The Importance Of Humility In Accepting God-inspired Advice

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When God speaks to us, it is important to be humble enough to accept His advice.

Too often, we are too proud to listen to what God has to say. We think that we know better than He does and that we can solve our problems on our own. But this is not the case. Only when we humble ourselves and accept God-inspired advice will we be able to find the solutions we are looking for.

The Bible is full of examples of people who did not listen to God and suffered the consequences. But there are also examples of people who heeded God’s advice and were rewarded for their humility.

It is important to remember that God knows what is best for us and that His advice is always worth listening to.

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What the Bible Says About Humility

The Bible says that humility is a key part of accepting God-inspired advice.

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5)

“He who has ears, let him hear.” (Matthew 11:15)

When we are proud, we are not willing to listen to others. We think that we know best and that we do not need advice from anyone else. But when we are humble, we are willing to listen to others and consider their opinions. We realize that we do not know everything and that we can learn from others.

This is important because God-inspired advice is always good advice. When we are humble, we are more likely to accept this advice and benefit from it.

Examples of Humility in the Bible

The Bible is full of examples of humility in accepting God-inspired advice.

In the book of Numbers, Moses instructs the Israelites on how to build a tabernacle, the holiest place in Israel. But Moses does not do this arrogantly; he recognizes that he is not qualified to give these instructions and asks God for guidance.

In the book of Isaiah, the prophet Isaiah is instructed by God to go and warn the people of Judah about their impending downfall. But Isaiah does not take this responsibility lightly; he knows that he is not qualified to preach to the king and that his words will be met with resistance.

In both cases, these men acted with humility and accepted God-inspired advice despite knowing that they were not perfect.

The Importance of Humility in Accepting Advice From God

It is important to be humble when accepting advice from God.

When you are given advice from God, it is important to be humble and to listen with an open heart. Do not be prideful and think that you know better than God. Remember that He is all-knowing and all-powerful, and that He has your best interests at heart.

If you are humble and willing to learn, you will be able to accept God’s advice and benefit from it.

How to Practice Humility in Daily Life

Practicing humility on a daily basis helps us to accept God-inspired advice. When we humbly accept counsel from others, it is easier for us to accept the truths that are being presented to us. A humble spirit allows us to be teachable and open to learning, whether that advice comes directly from God or through another source.

Moreover, it is important to recognize the value in different perspectives when giving and receiving advice. Rather than becoming defensive when someone says something that you disagree with, practice humility and approach it with an open mind. Asking questions, listening carefully and taking time to reflect on what has been said can help you learn more about yourself, as well as the other person.

Why Is It Important to Accept God-Inspired Advice?

By humbly accepting God-inspired advice, you demonstrate your trust in the Lord, demonstrating that you are willing to follow His will. This can increase your faith and understanding of the gospel principles and help you to grow closer to God. Accepting the Lord’s wisdom also helps us to develop humility. We learn to rely more on the Lord’s help and less on our own understanding. By being humble, we can receive more blessings from God.

Having humility also helps us to recognize our need for guidance from others. When we are humble enough to listen to sound counsel, we can better make decisions that will lead us to righteous paths. Being humble can also lead us away from pride and arrogance so that we become wiser in our decisions and better suited for long-term success.

How to Apply Humbleness in Making Decisions

When faced with a difficult decision or advice from above, it’s important to humbly accept God’s plan. Humility is the key to living a life that has been chosen for you, and one must always approach a situation with eggshells and not steel.

In order to properly apply humbleness when making decisions, one should take the time to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses. It is only then that one will be able to put their own ego aside in order to make wise choices that reflect their faith.

Additionally, it is important to seek counsel from those you trust and whose opinions you value when faced with a challenging decision. Lastly, always take the time to pray and meditate on the choices before feeling pressured into making a quick decision.


You have just read an article about the importance of humility in accepting God-inspired advice. We hope that you have been inspired to think about the role that humility plays in your own life and to consider how you can improve your relationship with God by accepting His wisdom and guidance. Thank you for reading!

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