The Best Journaling Bible For Your Spiritual Journey

If time is tight and you want to find the best journaling bible quickly, I recommend the NKJV, Journal the Word Bible.

Do you want the best journaling bible? Perfect! You’ve come to the right spot. 

Journaling Bibles will make studying more enjoyable and allow you to let your imagination and the Holy Spirit guide your studies.

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How to choose the best journaling Bible

It was easier to get a journaling bible a few years back. The ESV journaling bible from Crossway was one of the most well-known Bibles. It was released in 2006.

However, times have changed. There are now a dozen journaling Bibles, and many more are being released. It is getting harder to make a purchase decision.

Consider the following considerations when choosing the best journaling bibles.

Your preferred translation

The Bible was originally translated from Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew. As of 2019, the full Bible has been translated into 698 languages, and the work is still ongoing. Some are concerned about this for various reasons. I won’t go into detail about this but leave it for Bible scholars.

However, everyday Christians who want to learn God’s word just want a trustworthy translation. You might consider these standard Bible translations.

  • King James Version (KJV)
  • New King James Version (NKJV)
  • New Living Translation (NLT).
  • English Standard Version (ESV)

It’s hard to say which one I like best. Speaking to your pastor or spiritual leader before settling on one would be wise.

Is the Bible Complete?

I don’t want to get into controversies. If you are a committed Bible reader, you may have noticed that certain Bible versions contain missing verses. This is a list.

It’s not my intention to speculate about the causes of this happening. YouVersion says it all comes down to translation errors. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or false; having a complete Bible is important.

Optional Binding

Do you remember when you had to buy new books each semester? You would then get the books bound. They are probably still there today, I’m sure.

This is the power of binding. It increases shelf life and preserves the professional appearance of the book. This is also true for Bibles. Before you go to your local binding shop, consider the following options.

Basic Bindings

A basic binding can be made from a paperback or hardback and is inexpensive. This style of journal Bible is a good choice if you have a tight budget.

Deluxe Binding

The deluxe bindings for Bibles are not an upgrade to the basic bindings. They have a leather touch, and bonded leather.

These materials have a rougher texture than genuine leather. You can choose from a variety of leather touch options.

Premium Bindings

Calfskin and real leather are used to make premium-bound journal Bibles. As mentioned, the binding is most commonly used in the most expensive Bibles. The binding will ensure that your Bible is used for as long as possible.

The Bible Edition

Journaling Bibles can be divided into two editions

The Writers’ Bible Version

Two-inch margins are provided at the bottom of every page in writer edition Bibles. It is a practical way to write prayers, notes, and your favorite Bible scriptures. It makes it easy to track your progress in the Word of God.

Interleaved Bible Edition

Interleaved Journal Bibles have not been a part of my experience. However, I like their idea and would love to test them.

The edition has ample space for notes, with blank pages on every page. The blank page can be used to write the most meaningful verses.

I appreciate the feature because I don’t like coloring a sentence or writing over Bible pages.

Other than the four above factors, consider the price. The majority of Bibles aren’t expensive. If one is expensive, it must be for good reasons. These include design, paper quality, cover material, and other factors.

NKJV, Journal the Word Bible

nkjv, journal the word bible
NKJV, Journal the Word Bible

Best Journaling Bible

This edition is perfect for you. You can gift it to someone as a birthday gift or for missionaries, or for personal study.

The NIV Journal Bible has been carefully designed to allow for easy reading. It does not contain advanced authorized version terms such as thou, thee, and thine. Most Christians have difficulty understanding the Bible using those terms.

The Bible’s font size is 9.5, making it one of the largest in the world. This might be the best choice for older Christians. As long as your glasses are big enough, you don’t even need them.

It has a ribbon marker, allowing you to return to the exact place you were reading it. To speed up your search, you will appreciate that chapters and books are located at the page’s end.

The cover is strong but soft to the touch. The cover’s cross is simple but elegant. This will be a great option if you are looking for something with a little bit of royalty at half the cost.


  • Jesus’s words are in red.
  • Large font size
  • The Bible can be used with Bible tabs.
  • There is more space for journaling.


  • Shadows appear on the next page from the print of the previous page.
  • The pages are extremely thin.


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You understand what it means to be a believer. This is probably because you are interested in learning more about the scriptures.

This being said, I recommend the edition that is the best journaling bible. The NKJV, Journal the Word Bible, is a good choice, as it meets all of the highest journaling Bible thresholds.

It’s not cheap, but it doesn’t sacrifice quality. You have space to express yourself and increase your productivity. You can use it for as long as you take care of it.

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