The Power and Importance of Thanksgiving in the Bible
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The Power and Importance of Thanksgiving in the Bible


Thanksgiving is an important holiday that is celebrated by many people around the world. But what is the origin of this holiday? And why is it so important?

The origin of Thanksgiving can be found in the Bible. In the Bible, it is said that God provided for the Israelites during their time of famine. And when they were saved from the famine, they gave thanks to God.

Thanksgiving is important because it is a time to express our gratitude to God for all of His blessings. It is a time to come together as a family and celebrate our faith and our heritage. And it is a time to reflect on all of the good things that God has done for us.

Thank you for reading this article on the power and importance of Thanksgiving in the Bible. May you be blessed abundantly during this special time of year.

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What Does the Bible Say About Thanksgiving?

The Bible says that we should give thanks in all circumstances.

In the book of Ephesians, Paul writes, “be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (5:20). In the book of Psalms, it is written, “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” (118:1).

Thanksgiving is an important part of the Christian faith because it reminds us that no matter what happens, we can always be grateful to God. It is a way of acknowledging that everything we have comes from Him.

How Does the Bible Encourage Giving Thanks?

The Bible is full of verses that encourage giving thanks.

In the book of Psalms, it is said that “give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever” (Psalm 107:1). The Bible also says that “every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows” (James 1:17).

Giving thanks is a way of recognizing the blessings that God has given us. It is a way of expressing our gratitude for all the good things in our lives. By giving thanks, we acknowledge that everything we have comes from God.

The Blessings of Thanksgiving in the Bible

The Bible is clear about the importance of giving thanks.

When we give thanks, we are honoring God for all He has done for us. We are acknowledging His sovereignty over our lives and thanking Him for His blessings.

Thanksgiving is also a time to come together as a family and to fellowship with other believers. It is a time of rejoicing and celebration, and it should be a priority in our lives.

God desires for us to be people who are full of gratitude, and He promises to bless us when we give Him thanks.

The Reasons to Give Thanks in the Bible

Thanksgiving is one of the most powerful and important acts that a Christian believer can exercise. The Bible speaks of many reasons to give thanks, such as God’s love and favor, His graciousness and protection, and His mercy. We are instructed to remember the miracles He has done, His gifts and benefits, and His comfort in our sufferings. In addition to thanking God for these things, we are also encouraged to give thanks for the good things He has done through other people in our lives. By giving thanks in all circumstances, we demonstrate our dependence on God and our recognition of His power and grace in our lives.

Examples of Giving Thanks From Scripture

Now that we have established the importance of thanksgiving in the Bible, let’s look at some examples from scripture. The book of Psalms has many references to giving thanks to God. In Psalm 100: 4 it says, “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise”, and in Psalm 107: 1 it says, “Oh, give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”

These are just two examples of how important it is for us to be thankful for God’s goodness and provision. Scriptures also remind us that we should be thankful for all of His blessings—from our families, friends, and health to our jobs, homes, and material possessions. Ephesians 4: 25 reminds us to “walk in love, just as Christ also loved us and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.”

Practical Ways to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude

Cultivating a heart of gratitude isn’t just something that we should do; it is something that God commands us to do in His Word. One practical way to cultivate a heart of gratitude is to make a list of all the blessings and gifts you have been given in life. Intentionally take time each day to think of the good things in your life and thank God for them.

Another way to cultivate a heart of gratitude is to write down specific prayers of thanksgiving for each blessing and gift you receive. This will help you to truly recognize and appreciate all that God has done for you. You can also use this as an opportunity to share with others the blessings He has lavished upon you, encouraging them as well.


When it comes to the Bible, there are countless references to the power and importance of giving thanks. From the very beginning, God commands humans to give thanks for all the good things they have, and throughout the Bible, we see countless examples of people who are blessed because they give thanks.

Thanksgiving is one of the most important things we can do as Christians, and it’s one of the ways we show our faith and gratitude to God. It’s also a way to unite with other people in our faith and share in the blessings God has given us.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
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