The Best Remote-Control Video Camera For Church

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What is the Best Remote Control Video Camera for Church Services? The PTZOptics IP Streaming Camera, a compact, powerful video camera, can be operated remotely via a joystick, switcher, or computer. The camera offers professional-quality video recording, streaming capabilities, and many other useful features. The PTZOptics camera is a great choice for those looking for the best remote control … Read more

The Ultimate Guide To Church Live Streaming Equipment

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The Ultimate Church Live Streaming Equipment List What kind of live streaming equipment can you use to stream church live? Your smartphone might not have the features or quality required to stream live. Pro equipment is required for professional video and sound. This includes microphones, cameras, video switchers, and mixers. Choose the Type of Cameras and Mics you Need … Read more

How Can You Stream To Facebook Live For Church Services?

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How can you stream to Facebook Live for Church Services? What do you require to stream a live worship service on Facebook Live? You will need a Facebook account and a mobile device with a camera and the Facebook application. If you plan to make a professional stream, you will need additional equipment, such as a tripod, … Read more

PTZOptics Cameras: A Powerful Camera For Church Services

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You might be contemplating live streaming your church services. Great! The key part of the process is choosing the right camera. PTZ cameras let you remotely control your camera’s zoom, pan, tilt, and pan functions. This is a great advantage if you have a wandering preacher or need to take a group shot with the whole choir. In my … Read more

Church Live Streaming On A Shoestring Budget

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I am a small church pastor, as I’ve said in previous articles. My church has less than 100 members. We don’t have the budget to buy a lot of tech gear for live-streaming church services. We are unable to afford professional-grade video software and cameras. We don’t have enough space for many cameras or tripods in the room. We … Read more

Which are the Best Locations for Church Camera Placement?

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My congregation recently started streaming live our church services. We had to answer a few questions about the placement of church cameras. Which spot is best? How high should your camera be? Side angles? How about congregation shots? These questions had to be answered, so I researched and found some amazing answers. Church Video Camera Placement Using A Single Camera … Read more

Description Of A Job As A Church Video Camera Operator

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Are you looking to start or expand a church webstream? You might consider creating a job description as a church video camera operator. This will ensure that everyone communicates clearly and knows what to expect. Even if you are a volunteer camera operator. How does a pastor or leader of a church come up with a job description to be a … Read more

How to Get a Church Video Streaming License for Your Live Stream

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One of the things that I did not consider when setting up the church’s live streaming was a license for church video streaming. The standard license for performance is in place; until one of my board members mentioned it, I had never heard of a live streaming license. He was correct. If we wanted to broadcast songs we use … Read more