Which are the Best Locations for Church Camera Placement?

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My congregation recently started streaming live our church services. We had to answer a few questions about the placement of church cameras. Which spot is best? How high should your camera be? Side angles? How about congregation shots?

These questions had to be answered, so I researched and found some amazing answers.

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Church Video Camera Placement Using A Single Camera

Although it may seem obvious, not everyone considers how the video will look when deciding where to put the camera.

If you only plan to use one camera for your production, it should be in the middle of the church. A full-frontal shot should be taken of the person being filmed. Zoom in on the speaker, and zoom out to capture the entire worship team.

You may not want your camera to be in the center aisle if your sound booth isn’t in the middle or back of the sanctuary. It will not only cause obstructions to the view of people entering and exiting the sanctuary, but also it could violate fire codes.

Your best place to mount your camera is in the back of the church, just behind the central aisle. If you’re using a tripod, you might want to raise the camera on a platform or mount it on the wall. The camera should be 8 feet tall so it can zoom above the heads of congregation members when they stand.

Which are the Best Locations for Church Camera Placement?

Church Camera Placement Using Multiple Cameras

You will need to place multiple cameras if you plan to use them all.

Side Placement

You can add two positions to your production that are located along the side walls of the sanctuary. You can capture amazing shots by placing your church cameras halfway down each side of the sanctuary. You can not only show a side view of your worship leader or team but also pan across the congregation to capture some amazing side shots.

Your side position cameras don’t need to be mounted as high as the rear camera. These cameras are closer to the stage, so they don’t require as much angle. You will need to decide if your camera operator or remote-controlled PTZ camera is what you use to build a platform.

POV Placement

POV stands for “point of view.” It is where you can try to imitate what it looks like from someone else’s perspective. A camera operator can be placed in the front row looking up at the platform.

It will create the illusion that the viewer is right there in the church. This is a great camera placement for anyone who wants to feel that they are part of the service.

Platform Placement

Your church’s final location is behind the speaker, pointing towards the sanctuary. If your pastor or worship leader is prone to moving around, this will allow you to capture a different angle.

You can also capture the reactions of your congregation during extremely moving moments.

Additional Considerations when Placing Your Cameras

There are a few other things to keep in mind when placing a church camera.


It is important to plan how the cables will be run to your cameras. They may need to be run through a false ceiling or snaked through walls. You might need to use a conduit if you cannot do this.

You must think ahead, be prepared for the future and plan accordingly.

You might also consider using wi-fi-enabled cameras, which can be controlled wirelessly.


As I mentioned, ensure that your placements do not violate building or fire codes. Specific laws may prohibit the placement of a camera in an aisle or other areas that are used to provide emergency exit routes. Your wiring should be the same. These areas should be well-organized.

This video on camera placement may be of interest to you if you’re more visual learner.

That should give you an idea of where to place your church’s best camera. Let me know if you found this helpful. This is why I created this website. All your tech issues in the church are my concern.

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