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Do you want to use your resources in a godly manner?

Viral Believer is an online magazine that provides articles about stewardship. We believe that we are all called to be good stewards of our time, talents, and treasures. Our mission is to inspire people to use their resources in ways that honor God and bless others.

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Bible Verses On Giving To Others

There are times in everyone’s life that we have an overabundance of possessions; whether it be food, clothing, or even housing; that’s when you find yourself going through your possessions and clearing out the things you no longer want to use. What do you do with those things, donate them to a charitable organization, give them to a friend, or simply throw them away? Most people take an opportunity like this to donate their forgotten and unused items to an organization that will distribute them to the needy, some with and some without cost to the needy person.

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Bible Verses About Giving And Developing A Lifestyle Of Generosity

Developing a Lifestyle of Generosity The Bible talks quite a bit about the subject of money and giving. Unfortunately, it has been abused by those that would want to use those verses for their own personal gain. If you have a preacher like that, THROW HIM OUT!. This has caused many of us who try …

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