vMix vs. OBS: Which Is Better?

The software you need is essential if you own a broadcasting site and are interested in live streaming. There are many live-streaming software options available. Some are free, and some are paid. You need to determine what features are most important for you, then search for software that meets those requirements. vMix stands for Video Mix, and OBS is for Open Broadcaster Software. These are two popular live-streaming software programs. We will discuss their similarities and differences in this article.

vmix vs obs

Start with the basics.

When researching live-streaming software, the first question you should ask is “How much will this cost me?” OBS is open-source and free, while vMix is $60. vMix has a free version you can use for up to 90 days without a Watermark, but you will need to pay for extended HD use. Although cost shouldn’t be the sole consideration in deciding which software is best for you, it will naturally be a factor since almost everyone has a budget.

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vMix also has a professional version, which is used by many broadcasters. This version costs $1200. Although it sounds expensive, it is widely used in dozens of industries. It also offers many useful features that you will likely find very important.

Another thing you should consider when comparing OBS to vMix is their support for different systems. Windows is the preferred operating system for video production, which is universal. OBS is compatible with Linux and Mac operating systems. vMix can only be used on Windows.

A Basic Overview of Features and Other Information

Here’s a quick overview of OBS, vMix, and vMix Pro.

  • Color Correction: OBS = No / VMix = Yes / VMix Pro = Yes
  • GT Title Designer: OBS = No / VMix = Yes / vMixPro = Yes
  • Instant Replay: OBS = no / vMix = no / vMix Pro = yes
  • NDI Inputs – OBS = unlimited / vMix 3 / vMix PRO = 3000
  • Number of inputs: OBS = unlimited/vMix = 4, vMix PRO = 1000
  • Overlay Channels – OBS = none (layering) / VMix = 1/VMixPro = 4.
  • SRT Outputs – OBS = no/vMix = yes/vMix Pro = yeah
  • Streams: OBS = 1 / vMix = 3 / vMix Pro = 3

There are some things you should keep in mind when streaming. First, vMix provides three simultaneous video streams and could be cheaper than a service like Restream with OBS. OBS only offers one stream, vMix has three. However, OBS streams are perfect because you can adjust your bitrate to make them work for you. Both programs have tons of integrations with content delivery networks (CDN). You can log in to a CDN like Facebook and stream directly. It won’t take long to find your secret key whenever you want to live stream something.

Purchasing vMix HD may be the best option if you plan to stream to multiple locations. OBS requires paying for a third-party service if you want to stream to other destinations. vMix HD is more expensive, but it will pay off in a few months if you plan to stream this type of content regularly.

Graphics are the heart of live-streaming software. OBS and vMix both offer amazing graphics. Without them, they would not be around. There are differences, however. OBS is capable of hosting stunning live streams, as well as productions that use After Effects or Adobe Photoshop. OBS can do almost anything that you need from the cloud. The process becomes even simpler if you choose StreamLabs or the StreamLabs edition of OBS.

OBS does not come with stock graphics, while vMix has tons. vMix also offers two tools to make animated titling and graphics simple. vMix allows you to create a stock list with virtual sets, animated graphics, and titles. Two applications are included to make title creation easier. GT Title editor is one application that allows you to create titles with animations and overlays quickly. You can also import custom titles directly into vMix.

vMix Social is the second software. Using title mapping, vMix Social allows you to integrate comments from Twitter and Facebook into your titles. This tiny tool is extremely powerful. It can even host an IP address on your network, so anyone can access it and manage a list of questions. These features make it much easier and quicker to sort through chats and select the best ones for your screen.

Conclusion: Is vMix or OBS better?

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These are just a few things you should consider when comparing two live-streaming software packages. However, this will give you an idea of the differences between the packages so you can compare them. It is possible to pick the right package depending on your business size and the most important features of your company. This is especially true if you compare the features and closely examine each one. Live streaming is essential for broadcasting entities. It’s nice to know that the right software can be found every time, regardless of your initial requirements. You can find the perfect app if you do your research.

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