Who Found Grace in the Bible?

Grace, a gift from God’s boundless love, transcends our understanding and has the power to shape lives in profound ways. Throughout the Holy Bible, we see examples of individuals who found grace, salvation, and deliverance and experienced life-changing transformations. It is by delving into their stories that we can begin to fully appreciate the significance and impact of grace on their lives and, in turn, learn how to apply this precious gift to our own spiritual journey in Christ Jesus and towards His glory.

In this blog, we will discuss six exemplary individuals, including Abraham, who encountered grace and salvation in the Bible, taking an in-depth look at the circumstances surrounding their experiences and the lasting impact grace had on their lives and the world around them. By exploring their challenges, triumphs, and unwavering faith in Christ Jesus, we hope to inspire you to embrace God’s grace and glory and witness its remarkable work in your own life.

Key Takeaways

  • Grace is an unmerited gift from God that can transform lives, leading to salvation, glory, eternal life, and the guidance of the holy spirit.

  • Throughout the Old Testament and the Bible, numerous individuals such as Abraham encountered grace and salvation through Christ Jesus and were changed in significant ways.

  • By examining these biblical examples and bible verses, we can deepen our understanding of grace through bible studies and apply it to our own lives, ultimately leading us towards salvation as taught in the Old Testament.

Who Found Grace in the Bible?

Noah: A Beacon of Righteousness

In Genesis 6, we encounter Noah, a man whose faith, obedience, and righteousness earned him God’s favor and salvation during a time when the majority of the world was steeped in wickedness, much like Jonah would later experience. As the story unfolds, we learn that God chose to bring a cataclysmic flood upon the earth, intent on wiping out humanity due to their unrelenting sinfulness. However, Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord (Genesis 6:8), foreshadowing the testament of Christ Jesus.

Impelled by his love for God and resolute faith in the Old Testament, Noah faithfully followed the Divine instructions to build an ark that would preserve his family and various species of animals from the impending flood. As a result of Noah’s continued obedience and steadfast dedication, he and his family were saved from the great flood, ultimately becoming the founders of a new, redeemed world. Through God’s gift of grace, Noah was instrumental in giving humankind a second chance, much like Jonah and Christ Jesus would later offer the hope of eternal life.

Moses: From Prince to Deliverer

Moses, one of the most revered figures in the Old Testament and Christianity, experienced God’s transformative grace in extraordinary ways. Born during a time of extreme oppression for the Israelites, Moses was miraculously saved from death as an infant and raised in the opulent Egyptian court (Exodus 2:1-10). Despite his royal upbringing, the realization of his true lineage stirred a passion within him to liberate his people from the bondage of Egypt, much like how Jesus and Noah played significant roles in the Bible.

In a life-changing encounter in the Old Testament of the Bible, Moses found grace when God appeared to him in the form of a burning bush on Mount Horeb, calling him to lead the Israelites to freedom (Exodus 3). Despite feelings of inadequacy and self-doubt, Moses embraced God’s grace and, with His divine guidance, courageously faced the Egyptian Pharaoh. Through a series of awe-inspiring miracles and plagues, Moses witnessed God’s supreme power and faithfulness, ultimately leading the Israelites to their long-awaited freedom. Embracing God’s grace not only shaped Moses into a courageous leader but also illuminated the path to an enduring covenant between the Almighty and His chosen people, foreshadowing the coming of Jesus Christ.

Ruth: A Story of Unwavering Loyalty and Love

Ruth, a Moabite widow from the Old Testament of the Bible, found grace in the midst of heartbreak and loss. After the passing of her husband, she faced the daunting prospect of returning to her homeland of Moab, leaving her mother-in-law, Naomi, behind. However, Ruth’s unwavering loyalty to Naomi, reminiscent of Noah’s dedication to his family and Jonah’s commitment to his mission, compelled her to stay by her side and journey with her to Bethlehem (Ruth 1:16-17).

As a foreigner in a new land, Ruth’s faith and dedication caught the attention of Boaz, a wealthy landowner and relative of Naomi’s husband. Upon witnessing Ruth’s tireless efforts to provide for herself and Naomi, Boaz extended God’s grace to her, allowing her to glean from his fields and providing her protection (Ruth 2:8-12). Eventually, Boaz, moved by Ruth’s steadfast love and faith as seen in the Bible, married her, securing a better future for Ruth and Naomi. This union would become a gift in the lineage of Christ, as their great-grandson David would later be an ancestor of Noah and ultimately Jesus himself.

Ruth’s encounter with grace in the Bible demonstrates that God’s love, as shown through Jesus, transcends boundaries like those faced by Noah and Jonah, and that His favor is bestowed upon those who follow Him with a pure heart and unwavering loyalty.

David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

David, the renowned king of Israel mentioned in the Bible, was no stranger to God’s grace. Anointed as king by the prophet Samuel while tending to his father’s sheep, David’s life was marked by a deep, intimate relationship with God, similar to biblical figures like Noah and Jonah (1 Samuel 16:1-13). Jesus, who would later come from David’s lineage, also shared this profound connection with God.

