How To Connect A Ptz Camera To A Computer

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Connecting Your PTZ Camera To Your PC Two steps are required to connect your PTZ Camera to your computer. First, connect the camera controls. Second, connect the camera’s video feed to your PC. Both will be covered. Connecting the Camera Controls to Your Computer PTZ cameras usually have an RS485/422 port that you can use to plug in your control cable (VISCA). These cameras can be connected … Read more

How To Connect An Audio Interface To A Laptop

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What do you need to connect an audio interface to your laptop? What are the basics of connecting an audio interface to your laptop or computer? An audio interface is often required if you need to record or edit your music. This interface converts your recorded sounds into digital signals that can be edited on your computer. You will need the correct … Read more

The Best Fog Machine For Church Stage Effects

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Find the Best Fog Machine for Your Church Stage Lighting Effects A fog machine is not something that should be used regularly for Sunday morning services unless there are very modern worship services. However, any church can benefit from having one on hand for special events. A fog machine is a powerful tool that can help set the stage for youth performances … Read more

The Best Mac Computers for Church Media – Our Top Recommendation

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Find the Best Mac Computer for Your Church If you don’t know what to look for, buying a Mac computer to store and display church media can be difficult. Although Macs are powerful and loved by many, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. It is easy to get overwhelmed and choose the wrong computer. However, it is best to take … Read more

Best Laptop For Church Multimedia

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Find the Best Laptop for Your Church’s Multimedia Programs Choosing a computer suitable for multimedia purposes in a church can be difficult. Choosing a laptop that works well in a church’s multimedia environment can be difficult. It’s easy for people to become overwhelmed by the options available. The best thing you can do is learn as much as possible about them to help you find … Read more

How To Record A Church Service To A Computer

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How do I record a church service to a computer? Your audio and video devices must be connected. An auxiliary output can be used to connect audio mixers. You may need a video mixer if you have more than one camera. This article will show you how to record and edit a church service using a computer. … Read more

How to Connect A Computer To A Church Sound System

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How do I connect my computer to the church sound system It all depends on the reason you want to connect your computer. The connection can be used to play audio files via the PA system or to record sound. You will need to have the correct cables and computer software for both of these options. Connecting the Laptop and the … Read more

Develop A Proactive Church Computer Use Policy For Your Ministry

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Pastors and church leaders often have to think about things they never thought of before. A church computer policy is one example. This often happens because of a bad idea, not because it was a good idea. Someone has experienced something that caused them to react and felt the need to provide guidelines for how church computers … Read more