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Many people come to this website because they saw a link on how to tell if your dream is from God or about Christian dream interpretation.

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Although we do not perform dream interpretation and recommend that people go to God himself for an explanation rather than using a dream dictionary or dream interpreter, we also understand that people want to talk about their dreams.

So this post is where you can talk about your dreams to your heart’s content. Just use the comment section under the author profile below.

Books About Dreams

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32 thoughts on “Talk About Your Dreams”

  1. I don’t know where to begin, I’ve been through alot. I have observed alot. I saw and I dreamed about God. He chases me wherever I go. He gave me a dream that I will be taken away from my parents one day and I will be alone but he told me to cry for him and tell him “Lord, forgive me” Im not a person who reads the Bible or a religious being. I seek knowledge that is faraway from what I can take. I see sings for him everywhere. I have discovered when Peter said “Lord, forgive me” in this Bible. My spirit was taken to tears, I was shaken so hard that I started to have tears in my eyes. I have seen a dream of the end and I saw another a few months ago. As I said I don’t think of these things alot. I don’t know how I’m able to remember a dream that’s 4 years old and then I’m taken from my parents as he has shown me. I don’t see any purpose of life anymore after from what I have seen, observed and touched. I was once going to get closer to the devil that I have heard his sound. I don’t know why I’m so much connected to both of them and to even the character in the Bible Peter. I’m sorry. You can ignore me. For even I have no proof what’s so ever from what I have seen. I have tried to go to doctors. They said I’m good and they see nothing wrong with me mentally I’m just a human that have seen beyond what I should and keeps seeing it. The only thing I can be only sure of is there’s something calling me from beyond and there’s something happening in this age that has never happened from a long time.

  2. I’m not sure I’m following. But if you’re trying to get close to the devil, you have to stop. That is not a joke and he will teach you nothing but lies and deception. And he will drive you insane. If you believe in God at all you go to Him and ask Him to forgive you and repent and go to church not a doctor.

  3. As I was in a light sleep after reading in my devotional book I heard a female voice; very pretty & smooth voice say “The children cry morally and thoroughly”. It was as if I had just for a moment crossed over into another deminsion and overheard an ongoing conversation. Maybe it was a dream or maybe not. But it was significant.
    I felt like I overheard an angel talking about the “children”of God. I’ll never forget it.

  4. Got a prkphetic word God has a husband for me and the Holy Spirit than spoke tbus tbrough me also and that he was coming soon… Had so.eo e i had loved dearly from 4 years message me, i had called it off with this person cause we were not healthy at the time to be in a relationship and I also took a year for the Lord it hurt me deeply for this man i Loved him so much and even prayed at the time that God would reconcile us when my year was up but nothing came about he had gotton i to a other relationship… he had messaged me time to time within the first 11 months of our break up… Was not good…. Now after 4 years of being apart both of us being mote healthy which i take my walk with God very seriously, he had messaged me and we chatted for almost 5 hours. He was making an amends for how he treated me in the past and also persued me to see if we can make another go at it… I said if he can ha dle me saving my self for marriage that im not that same person…he agreed with little hesitation in regards to intimacy he says it important and i said yes but when married and that God will bless the ones that wait…we seen each other that day and it went very well lots of hugs, smiles from ear to ear, i even said a prayer with him… We both have kids… Than the following day no text at all from him than next day after that he texts me saying he cant be in a relatio ship right now so now im guarded and i went and talked to deacons of the church, so she said seek God to do a fast by this time me and Derek are texting again… As soon as i left my other friend said do a fast so i decided too I texted derek and said im need to do a 3 day fast and search the Lord and get back to him once i made that descision i got a vision of Derek and myself eating at a table in my kitchen, next day i ran into a friend got confirmation and 3 rd day holy Spirit told me to go look in a bag in my closet. This bag is where i keep keepsakes of my kids and noticed i had puctures drawn and colored to me by his girls than I go on fb and there pops a memory i had with Derek from 4 years ago which i tbought i had deleted all of us… 3 days is up i feel i got my answer so i text him no responce till next day now he wants nothing to do with me im so confused at this point and for a few days just seeking God out but so confused.. God revealed some things about him to me so i wrote him and wrote him again what the Lord showed me… by this time he is angry he texts me back asking me to stop and its harassment so i said im so sorry, ill delete ur number so i did and so therefore decided this cannot be of God, so i need to move on now.. So i did… Than just a couple days later I have a dream of me and Derek and that God ordained it in my dream … We stop talking now by this time… So please help interpret this if u can Please and thank you…
    Sincerely Linda

