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Are you a Christian looking to grow in your faith?

If so, we have the perfect solution for you. Our articles on discipleship will help you learn how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ and live out His teachings in your daily life. We’re here to provide inspiration and encouragement through our writing that will help you become more like Jesus every day.

bible scripture on god’s unconditional love

Bible Verses On God’s Unconditional Love

Did you ever think about God as the ultimate creator of life? He has been creating life since the beginning of time; He formed the earth, gave it water, vegetation, animals, and ultimately His prized creation, humans, to inhabit it. The love He has for humans is almost unbelievable and totally unconditional; how can anyone love so much that they see no fault for any sin. How is it possible for God to be so full of love that He is in a constant state of forgiveness. No matter what you do, short of blaspheming the name of the Holy Spirit, which is the only unforgivable sin; God will always forgive you if you ask Him sincerely from your heart.

bible scripture on perseverance

Bible Verses On Perseverance

Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish just what we are heading for these days; however, if you know God, then you know exactly what you are headed for; grace, forgiveness, mercy, love, healing, and this could go on for days, but our Heavenly Father wants us to know Him personally. He, more than anything wants to show you how very much He loves and cares for you. Anything you ask of Him will be given to you according to His riches in Glory. Bring God into your heart and allow Him to grow the goodness of life in you.

bible scripture on self love

Bible Verses On Self-love

Have you ever said to yourself “I hate you!” My question to you is how can you look at God’s most precious creation and say you “hate” it? In God’s eyes and in His followers, everything He creates is good, pure, and beautiful; that’s how you should be able to see yourself, as one of God’s beautiful creations. If you will look at yourself through God’s eyes you may be able to understand what is driving you to dislike what you see.

bible scriptures on stress

Bible Verses On Stress

If you open your Bible and begin reading (it doesn’t matter where), just get into the Word of God and in a matter of minutes, you will have lost your stress without even realizing it. You should keep in mind that God is always by your side and Jesus is holding your hand. You are not only safe in God’s arms but there is no “stress” in heaven; what a wonderful place heaven must be.  

bible scripture on not giving up

Bible Verses On Not Giving Up

Like so many others, when reading your Bible you may suddenly find that you do not comprehend what you’re reading which probably means it’s time to stop reading and ask God to give you a true interpretation of the scripture and the knowledge to apply it. It’s amazing how quickly the confusion will disappear; ask that He open the eyes of your heart so you can see His purpose for the words written there.

important bible verses

Important Bible Verses

we’re going to check out some of what many people feel are important scriptures and what makes them so important. The first thing we must remember is that all scriptures are important, just that some are more meaningful to us in this age.

bible scripture on starting your morning

Morning Verses To Start Your Day

The following scripture will help you understand the relationship God wants to have with his children (we humans) as His most prized possession. In our understanding, it is difficult to find the path that God wants us to take unless we have given ourselves to Him and all His mighty works.

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