Prominent Pastor, Author, and Christian Broadcaster Dr. Charles Stanley Passes To Glory at 90

Charles Stanley

Prominent pastor, author, and Christian broadcaster Dr. Charles Stanley passed away on Tuesday morning, April 18, at the age of 90. Dr. Stanley was well-known for his 65 years of ministry, during which he helped spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world through his Bible-teaching ministry. Dr. Stanley led First Baptist Church Atlanta … Read more

Who Was Smith Wigglesworth?

Smith Wigglesworth

Introduction Smith Wigglesworth was a renowned British evangelist, faith healer, and preacher who played a crucial role in shaping the early Pentecostal movement. Born in 1859 in Menston, Yorkshire, England, Wigglesworth grew up in a working-class family and found his faith in Jesus Christ at an early age. His ministry, characterized by a deep reliance … Read more

Who Was A.A. Allen?

aa allen

Introduction A.A. Allen, also known as Asa Alonso Allen, was a prominent figure in the Pentecostal healing and revival movement in the United States during the mid-20th century. He was known for his powerful preaching and controversial healing methods, which drew large crowds to his revivals. However, despite his popularity, Allen’s career was plagued by … Read more

Who Was Corrie Ten Boom?

Corrie Ten Boom

Introduction Corrie ten Boom was a Dutch Christian woman who, along with her family, helped many Jews escape the Holocaust during World War II. She is most well-known for her memoir, “The Hiding Place,” which details her experiences during the war and her eventual capture and imprisonment in a concentration camp. After her release, she … Read more

Who Was Kathryn Kuhlman?

Kathryn Kuhlman

Introduction Kathryn Kuhlman was a Christian evangelist and faith healer who rose to prominence in the mid-20th century. Born in Concordia, Missouri in 1907, Kuhlman had a difficult childhood marked by poverty and the early death of her mother. Despite these challenges, she had a deep faith in God from a young age and felt … Read more

Who Was Aimee Semple McPherson?

Aimee Semple Mcpherson Quotes

Introduction Aimee Semple McPherson was a Canadian-American evangelist, pastor, and media personality in the early 20th century who founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel, known for her dynamic preaching style, emphasis on healing, and power of the Holy Spirit. She was a pioneer in using new forms of media to spread her message. … Read more

Lester Sumrall’s Inspiring Quotes

Lester Sumrall Quotes

Lester Sumrall was an influential 20th-century Christian evangelist, missionary, and teacher. He was well-known for his passionate preaching and delivered countless sermons to millions of people around the world. He was especially known for his memorable quotes that still resonate with many today. This article will explore some of Lester Sumrall’s most meaningful quotes and … Read more

Andrew Wommack’s Power-Packed Quotes

andrew wommack quotes

Andrew Wommack is an American Christian evangelist and teacher who has preached the gospel for over four decades. He is a popular figure within the Christian community, known as a powerful voice of faith and hope. His teachings have inspired thousands of people to live a life of abundance and peace. Andrew Wommack has produced numerous … Read more

Dave Ramsey Quotes: Unlock Practical Financial Advice

dave ramsey quotes

Dave Ramsey is an internationally renowned financial expert and author who has helped countless people get out of debt and learn how to manage their money. His words of wisdom have inspired and motivated people worldwide to take control of their finances and create a better future for themselves. This article will share some of the … Read more