    1. Linda,
      It seems that you are jumping the gun, so to speak.
      When God gives a dream, vision or Word it is to give you insight into a situation – to broaden your view; however, they are not to be shared unless God gives you the green light to do so. Slow down. It seems you are anxious and quick to act and tell everything you know. Use restraint and temper your actions. It seems that your friend is carnal. When he realized things weren’t going to be physical like before he backed off and then you started “telling all you know” and he felt threatened by that so he dropped you. Put the last dream on the back burner. If your relationship is ordained of God, it will work itself out without your help. Go on about your business living and serving God by putting Him first in your life and forget about Derek. If this is truly ordained of God Derek will be a changed man the next time you encounter him and the relationship will be built on Christ and not each other.
      Be blessed.

    2. Hi linda!
      Sorry to hear about all that, sounds frustrating. I think it could mean two things God could be using this to reveal to you the truest of colors in Derek. Maybe this is the side and truths you need to see to completely let him go. OR maybe you will be with this man. And God is showing you a future with him. Either way trust in God’s timing and trust that he will complete EVERYTHING he starts♡ you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride.

  5. I have a dream this morning where I found myself talking to two men about the gospel. These two men work with me here. I was wondering what it means.

    1. Hi Samuel,
      That is a clear cut dream.
      The Lord wants you to witness to these men – and you will.

    2. Maybe these two men have been on your heart before. This is your green light God is the changer of hearts he has prepared them for the message you bring.
      Go shine His light ♡ I pray for you that God would speak through you and that the Holy Spirit would be with you

  6. I had a dream about Jesus Christ showing me the stairs to heaven. I can see it every day in my conscious mind. What does that mean. It’s sticking to my head and when I talk to different people I can see Jesus showing me the stairs to heaven.

  7. Last night I had a dream and
    I just remember that all of a sudden my husband and I were raptured! One minute I wasn’t aware of it and the next minute our bodies changed to spiritual bodies that were strong and illuminated (I can’t think of a word to describe it). We were larger than we are now – kinda like giants. And we were still on the earth. I have never in my lifetime seen or heard anyone say that the rapture would be like this nor have I ever had a dream of the rapture before. I’m putting this on the “back burner” so to speak since I don’t know if this is what is going to happen. I really don’t know. That’s all there was to the dream. Interesting, huh?

    1. That’s such an awsome dream liz! Honestly when you talked about being large like giants it left an impression on me that you will be appointed to leading role?
      Maybe God has some big moves for you to make and he’s letting you know it’s almost time to take those leaps of faith?
      Has anyone been on your heart or is there something you have been hesitant to do? He goes before you love!
      And He will hold your hand the whole way…but it’s up to you to move your feet.
      Your sister in christ,

  8. JeannetteDodge E Dodge

    I had a dream that I saw God’s hands folded in prayer and the all seeing eye beside them. This has stirred my spirit amazingly as I have been praying for my daughter and her son who are deeply confused and disturbed and not following God’s will but know to seek him. I don’t understand the dream?

  9. I usually have dreams about people. Like once I had a strange dream about a friend she was having all these problems. We were trying to get to a conference together, she started vomiting, her car broke down, she found out all at the same time she had hepatitis. I jokingly told her my dream, thinking it was silly. And she wrote back it sounds like her life right now. Oh no! I said i would pray for her. She is not a christian. I wondered if this is God telling me I needed to reach out. This has happened many times to me in the past and although they’ve not all been exactly like that they tend to be something and when I go to the person something similar has or eventually did happen to them. I try to be aware of these dreams, reach out to these people and I hope they are of God. My grandmother would dream of close family passing and the next day find out its true. She has also had some sort of knowledge of certain events that were happening or going to happen. I have also had strong feeling of danger about certain people where I’ve had to pull over my car and pray reverently for that person. I have no idea, but I figure maybe its the holy spirit. I’m also very empathetic and can tell something is wrong with someone just by walking into a room. Its hard to be a christian like this because I want to do wants right in Gods eyes only. I don’t have Christians who understand this.

