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3 John

What Is The Book Of 3rd John?

The book of 3rd John, a brief but meaningful part of the New Testament, is a personal letter written by the Apostle John. Unlike his other writings, such as the Gospel of John or the book of Revelation, 3rd John is not theological in nature but rather focuses on practical aspects of Christian living and church life.

This epistle, the shortest book in the New Testament, addresses an individual named Gaius. John commends Gaius for his faithfulness and hospitality towards fellow believers, particularly those who were traveling and spreading the Gospel. The Apostle emphasizes the importance of supporting such individuals, highlighting the value of partnership in the Christian mission.

Furthermore, 3rd John deals with issues of authority and conflict within the church. John mentions Diotrephes, a church leader who sought preeminence and resisted apostolic authority, as a negative example. This contrasts with Demetrius, who is praised for his good reputation and adherence to the truth.

At its core, 3rd John teaches about love, truth, and the proper use of authority in the church. It underscores the importance of living out one’s faith through actions, particularly in showing hospitality and support for those working in Christian ministry. The letter also serves as a reminder of the need for humility and submission to godly leadership within the church community.