Throughout David’s reign, as described in the Bible, he experienced God’s grace in various forms, from his miraculous triumph over Goliath to the establishment of the city of Jerusalem. Yet it was during his darkest moments of sin and failure, similar to the experiences of Jonah and Noah, that David’s experience of God’s grace became most profound (2 Samuel 12). Despite his transgressions, David openly repented and sought the Lord’s forgiveness, just as Jesus taught, and God, in His unfathomable mercy, forgave him.

David’s story in the Bible highlights that even when we stumble or fall, God’s grace, as demonstrated through Jesus, Noah, and Jonah, is sufficient to extend forgiveness, and nothing can sever the everlasting bond between the Creator and His creation.

Saul (Paul): A Radical Transformation

Saul, a zealous Pharisee, relentlessly persecuted the early Christians, unyielding in his absolute conviction that he was upholding the laws of God as written in the Bible. However, during an encounter on the road to Damascus, Jesus, like Jonah and Noah before him, rose to challenge Saul’s beliefs. The risen Christ appeared to Saul, casting a blinding light upon him (Acts 9:3-9).

Saul’s life was radically transformed by God’s grace, as he went from being a fierce persecutor of Christians to an ardent apostle of Christ – Paul. For the rest of his life, Paul preached the Gospel tirelessly throughout the known world, sharing the good news of God’s grace and salvation through Jesus Christ. His writings, like those of Jonah and Noah in the Bible, continue to impact believers today, reminding people of the power of God’s grace to change lives and reconcile us to Himself.

Mary, Mother of Jesus: Blessed Among Women

Mary, a young and humble woman from Nazareth, was chosen by God in the Bible to be the mother of His Son, Jesus Christ (Luke 1:26-38). While the full weight of this responsibility, similar to those of Jonah and Noah, must have been overwhelming for these people, she graciously accepted her calling with unwavering faith and trust in the Lord’s plan.

Throughout her life, Mary continually demonstrated her steadfast devotion to God and Jesus, fostered by the grace that encompassed her. She stood by her Son during His darkest and most agonizing hours, as described in the Bible, and her life became a testament to the transformative power of God’s grace for people, just like Noah’s story.

In Mary’s story from the Bible, we witness how God’s grace, through Jesus, transcends social standing, gender, and circumstance, granting people, like Noah, the ability to accomplish extraordinary things as we align ourselves with His divine purposes.

Stephen: A Martyr’s Witness to the Power of Grace

Stephen, a deacon in the early Christian church, was a man filled with faith and the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5, ESV). As he boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ alongside stories of Noah and other faithful people, his powerful preaching and demonstrations of God’s miraculous power led to growing opposition and animosity from religious elites, who could not deny the sight of his divine works.

Despite facing false accusations and a hostile council, Stephen, like Noah, stood firm in his faith and fearlessly declared the truth. Even as he was being stoned to death, Stephen found grace in the midst of his suffering, praying for the forgiveness of his persecutors and experiencing a vision of Jesus standing at the right hand of God (Acts 7:54-60 ESV).

Stephen’s extraordinary experience of God’s grace, similar to Noah’s in the ESV Bible, in his final moments serves as a stirring reminder that when we place our faith in Jesus Christ, we can rest assured in the knowledge that His grace will never leave nor forsake us.

The Prodigal Son: A Timeless Tale of Redemption

As we explore grace throughout the Bible, including the story of Noah and using the ESV translation, it is fitting to end with Jesus’ parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). This timeless story tells of a young man who squanders his inheritance in sinful living, only to return home humbly, seeking his father’s forgiveness.

Instead of casting him out, the father, filled with compassion, embraces his lost son and celebrates his return, offering him grace and forgiveness. This parable, shared by Jesus, beautifully illustrates God’s unfathomable love for each of us, and His willingness to extend grace when we repent and turn our hearts back to Him, just as Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord (ESV).


As we reflect upon the lives of these remarkable individuals who found grace in the Bible, we come to understand more deeply the transformative power of God’s love and mercy through Jesus. From Noah’s unwavering faith, to Moses’ humble obedience, to Ruth’s steadfast loyalty, to David’s repentant heart, to Paul’s dramatic conversion, to the quiet strength of Mary, and finally to the powerful witness of Stephen in the ESV Bible, each story serves as a testament to the boundless capacity for grace to shape and change lives for the better.

These examples, such as the stories of Jesus and Noah, inspire us to seek and embrace God’s grace in our own lives, trusting that He will guide and sustain us as we navigate both challenges and victories along our spiritual journey. May we ever cling to the hope and assurance that no matter who we are, where we come from, or what we have done, God’s grace, as illustrated in the ESV Bible, is always within our reach, ready to transform our hearts, minds, and lives for His glory.

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