  10. Oh another thing. I’ve clearly heard God speak to me, I know he speaks through his work. But the past 5 years my husband and I have been through very hard times with severe health issues. When I’ve been so down and out and at my last straw I’ve heard God, in my mind Call my name and speak very clearly truth to me. With immediate that only Christ could give. Its happened a few times and often after praying and drowning in sorrow in tears. Once God told me clearly, Jessica look above the mirror, and I found exactly what I needed to find that was causing serious issues issues in my life with a loved one. I immediately felt peace. I don’t want to share the whole story because it involves another person. Has this been something others have been though? Thanks. I kinda feel lonely in this.

    1. I recently went to Israel, on a biblical tour, and I heard God speak to me on top of Tel Megiddo. It startled me at first, I felt a burning in my chest, it was like a sound system in my brain that said “I Love you” then I realized what had happened. I think about it all the time.
      Before I went on this pilgrimage I had a dream, God told me; “if you have faith I will heal you.” I’m not exactly sick, I am an introvert and shy, so I’m leaning towards this.
      These are the only times he’s communicated verbally. I know everyone has their own experiences and their own gifts, sounds like you may have a really amazing gift of prophesying. I have heard stories of people doing the same thing you wrote about. How great is our God?!?

  11. Ok so i had a dream that I saw my friend getting married idk to who I just saw him as the groom with a black and white tuxedo .. the ceremony went on and at the end of it when the groom and bride turn, he turned and fell over dead.. I ran to him horrified got to him, but it wasn’t him, it was like an eerie older figure and everyone was crying horribly all his loved ones.
    . And I woke up cold and terrified. I’ve had this dream twice before followed by the death of close family members. I get dreams that are like warnings and they always seem to be very dead on to what I dream. I’m a Christian raised in faith so I get confused on why I get these types of dreams or premonition before something bad or painful happens. If it’s of God but if it is I should feel peace right? Or it’s not always peaceful? I’m so confused.

  12. Barbara Haripersadh

    I had a dream 2 days ago. It was early in the morning and I was close to waking up. It started with me walking towards our pastor in a church., not our church but something different. Pastor seemed very upset with me. I walked towards him but 1st touch oil and a flower and went to him. Pastor said to me he knows I’m leaving the church because I haven’t been to church. I replied saying no I’m not leaving I didn’t come to church because I was working. He then seemed relieved and smiled at me and said ‘ I see a diserning spirit on you’. He then layer hands on me and prayed. Then there was a celebration and tea party. My mum and best frend was there. Then a lady walked towards me to my ear, dI dnt see her face. She whispered into my ear saying she has a message for me… Her word ‘The Holy Spirit loves you’ . I then woke up. Please help me with this dream

  13. Last night I dreamed I was in church. I knew and wanted to go to the Altar to pray. I approched the altar, but as I was going to kneel I, Somehow knew I had to get permission to pray at the altar. Everyone was still on the pews, but I saw this girl approach the altar as well, but went behind the altar and she got on her knees next to the lady Pastor (this Pastor passed away a while ago) who was on her knees praying. I walke towards them and I got on my knees, but not next to them, but behind them. I woke up right after this.
    Not sure why, but this dream got me anxious.

  14. My dream involves a conversation with my little sister about how we must use this life to do what rights by god and to live as examples, as lately in real life she has been getting in trouble at home and school, her reply was but we only have one life let me have fun.. in the dream i eventually get through to her ithink and she asked how do you know this and i say because why would god be telling me this if he didnt want you to hear it, shortly after this the island my family and i were staying on goes into a like meltdown as people are getting infected by some sort of diesease which covers them in flies, often i seem not myslef like a kid running away from this and fortunately i ecsape were i return to myself and my family and once we group we run to our private jet, i see one of my close freinds and i almost decide to stay with my freind and who he was with but in the rush i chose to stay with my family and he mentions that we are rich as we the only ones with a jet, we jump in this jet and we have one too many people to be seated.. coincedence ? Anyways we still all squish up in however before we fully escape i wake up, but i was never really sleeping, its 3pm in the afternoon when i wake up but i was never really sleeping i was just lying in bed with my eyes closed, my dream was so vivid and in some scenes it would play tricks on me, when i have these dreams were i am not fully asleep/awake they get more and more realistic and i feel very confused as to what all this means, its almost like i have another world i go to evrytime i have these kinda dreams and each individual dream gets mashed togther to make sense somehow, i can tell these dreams are different as in my normal dreaming i can always fly or kinda skim away in the air when in trouble but these Hypnagogia dreams feel so extremely real i cant fly, could anyone give me some insight ?

