West Virginia Revival Update: The Untold Story Of Hillary Clinton And The Coal Miner Who Showed Her His Family


Bo Copley, an unemployed coal miner, who gained media attention after he challenged Secretary Clinton’s statements about the coal industry, is a strong Christian who has been at the heart of the revival sweeping West Virginia.

He prayed and fasted before meeting Mrs. Clinton, then invited her to attend a revival meeting that night only a short distance away from their encounter.

Copley gave his life to the Lord in grade school, influenced by his grandparents’ strong faith and involvement in the Church of God. He re-dedicated his life in 2002, was baptized again, and tried “to live the best I could from that point forward.”

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He attends the Regional Church of God at the epicenter of the revival and the pastor of the church, Mitchell Bias, lives across the street in Delbarton.

Copley was a maintenance planner at the mine before his layoff in September 2015. The mine declared bankruptcy earlier this year.

“It was the second biggest shock of my life,” he says. “But I pay my tithe and try to do what God tells me to do. God is my provider and I try to do my best by him. If I don’t have a job I know God will put food on the table for my kids.


“He has provided every step of the way,” he adds. After the lay-off, his wife Lauren took up photography and it’s become their main source of income. “She is amazing,” he says. “God gave her the eye to see things other people don’t see.”
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The revival, which started on April 10th at their church, has had a huge impact on Copley and his wife. “The revival is something that has been prayed for a long time, and we finally hit the right-center of where God had people hungry for the Word and a man who has been bringing nothing but the Word, no fluff or filler, just Jesus and the Word. ”

Copley is referring to the young Tennessee evangelist, Matt Hartley, whose preaching became God’s instrument for the awakening.


“It was God’s ordained timing to release this on us,” Copley notes. “It couldn’t come at a better time for me and my family. There are so many things about the revival that have strengthened my family.”

After the fourth week of revival, the meetings moved into the neighboring town, Williamson, which Secretary Clinton decided to visit after a last-minute change in her schedule. “Some may think that’s a coincidence but it’s not,” Copley says.


She arrived in Williamson on Monday, May 2nd, to visit a health and wellness center that receives government funding. On the Saturday before the visit, a soccer mom approached him during a game Copley was coaching and asked if he would represent “an out-of-work miner” on a panel discussion with Mrs. Clinton.

Copley accepted the invitation with some trepidation. “Immediately I thought, ‘Wow, I don’t know how this is going to go.’ I prayed that evening after the game was over. On and off I said, ‘God use me however you want to use me.’”

On Sunday he prayed and fasted and kept asking God what he should say.
Mrs. Clinton’s assistant, Trevor, called while he was golfing Sunday afternoon to provide a briefing about the panel the next day.

Copley boldly invited Clinton’s assistant to attend the revival meeting that night.
“I understand you probably have other obligations, but I would feel remiss if I didn’t invite you to attend revival,” he told the surprised assistant. “There is a definite move of God here. It’s moved to the field house, about five minutes from where we’ll have the discussion.”


Trevor politely declined, saying they had other obligations in Charleston that night.
As Copley continued to pray and fast about the meeting, God kept putting on his heart, Show her your children.

Show her the people who are really affected by her comments and her policies. He decided he would bring a photograph of his three children and hand it to Mrs. Clinton at their meeting.


Copley also printed Jeremiah 29:11 on the back of the photo. “We have held tight to that verse here,” he says. “We really believe we are a remnant people in a remnant time and God has something special intended for West Virginia and the coalfields.”

He arrived for the meeting with Secretary Clinton wearing a black tee-shirt emblazoned with “#Jesus is Better” on the front. Outside, angry protesters were shouting insults at Mrs. Clinton.

Most of the other participants in the roundtable brought notes. When someone noticed he was empty-handed they asked, “Where are your notes?”

“I don’t have notes,” he replied. “I’m here because of God and leaning on God and I’m going to let him use me as he sees fit.

Here is a video of the conversation

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