The Best Mackie Mixers For Your Church or House of Worship

Mackie mixers are a popular choice for the church and house-of-prayer market. They offer a variety of mixers to suit any budget or size. There are many models to choose from, each offering its benefits and features. We’ll be reviewing three Mackie models that are best suited for worship houses and churches in this article.

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What Is A Mackie Mixer?

Mackie mixers can enhance the sound quality of live audio by mixing it with other audio consoles.

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The size of your church or house depends on how large the space is, but there’s always a Mackie mixer! Mackie mixers are durable, reliable, and affordable.

Why Do You Need It?

Mixers can transform your sound from average to extraordinary. Professionals around the globe use Mackie mixers to create the perfect sound for their productions.

Mackie mixers will transform your live sound into something truly amazing!

Mackie Mixers For Churches: The Best Mackie Mixers

The Mackie ProFX22V3 is the Best Overall Mixer

mackie profxv3 series, 22 channel professional effects mixer
Mackie ProFXv3 Series, 22-Channel Professional Effects Mixer

Best Overall Mixer For Church For The Price

The Mackie ProFX22V3 mixer is the best for live sound. This Mackie ProFX22V3 mixer is the newest model. It has all the features you need to put on a great show.

Vita preamps produce a high-quality sound, which is impossible in compact mixers. It also has numerous inputs, such as XLR/TRS combo jack (front) and TRS inserts (back). 

You can also add the perfect effect to your mix with digital effects, such as reverbs or delays after your input channels capture transients.

Too little?

You can then adjust the volume of each channel using a 7-band graphic EQ while also tweaking different frequencies to increase or decrease the sweetness!


  • Every time, you will get a professional mix.
  • Your signal quality will never be an issue again.
  • You can rest assured that you are always receiving the best sound quality.

The Mackie Digital Mixer DL32s – Best Digital Mixer

mackie dl32s 32 channel mixer
Mackie Dl32s 32-Channel Mixer

Best Digital Mackie Mixer For Church

The DL32s Digital Mixer represents the best in digital mixer technology. This innovative mixer allows you to mix like never before with robust control over all 32 channels and 14 buses. This versatile digital mixer board delivers power and flexibility without compromising on quality.

You can now control every aspect of the room with intuitive Master Fader software from your iPad or computer, anywhere you are – no more tedious knobs!


  • You can control over 32 channels as well as 14 buses.
  • Beefy DSP for each mic pres of the Onyx+
  • 3U rackmount design for a sleek look.

Which Mackie Mixer is Best for You?

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The Mackie mixer is a standard in professional sound. DJs and churches use these mixers and other venues across the country to create high-quality mixes for live performances.

Mackie‘s greatest asset? You have many options to choose from when it comes to choosing the right one for you and your budget.

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