What Does “Hosanna” Mean and Why Is It So Powerful?

Hosanna is a powerful and ancient word that can invoke a deep spiritual connection for Christians, both in worship and in our everyday lives. Throughout the years, it has been sung, quoted, and chanted by countless believers; yet many may still be unaware of its true meaning and significance within the Christian faith. In this blog post, we will explore the powerful meaning behind the word “Hosanna” and its importance as a life-changing expression of worship.

The term Hosanna has its roots in Hebrew language and culture, and its true meaning can indeed open our eyes to the greatness of God and the unity of His people. As you read, find inspiration to employ this remarkably powerful term in your own expression of praise to the Creator. Discover a deeper understanding of the word “Hosanna” and the way it encourages believers to seek the help, salvation, and blessings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Key Takeaways:

  • “Hosanna” is a Hebrew word that means “Save us, we pray”
  • It is a cry for help and an expression of praise
  • The word first appears in the Old Testament and is fulfilled in the New Testament
  • Hosanna reminds us of our need for God’s power and salvation
  • The word unifies Christians both in worship and in everyday life
What Does "Hosanna" Mean and Why Is It So Powerful?

Origin and Meaning of “Hosanna”

“Hosanna” is derived from the Hebrew phrase “hoshiyah na,” which means “Save us, we pray.” It appears in the Old Testament, particularly in Psalm 118:25, “Save now, I pray, O Lord; O Lord, I pray, send now prosperity” (NKJV). It is originally a cry for help or rescue but eventually takes on the additional meaning of praise and acknowledgment of God’s power.

In the New Testament, “Hosanna” is primarily associated with Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. As he triumphantly arrived, the crowds welcomed him, singing “Hosanna to the son of David! ‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’ Hosanna in the highest!” (Matthew 21:9, NKJV). This joyful exclamation reflects both the people’s call for the long-awaited Messiah to bring salvation and their acknowledgment of his divine authority.

The Power of Praise in “Hosanna”

Why is the word Hosanna so powerful? It encapsulates the unique combination of humbly seeking the help of the Lord and simultaneously ascribing all glory and honor to Him. This dual aspect is a reminder of our deep dependence on God for everything in our lives and our need to continually praise and thank Him for the blessings He provides.

When we sing or speak this word in worship, we are aligning ourselves with the ancient cry of God’s people – recognizing our need for salvation and the saving power of Jesus Christ. By doing so, we not only strengthen our faith, but we also encourage those around us to seek the Lord with all their heart.

Hosanna: A Life-Changing Expression of Worship

The word “Hosanna” serves as an invitation to experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. It is the recognition of our need for a savior and our willingness to submit to His will in order for our lives to be transformed. This transformation allows us to become a witness to others of the incredible grace and love of God.

Incorporating this powerful word into your worship can open your heart and mind to the presence of the Holy Spirit, leading to a deeper experience of God’s love and power. Whether sung in a hymn or spoken in prayer, the word “Hosanna” connects us to our spiritual heritage and signifies our reliance on God’s guidance and provision.

Uniting Christians in Worship and Daily Life

The use of “Hosanna” unifies Christians across different cultures and languages by acknowledging their shared need for redemption and their common belief in the saving power of Jesus Christ. When believers around the world join together in singing or chanting the word “Hosanna,” they are proclaiming their dependence on God and their unity as members of the Body of Christ.

This powerful expression transcends cultural and linguistic barriers to remind us that we are all part of God’s family. In a world that often feels fragmented and divided, embracing the unity and strength represented in the word “Hosanna” is a profound and meaningful way to deepen our connection with God and with one another.


The word “Hosanna” is more than a catchy tune or a simple Bible verse – it is a powerful expression that reveals our deep need for Christ’s saving grace and the gratitude we feel for His intervention in our lives. As we embrace the rich meaning behind this ancient word, we can experience a more profound sense of spiritual connection and worship in our daily lives.

Using the word “Hosanna” in our worship and everyday life is a beautiful way of acknowledging both our dependence on God and our certainty in His power to save us. It becomes a rallying cry for believers everywhere, creating unity and connection as a reflection of the divine, all-encompassing love and power of our God.

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