What Are The Best Stage Monitors For Church Worship Teams?

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Worship team members will be frustrated if they cannot hear each other with the monitors. This has been a gripe that I’ve heard in all my years as a musician and pastor. Therefore, I wrote an article about the best stage monitors available for church worship teams. We should define “the best” when discussing “the greatest.” JBL … Read more

How To Install A Church Sound System

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How to Install a Church Sound System The type of production and location will determine the equipment and setup. Live sound requirements for church services or rock concerts are different. But microphones, audio mixers, and monitors are essential components of any sound system. Choose the right microphones for your church. You will need at least one microphone, … Read more

Three Options For Church Sanctuary Speakers – For Churches With Fewer Than 300 Members

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Finding speakers for use in the church sanctuary. Recently, I was reading an article about church sound systems. The article also included a guideline for spending. The article recommended that each congregation member spend $100.00 on a sound system. A 100-member church should spend 10,000 dollars, while a 200-member congregation should spend 20,000. What? !?! I realized that … Read more

What is the Best Pulpit Mic for Your Church? Here are 5 Options to Consider

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Even though digital technology has made it easier to appreciate old-fashioned things, many people still love the fact that their pastor is there to speak God’s words to them. They don’t need to be the hipster pastor who walks around on the stage. They enjoy the fact that they can pronounce God’s word from their traditional … Read more

How To Choose The Best Wireless Speakers For Church Nursery Rooms

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Wireless speakers for church nursery – How to choose the best! Many churches offer a way for parents and their children to attend the service while their child is in the nursery or cry area. It is something that I know my young family appreciates. Choosing the best wireless speaker for your church nursery isn’t as … Read more

What Is The Best Translation System For Your Church?

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Do you want to offer an audio translation of your worship service? You’ve come to the right spot. This article will help determine which translation system is best for your church. Before I start, let me clarify something. Today, no product can do this without a translator. Although there is a prototype, it has not been made available to the general … Read more

The Best Digital Mixer for Church Sanctuaries: 4 Options to Consider

Behringer X32 40-channel Digital Mixer

Is your analog mixer about to give up the ghost? Or, perhaps your sound people are asking for an upgrade. Perhaps you have several churches that use your building. No matter the reason, this article can help you determine the best digital mixer for your church. Before we get started, let me explain. This website is designed to make … Read more

The Basics of the Church Sound System – What Every Pastor Should Know

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I was 16 when I became a Christian and converted to Christianity in 1979. In my community, I was already playing professionally on bass guitar. (Yes, I got paid.) It was a great experience I never imagined would be beneficial when I became a pastor. It gave me a better understanding of the basics of the church sound system. … Read more