The Best Digital Sound System for Church
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The Best Digital Sound System for Church

Many people consider the church an integral part of their lives. It is a place you can gather with your church community and grow your faith. What if your church’s sound system ;is not up to standard? This means you may miss out on great music and parts of the service that might be difficult to understand. This could be a sign that you need a new digital sound system. These tips will save you hours of research!

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Digital Sound System Buyers Guide For Churches

Your church’s sound system is the most critical part of its digital equipment. It would be useless if everyone could hear you, even the best microphone in the world.

What to Look for in a Digital Sound System For Church

Consider the space you are trying to fill and how many people will be coming on a weekly/monthly basis. Is it going to be a vocal or instrumental band? What kind of sound do they want?

Are you looking to ensure everyone is heard, even those in the back? Are you looking for multiple speakers and microphones or one? Wireless connectivity is possible for your instruments.

Flexible digital sound systems can be adapted to your church’s needs. Consider what equipment you might need and ensure that your system is compatible.

The sound crew is important! They must be able to understand what they are doing and have fun while doing it. You must ensure that the system they choose works for them and includes all the necessary tools to run a successful business.

Digital Sound Systems for Church: The Advantages

Every digital sound system has pros and cons, so it is important to know yours. These include:

  • Flexibility allows you to add or remove equipment as necessary
  • The ability to be quickly set up and taken apart by a small group of people
  • Simple design will make it easier for the sound crew to operate it
  • It can be used in many different places so that you don’t need to worry about finding another system if your plans change.

How to Choose a Digital Sound System for Church

There is a perfect digital sound system available for your church. Knowing what questions to ask and how the system will fit in your space is just a matter of knowing what questions to ask. Here are some good questions that we have compiled.

How many presets does the device have? This determines how much control the sound crew has over different frequencies and sounds. These may not be as important if you are looking for simplicity. However, this might be an important criterion if you desire more freedom in the music you play.

What type of connectors do you use? Check to make sure there’s a connector that is compatible with the microphones and speakers you require.

What warranty is it covered? It’s important to ensure that your sound system lasts through many services before experiencing any issues. These costs can add up quickly and can prove costly if left unplanned.

Does this digital sound system work with other equipment? You don’t need to purchase a new system if one part isn’t compatible. It is important to ensure that the system you purchase lasts a long time.

Does it look simple? How intuitive is it? The more complex it is, the more difficult it will be for your sound crew to operate. It will go wrong if they struggle with something that isn’t supposed to be hard. It is important to make sure everything is easy to understand.

What is the cost of this system? You must ensure that the system you choose is within your financial means. Spending more than you need just for the extra features is not a good idea. But make sure you have enough money.

These are just a few reasons we recommend the Behringer digital soundboard x32 and the Behringer digital snake s32.

Best Digital Sound System For Church

Best Digital Soundboard

behringer x32 digital mixer
Behringer X32 Digital Mixer

Best Digital Sound System For Church

The Behringer digital mixer x32 is an ideal mixing console for live and studio use. This digital mixer has over 40 input channels and 25 master mix buses. It offers a wide range of options to suit any situation. How do you get as much done as possible without getting sweaty? You can create your assignments, whether you want to set up automatic presets or switch your faders more quickly than it takes. The 25 100 mm faders make setting up and managing the scene simple and powerful with the touch of a button. You can instantly get feedback on what has been assigned to which channel, bus, aux send, or return by setting up individual scribbling strips.


  • This console will provide powerful mixing capabilities for your studio and live applications.
  • Thirty-two fully-programmable, MIDAS-designed mic preamps are available for audiophile sound quality.
  • This console will make you the next professional mixer!
  • Mix live sound is better than ever.
  • You can get studio-quality sound using the best equipment.
  • You will impress your congregation with your mixing skills.

Best Digital Snake

behringer s32 32 channel stage box
Behringer S32 32-Channel Stage Box

Best Digital Snake For Church

Although the Behringer S32 digital serpent is 32×16 in size, it offers more features. This snake is ideal for studio engineers that need to record sounds. It has 16 XLR outputs as well 16 digital inputs. It can be used for live performances with 24 audio input channels. The AES50 ports with KLARKTEKNIK SuperMAC networking capability allow for low latency and jitter. This is an incredible product that will revolutionize the way you approach your work.


  • Your audience will feel more connected to you.
  • Your sound will sound clearer and more professional.
  • You will feel like a professional speaker.
  • Share your love of music with the rest of the world
  • You will have the best sound quality possible
  • Your recordings will sound crisp and clear.
  • Creativity is key in worship sessions.
  • Music that sounds better will boost your creativity

Common Questions about Digital Sound Systems

What is a digital sound system?

Digital sound systems let you control certain sounds’ volume, tone, and other aspects. You can use them to control the sound quality of your audio or music on a recording or live performance. They are great for musicians who require different tones depending on what they are playing at the time.

What is a digital soundboard?

A digital soundboard can be used to create sounds and music. Users can control their audio recorded or played during live performances. Musicians who require different tones depending on the song they are playing often use digital mixing boards.

What is a digital snake?

A digital snake is a cable used to connect different equipment for recording music. It transmits sound without affecting the quality of data packets or losing audio quality. Digital snakes are often used for live performances and by musicians who need the ability to record their songs to be later produced on an album.

Are digital sound systems as good as analog?

Digital sound systems often produce a clearer and more crisp tone than analog systems. Because they encode data packets sent through them, this helps keep their integrity as they travel from one device to the next. Digital soundboards offer musicians better quality sounds and instrumentation. Analog transmissions can be less reliable.

Are digital soundboards better than analog mixers?

Digital mixers offer greater flexibility and more control over the sound effects produced during recording sessions or live performances. These mixers also offer many other features that enhance the ability to create good music. They are generally superior to analog mixing boards.

Conclusion – Best Digital Sound System For Church

The best digital sound system for church musicians is one that offers a variety of benefits. Digital mixers allow you to control the way your music and audio will appear during live performances or recordings. This makes them ideal for musicians who require different tones depending on their playing song.

You can also add effects like reverb to these devices with aux sends.

Digital audio technology has revolutionized how we record and mix music. Digital snake cables and digital mixers make it possible to use the same technology in churches.

I highly recommend the Behringer x32 electronic mixer for your digital church sound system or the Behringer S32 digital snake.

We are grateful you read our article about the Best Digital Sound System for Church.

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
He has been in pastoral ministry since 1988.
Today he is the owner and managing editor of 3 successful Christian websites that support missionaries around the world.
He is currently starting a brand new church in Mesquite NV called Mesquite Worship Center, a Non-Denominational Spirit Filled Christian church in Mesquite Nevada.