The Ultimate Checklist of Audiovisual Equipment for Churches
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The Ultimate Checklist of Audiovisual Equipment for Churches

There are a lot of options when it comes to audiovisual equipment for churches. There is a wide variety of prices, brands, and features. It can be overwhelming to decide what you need for your church if you don’t know where to start or what you want in your system. This checklist will help make decision-making easier for you by showing all the possible pieces that may work well with any budget!

church sound booth

Church Audio Equipment


You’ll want to ensure you have the right speakers for your space. The size of the room and audience will help determine what type of speaker is best for you and how many (and where) they should be placed in the room.


There are several options for microphones at different price points. The number of mics you need will depend on the size and type of room (and how many people regularly attend) and the style of worship service you have, including if there is a praise band or choir present during services. You will want to ensure that your system can control the volume of each mic so that everyone can be heard.

Wireless microphones are great for churches, as they allow people to move around more freely during worship services without having an excess of wires all over the floor.


You will need a mixer to control the volume of individual mics, monitor speakers, and more. Different types of mixers have various features depending on your space. You can choose analog or digital options for small and large budgets!

Audio Recorder

You will want to ensure your system has a way to record sermons and other services so that they can be played back for those unable to attend. There are different types of recording software depending on the type of computer you use as well as how many people need access. You may even prefer an audio-only recording without video.

Cables and Accessories

There are many different types of cables, accessories, and adapters that you may need for your space, depending on the setup you have or plan to install. You will want to think about how many things need power (such as speakers) versus those that require an audio connection.

Power Amplifiers

Power amps are a crucial part of your system as they provide power to speaker systems. You will need more than one, so ensure you have enough before setting up! They come in different types and sizes depending on how many speakers you have and what their outputs are.

Wireless Mics and Systems

If your church is large or has a praise band, you may want to invest in wireless systems for mics. Depending on how many people need their system and what features they have, these can be expensive, but it’s an option that provides more freedom than standard wired options.

Headset Microphones and Lapel Mics for Sermons, etc.

If you prefer not to use handheld mics during services, another option for speaking is headset microphones and lapel (clip-on) mics. These are great alternatives if hands-free moving around is more important than the level of audio quality. You may also want these as backups if your main system fails!

Headphone Amplifiers

Some churches will need headphone amplifiers for members who are hard of hearing or can only hear certain parts of sermons or other services. These devices allow for private listening and can be great options to accommodate those with hearing loss.

Church Visual Equipment


You will need a projector that best fits the needs of your church. There are several types, sizes, and features to choose from depending on how you plan to use it or what equipment you have already installed in your space. You may want one with short-throw capabilities for smaller spaces and those requiring high resolutions so everyone can see the image clearly.

Video Switchers

If you need to switch between multiple video sources (such as DVD players, laptops, etc.) during services or events, ensure your system has enough inputs and outputs. The more you have available for different devices will depend on how many things are plugged into it at any time. You may also want one with recording capabilities for recording events or services.

Projection Screens

If you are projecting onto a wall, you may want to invest in an affordable screen so that the image is clear for everyone watching. There are different screens depending on your space size and what kind of projection equipment you have access to! Some churches will even use a projector and mirror to make the image appear on a more traditional screen.

Media Computers / Players

Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in media computers or other players that can run different programs and play multimedia files. This will also depend on how many things need power and the types of devices you use for services.

A/V Cables & Accessories (splitters, extenders, etc.)

Depending on your setup, you may need several cables and accessories, such as splitters or extenders. These can be purchased in multi-packs for a more affordable price, so keep an eye out!

Wireless Transmission Systems

If you need to project something from one room or area to another without having a cable connecting the two areas, wireless transmission systems can be purchased and used for this purpose. These usually come in kits that contain several parts, such as transmitters and receivers, so make sure you plan out your needs before purchasing equipment.

Flat Screen Monitors and TVs

You may want a larger display depending on what you need to monitor during services, events, etc. This can be something as simple as a TV for showing videos or slideshows and/or laptops with flat-screen monitors that allow everyone in the room to see it regardless of where they are sitting! Make sure whatever equipment you use can support the size and resolution of your monitor/TV.

Church Streaming Equipment


Depending on your needs, you may want to invest in a few different types of cameras for live-streaming services and events. These can be webcams, higher-quality HD cameras, or even PTZ cameras that allow you to stream more clearly and with better resolution! The streaming system will need an internet connection and the correct encoding software to ensure everything is compatible.

Streaming Software

Churches that stream services and events need the proper software for streaming purposes. Some churches use free options such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or Restream. In contrast, others may want a more professional option like Wirecast Pro or vMix, which has additional features and provides access to better encoding settings for increased quality.

Switchers and Encoders

Depending on the number of cameras you use to record your services or events, you may need switchers and encoders. These devices allow multiple video sources (such as cameras) to be sent to a computer for live streaming purposes without having to switch between them manually during the service. Switchers will transmit all incoming signals to a single output while allowing you to switch between them as needed.

Encoders take incoming video and encode it into an H.264/MPEG-TS format compatible with most streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Webcasting & Live Streaming Services

Churches may want to use webcasting or live streaming service that provides the necessary equipment, software, and support for churches. These services can provide all of your technical needs in one place, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues with different pieces of hardware/software!

Capture Cards

If you are recording services or events, capture cards can record live video from devices such as cameras and switchers/encoders into a computer. They take in the HD or SD signals and convert them for digital storage on your computer’s hard drive – some even allow displaying of the same signal at once! They vary in price and capabilities, so make sure to find one that fits your needs.


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Hopefully, this list of audiovisual equipment for churches has helped you find the right gear to fit your needs so that you can modernize your services or events with crystal clear clarity. Whether it’s a simple tv, laptop monitor, wireless transmission system, webcasting service, or capture card – we’ve covered everything you need!

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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