, tongues and many others bring God’s power into people’s lives. As we depend on the Spirit’s anointing, these gifts can operate through us to demonstrate God’s kingdom.

Bringing Others to Salvation

It is the Spirit’s power which draws people to salvation. Our evangelism is ineffective without God’s anointing. As we preach the Gospel in the power of the Spirit, it pierces hearts and brings conviction of sin and the reality of Christ. Miracles and bold witness through God’s power leads many to Jesus.

Bringing Freedom to Others

The power of God can break the shackles of sin, addiction, affliction, and demonic oppression in people’s lives. As we minister deliverance to the captives through the Spirit’s anointing, there is awesome power to set free the oppressed and broken. Lives are radically transformed by the power of God!

Stirring Our Awe, Worship and Hunger for God

As we experience and witness God’s power, we are driven to deeper worship and hunger for Him. Power encounters with God instill greater passion, faith and fascination with Jesus. As we behold His power, we adore His beauty. We long to know Him more and encounter His manifest presence.

Greater Capacity to Contain God’s Power

As we walk in greater measures of God’s power, our capacity expands to experience more. It is like a muscle that grows in strength the more we exercise it through use. We must never stagnate or become complacent at one level. We can constantly grow in accessing greater dimensions of the Spirit’s power.

This is not an exhaustive list, but gives a sample of the amazing fruit that comes from living in God’s power. With these outcomes in mind, let’s look at how we position ourselves to experience more of His power.

Posturing Ourselves to Receive God’s Power

Here are some keys to place ourselves in a position to be empowered by God for ministry:


We must come to the end ourselves. Often we do not see God’s power because we are still clinging to our own. When we finally reach desperation for Him and His strength, it opens the door for the Spirit to move. Our weakness is the very place that makes room for His power.

Ask, Seek, Knock

Keep passionately pursuing more of God’s power. We should constantly ask, seek and knock (Luke 11:9) for greater infilling of the Spirit’s power. There is always more available. Settle for nothing less than rivers of living water flowing from your innermost being, just as Jesus promised (John 7:38).

Thirst and Expectancy

Have a constant appetite for the things of the Spirit. Maintain an attitude of earnest expectation for God to display His might. Cultivate a hungry heart and insatiable thirst for the manifest power of God in your life and ministry.

Walk in Holiness

Sin obstructs the free flow of the Spirit’s power. As we allow God to cleanse our hearts, correct wrong motives, prune unfruitful habits, and help us walk uprightly, it makes room for greater spiritual empowerment. The pure in heart see God (Matthew 5:8), including in His might.

Dwell in God’s Presence

God’s manifest presence is the source of His power. As we dwell in the secret place of His presence, soaking in intimacy with Him, it releases His power within and through us. Encountering God is the key to being endued with power from on high.

Pray in the Spirit

When we pray in tongues, our own mind gets out of the way so the Holy Spirit can pray through us. This empowers our inner man and builds us up spiritually to release God’s power (Jude 1:20). Time spent praying in the Spirit can lead to receiving fresh power.

Have Childlike Faith

We receive from God by faith. When praying for God’s power, have simple, unwavering faith in Him like a little child. Believe absolutely in His willingness and ability to empower you. Remove all doubt, cynicism and reasonings that could hinder childlike trust.

The key is simply making room and stewarding what God so eagerly wants to give us. Now let’s look at some hindrances that can block God’s power operating fully.

Hindrances to God’s Power Flowing

If we feel powerless, often there are blockages that need to be removed so God’s power can flow freely. Here are some key hindrances:

Sin and Disobedience

Wilful sin obstructs the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives. As we tolerate sins, it grieves and quenches the Spirit, switching off access to His power. But as we walk in holiness and instant obedience to God, it opens new channels for Him to move mightily.

Wrong Motives

When we operate with impure motives like selfish ambition, pride, desire for man’s applause or greed for gain, it shuts off the flow of God’s power. We must serve with right motives focused on love for God and others. This keeps the conduit clear for the Spirit to empower us.

Unforgiveness and Bitterness

When we harbor unforgiveness and grievances towards others in our hearts, it blocks us receiving from God. We must thoroughly forgive others to walk in freedom and power. Bitterness pollutes the heart and imprisons us in weakness.

Laziness and Slothfulness

God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble (James 4:6). When we become apathetic, passive, and lack diligence in pursuing God’s will, we are closed off from His power. But the hungry, passionate and faithful stewards of their gifts experience great outpouring of the Spirit.

Doubt, Reasoning and Cynicism

When we approach God’s power with skepticism, intellectual reasoning and doubt, it squeezes off its flow. Childlike faith is key, not analyzing whether God’s power is reasonable. Our minds must be renewed to believe God’s word about His great power made available to us.

Depending on Our Flesh

God often has to bring us to the end of trusting our natural strengths and gifts so that we will depend wholly on His Spirit. Sometimes He intentionally makes us weak and foolish in the eyes of men so that His power shines greater through ourbroken vessels (2 Corinthians 4:7).

Not Waiting on the Lord

When we run ahead of God and try to accomplish His will in our own strength, we end up powerless. But as we wait patiently on the Lord, He renews strength to mount up on the wings of eagles (Isaiah 40:31). His power comes to those who wait.

Neglecting Time in God’s Word and Presence

Too much busyness and distraction from abiding in God’s presence and His word leads to spiritual leanness. As we return to our first love and devote time to soaking in His presence, it results in new impartation of the Spirit’s power.

These are common ways that the flow of God’s power is hindered. Being aware helps us eliminate these blockages through repentance, faith and obedience.

God’s Power Leads Us to Worship

One of the greatest fruits of experiencing God’s power is deeper worship, awe, surrender and magnification of Christ. As we behold His glory displayed through His mighty power, it unleashes praise and adoration. Our passion is fueled as we see His power setting captives free, healing, restoring, and transforming lives.

God’s power puts our focus entirely on Him, not ourselves. It exposes how utterly dependent we are on Him for every breath. We are compelled to proclaim praises to Him and pour out our lives as a living sacrifice. The flesh fades away in light of His splendor and might.

God’s power also instills unshakable confidence that He is able to fulfill His promises and purposes. As His power is displayed, our hope grows and vision expands for what He desires to do on the earth. We are compelled to dream big as we experience the reality of His power. The impossible bows to the name of Jesus.

Walking in God’s power fuels intimacy with Him, boldness for Him, and desire to know Him more. We become rooted and established in His love, grasping the limitless dimensions of His power (Ephesians 3:18). He receives all the glory as vessels of clay showcase His surpassing greatness and strength.


Experiencing the power of God is indispensable for the Christian life. We desperately need the infilling and outflow of the Holy Spirit’s power day by day. On our own we are helpless, but through His power we are empowered to walk boldly, overcome sin, fulfill our callings, spread the Gospel, and stand firm under attack.

God passionately desires for us to know Him as El Shaddai, the All Powerful One. He wants to display His might through weak and broken vessels. As we learn to steward His power with right motives and dependency, we become conduits that bring salvation, healing, freedom, and transformation to many lives.

May we be those who earnestly pursue greater depths of intimacy with God, positioning ourselves through faith, hunger, and obedience to walk in the remarkable privilege of His power. The same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead lives within us. Let us draw deeply from this well of resurrection power.

As God’s power surges through us, may it produce an overflow of worship, bringing all glory to the One worthy of all praise. Let our lives showcase the excellence of His strength so that every knee bows before the majesty and supremacy of Jesus Christ our Lord!

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