What Is God Like? [4 Important Traits]

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In the Bible, God is revealed as the all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-loving creator of the universe. He is also a personal God who desires to have a relationship with us. So what is God like?

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What Is God Like?

The Bible is a complete revelation of God’s nature. We can say many things about God as described in the Bible. Here are four:

God Is Spirit

The Bible proclaims God to be Spirit. Jesus speaks to a woman at a well in the Gospel of John. Jesus makes a simple statement about God: “God Is Spirit.” Although you might imagine a cloudy vapor, that is not God. These words from Christ after His resurrection reveal what Spirit is: “Behold My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself. Handle Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have.” ( Luke 24:39 NKJV). Spirit is something that isn’t limited by a body.

According to the Bible, God is Spirit. He is not bound by body, shape, force, or boundaries. He is infinitely immeasurable and incomprehensible to those who see only physical things. He is everywhere at once. He is infinitely wise, powerful, loving, and merciful.

The Bible says God has always existed. He is eternal and has no beginning nor end. He is unchanging.

God Is A Person

Second The Bible presents God as a Person. We read all over the Bible: “God loves,” “God says,” and “God does.” All that we attribute to someone is attributable to God. A person is someone who feels, thinks, and wishes. God is not bound to a body. He is a person. He can feel, think, love, and forgive.

God Is Holy And Righteous

Third The Bible affirms that God is a holy, righteous being. God is a holy God from Genesis to Revelation. He is perfect in all things. Because He is a good and perfect God, He is too holy for sinful living.

Imagine how much it would change the lives of our nation if we could see God’s magnificent righteousness. It would be a huge change in our lives if we could see the stark difference between our wickedness and God’s perfect righteousness. All of us fall short of God’s glory ( Romans 3.23).

The Scripture declares God as Light, in whom there is “no darkness whatsoever” ( 1 John 1:15). Without a solid understanding of God’s holiness, it is difficult to comprehend the Bible. His holiness determines all His attributes.

God is holy, and there is a gap between God, God, and sinners. According to the Scripture,

But your iniquities have separated you from your God;
And your sins have hidden His face from you,
So that He will not hear.

Isaiah 59:2

The sinner is not only separated from God, but God is also separated from the sinner. God is holy and cannot have anything to do with sin.

Before the advent of sin, God and humanity had fellowship. This fellowship has been broken, and sinners cannot have contact with God without Jesus Christ. The sinlessness required to have access to God is not something that people can possess. Christ, however, made such access possible.

God Is Love

Fourth, God is love. This is a part of God’s nature that many people have misunderstood. God is love, but that does not necessarily mean everything is beautiful and sweet. God’s love cannot allow for punishment for sin.

God’s holy nature demands that sins be punished. However, God’s love provides a plan for redemption and salvation for sinful people. Jesus Christ was sent to the cross because of His love for humanity: “For God so loved us that He gave His only Son that anyone who believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life” ( John 3:16).

You might think, God doesn’t love me. God still loves you no matter what sins you have committed or how shameful, horrible, or dirty they may be. It is your choice to believe in Jesus Christ and ask for forgiveness for your sins to receive eternal life.

Some might respond, “I still don’t understand God.” So, I don’t know how to receive Him. Although I don’t drink milk, I don’t understand how a black cow can eat green grass to produce white milk. I don’t turn off my radio because I don’t understand the mechanism. We do thousands of tasks every day that we don’t fully understand.

Limited human minds cannot comprehend God fully. Faith is the key to understanding God fully. Through faith, I can receive His plan for me. Christ is my Savior.

If you don’t believe that we have sufficient revelation to answer the question of God’s nature, you won’t be satisfied. All discussion other than the Bible (God’s Word) is speculative. Any other belief about God is a product of imagination or reasoning, and your guesses are as valid as any others.


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In conclusion, what is God like? God is love. God is merciful. God is kind. God is good. And, most importantly, God is forgiving. If you have never experienced the forgiveness of God, I encourage you to seek it out today. It will change your life forever.

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