The Best PTZ Camera Joystick Controllers
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The Best PTZ Camera Joystick Controllers

Camera management can become a nightmare if controllers aren’t up to the task. Camera controllers that are good quality can be expensive and have many complex functions. We have compiled a list of top-quality PTZ camera joystick controls that are both user-friendly and of great value. These three joystick controllers are top-of-the-line in audio-visual management technology.

best ptz joystick controller

Best Overall Joystick Controller

PTZOptics Gen4 IP Joystick

ptzoptics ptjoy g4 joystick controller
PTZOptics PTJOY G4 Joystick Controller

PTZOptics has released the third generation of its IP joystick PTZ camera controllers. This controller is human-centered and provides a convenient solution for your camera management.

Your entire system can be connected via IP without needing complicated wiring. You only need to ensure your PTZ cameras connect to your local network. Then you can control them all using your IP joystick controller. The Gen 3 IP joystick connects with over 100 PTZ cameras simultaneously and allows you to switch between 6 via hotkeys.

You can also remotely control your camera network using the IP joystick. Your location doesn’t matter as long as they are connected to the same network. There are no messy wires to worry about – you only need one Ethernet cable to control your camera network.

The IP joystick is faster than other connectivity options. This model incorporates VISCA over IP protocols, which aren’t present in previous models. You won’t have to deal with high latencies when controlling. This keyboard has Ethernet connectivity and Power over Ethernet technology.

This allows you to connect and be powered up using the same Ethernet cable. It makes it easier and more hassle-free.

Finally, the IP Joystick controller has been packaged in a way that is both easy to use and provides all the complex functionalities that professionals need. This controller can be used for training and managing large networks of cameras. PTZOptic’s IP joystick camera controller will be your solution.

Best Budget Camera Controller

PTZOptics Serial Joystick PTZ

huddlecam serial controller joystick
HuddleCam Serial Controller Joystick

Next up on our list of the best PTZ camera joystick controllers is the Serial PTZ Joystick by PTZOptics/HuddleCamHD. The third-generation product offers revolutionary improvements in serial joysticks. The serial connections are universally compatible with all cameras and can be used to address any latency issues.

The serial joysticks offer strong, sturdy connectivity for your cameras. They also eliminate potential problems when setting up IP connectivity networks. Serial communication is all you need to establish connectivity. Turn on your system, plug in the cameras, and power it up. You can connect to more than 250 cameras simultaneously without setting up IPs.

This serial joystick controller has a wide range of functions, which is what you need to set up a complex, professional network of cameras. You can control panning, zooming, and tilting with the joystick. It also has a fast response time, so you don’t have any lag.

With just a single click, you can toggle between up six cameras. The LCD LCD screen allows you to navigate through settings and menus quickly. You can also control Iris control, exposure mode controls, and other controls to broadcast professional-quality video.

This camera is easy to set up and comes with 255 presets you can use in your broadcast. The joystick was designed to make learning easier for those unfamiliar with the field. However, it also includes all the functions that professional users would enjoy.

The Best High-end Joystick Camera Control

BirdDog PTZ Camera Controller

birddog ptz keyboard controller
BirdDog PTZ Keyboard Controller

BirdDog PTZ Camera Control Keyboard is a high-end camera controller with unparalleled features and a unique design. It can handle any camera installation. It can control over 250 cameras simultaneously without causing any problems.

There are many connectivity options available on the controller. You can combine cameras with different connectivity protocols on one board. It supports Visca over IP, RS422, RS2332 serial communication, and, most importantly, NDI connectivity. BirdDog PTZ keyboard is the best among all PTZ controllers because it uses NDI technology to transmit your video feed more efficiently with minimal latency.

BirdDog PTZ camera control is ergonomically designed to provide a pleasant user experience. The 3-way joystick is unique to any other controller. You can zoom in, pan, and tilt your camera. The keys are made of silicon and are not rigid plastic. BirdDog controller eliminates the worry of keys or buttons not hitting the right place, and you can now enjoy your dog’s play.

The board also has six programmable buttons that you can program to make it easier for you to use. These buttons can be programmed with any function, including white balance or shutter speed.

BirdDog PTZ camera control means you no longer have to worry about powering up your board. You have many options for powering your keyboard to be prepared for any situation. You can power the keyboard up via DC or Ethernet. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a revolutionary technology that allows you to receive power via your communication channels.

The BirdDog PTZ controller keyboard has an incredible design and cutting-edge technology.


This concludes our review of the top PTZ camera joystick controls. These controllers are worth a shot. You will likely become addicted.

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Pastor Duke Taber

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