Where Should A Church Soundboard Be Located?
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Where Should A Church Soundboard Be Located?

Where is the best spot for a church sound mixer?

This article will show you where a church sound system mixer should be located.

Many churches place their audio mixers in the wings or on a balcony because of their size. The mixer’s sound is not as clear if it is placed far away from the center of the room. The best place is in the middle of the main floor.

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Sound Mixers should be placed on the Main Floor.

The main floor is the best place for the sound mixer, located in the middle of the room. The person who manages the audio mixer must be able to hear the sound from exactly the same place as the parishioners.

The audio person responsible for the audio must decide about the mix of vocals and instruments. They will also have to adjust the volume and adjust various settings. These tasks can be difficult if you’re not in the same place as those hearing the audio.

If the mixer is too far from the congregation, it’s possible for the person who controls the mixer to allow the volume to get too loud. The louder volume may irritate your church members.

The sound might not be balanced if the mixer is located off on the side. The sound may be louder on one side of the room but quieter on the other.

The sound engineer must have a clear line of sight to the main speakers. The sound they hear from the main speakers will be reflected off the ceiling, floor, and walls if the engineer is not in the center. It’s not the same sound everyone hears.

The sound engineer may need to be able to see the pulpit. The sound engineer may have to adjust the audio during a specific point in the service. If they have to wait for a cue to switch to an audio track pre-recorded, they must be located so they can see it.

Wireless Control of a Sound Mixer From Anywhere

Although the main floor is the ideal place for a soundboard, there are some exceptions. Some digital mixers can be controlled wirelessly via mobile apps or tablets on smartphones and tablets.

The sound engineer can be on the main floor, hear the same sounds as everyone else, and remotely control the soundboard. This gives you additional options when positioning your sound equipment.

You don’t have to place the sound mixer in an obvious area. Instead, you can place it almost anywhere. The mobile app may not have all the features available on the digital mixer. You may still need to access the soundboard to control the sound completely.

Wireless control is ideal for small churches that don’t have enough space to install a sound booth. The sound mixer can be placed on the side of the church or in a discrete spot.

It is possible that you will need to spend more time getting the sound right. This could include traveling back and forth between the mixer location and the middle of the floor.

Sometimes headphones are used when the audio mixer’s location is not optimal. Headphones cannot reproduce the sound you hear in the middle of a room. The headphones may not pick up subtle differences in balance or reverberation.

To conceal the equipment, build a booth.

Some churches hide the sound mixer in the wings and balcony. This is not a good spot for the mixer. You can still place the sound booth on the main floor and have the mixer.

The basic sound booth can usually be built about two-thirds of a mile from the pulpit or the stage. It may not be possible to build it in its center because it could block the aisle.

Because the space between the rows is limited, it can be difficult to place equipment. It may be a good idea to place it at the back of your room, near the center.

Install a loudspeaker above the sound booth to aid the person responsible for the sound mixer’s hearing. You should set it with a slight delay and at a lower volume.

A higher sound booth height can also help the sound engineer hear the sound clearly. The booth should be the same height as the stage to allow for better sight lines to the pulpit.

You may not have to place the rest of your equipment in the open. Many churches conceal their wiring and cables beneath the floorboards, through the walls and ceiling, and under the stage. Stage boxes can be used to prevent cables from cluttering up the stage.

Conclusion: Where should a church sound mixer be located?

It can be difficult to find the perfect spot for your sound mixer. It is important to consider the size and location of your church and the equipment.

You can position the audio mixer in a small church and have a good idea of the sound levels. A wireless app can be used to hear the audio in the middle of the room.

If the mixer is in a large space, it’s possible for the person who controls the sound not to be able to hear it properly if they’re positioned on the balcony or off to the side. Wireless controls are available for certain mixers but not all.

The best place for an audio mixer is in the back of your room. It should also be centered. The ideal spot for many churches is not possible. It may be too heavy to fit between the pews. Position the equipment toward the back to help sound engineers hear what others are hearing.


Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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