  15. I dreamed three back to back dreams on the same day in September and then again in December 2016. The third dream I remember most. I was walking down the aisle to marry a man I’ve never met, yet I was so full of peace. As I got closer, suddenly his heart and character were revealed. I could see he was a true believer of Christ. When I got down to the end of the aisle, we joined hands. Suddenly, a bright, white light appeared, then became a form. I instinctively knew it was Jesus. He placed his hands over ours to bless us. I woke up. Not long after that I attended my niece’s school choir concert. As I turned to the left to find her afterwards, I felt an invisible hand turn my head toward the balcony where the man I dreamed about stood in my reality. There was a light around him as if God was pointing him out. We continue to cross paths, but we haven’t officially met.

  16. Ezekiel Darrell Ramo

    Hi there,
    I’ve been blessed reading through this webpage and obtaining hints that would be the answer to understanding dreams. Today, i’ve came to understand that dreams from God must be biblical, and that they always stays and remembered in the minds of the dreamer.
    12 years ago (2007) when i was 21 years old i had this dream from God that never goes away drom my mind till now. I was just baptized that year into the christian faith. In my dreams that night i was flying in the skies and it was like real. I felt the wind blowing against me as i was going against it, and that i can’t breathe properly as the force of the wind was so strong that i shouted out to God to help me and asking him where he is taking me. Out of nowhere after i’ve asked my question there appears in front of me the continent of Australia. I woke up out of breath like i was running or playing sports outside in the fields.
    I have experienced the three of the ways to determine whether dreams are from God, and now i ma waiting for its fulfilment. If it happens some day, then i know that this is the confirmation of dreams that are from God.

    Bless you

  17. I believe in dreams because my mom has prophetic dreams. I always have very vivid dreams before family deaths. Also, one time I had a specific event happen weeks after I had a severely vivid and traumatic dream. I now believe God was warning me, but I ignored it. This time I believe God was telling me something else but I don’t know what? I was in what felt felt like California. I was a little older and I was running around this big museum trying to find this guy i know that i like. We kept losing each other. Eventually, I gave up and walked outside and sat by myself in the sun on this big field. I felt really happy looking up at the sky and sitting in the grass. Then the guy came up from behind me and tapped my shoulder, smiled, and we just sat together on this really warm sunny day. The sun was very bright.

    typically I have dream about people but this one felt different. Also months later I came across an image that looked exactly like the field. It was on the lawn of the Griffith observatory. I haven’t ever been there but it looked just like the place in my dream. I was shocked to know that it was a real place

    Please help me if you can.

  18. I sleep and wake up in a minecraft-like place with shaders, it’s daytime and I don’t remember a lot about the day. Then it became night, normally you’re supposed to close your eyes and cover your ears but I didn’t this time and there was a strange 2d minecraft skin that kinda resembled a robot. It went towards me but it did not move it kinda just floated on the ground. I start to feel as if I’m in 3rd person and I build up courage and just start hitting it. Then I teleported to a new place, I just randomly appeared there. And it seemed like minecraft among us but no voting? I start to walk around, there is one corridor that leads to nothing, one that has a hole in the roof with a ladder to get to a secret useless room. One place was a huge window that had 3 weird floating Steve heads that started looking at me. One room with a lot of different bots? And 2 other players, when I found this room I was being chased by the impostor and I tried to duke him out and make him kill one of the other players. One player had a sword and started hitting it but then died, so did I? Then I see a computer screen, it has a page with a moving fire in the background. In it you could see the text: Fully delete computer or something like that. It had no X so you could not close it. I remember that I have had this dream before but different things happen but then if you went to the settings and scrolled down you could find the exit button. There were alot of different buttons but no exit one and I checked another row of settings and no exit button. I decided that I gave up and opened up something that was like the internet? On it was some form of youtube with some music that was supposed to be played in the weird minecraft game. There were no sounds. Anyways I search and find one of my favorite youtubers : GrayStillPlays. It was his profile pic but had no account name. He played this game and it looked really happy, I looked in the chat and saw some useless comments and then I commented: You don’t know what ur getting in too. Then I woke up.

  19. i had a dream last night where i had died and i had seen god or jesus im not sure it was very bright but he told me i had until febuary 8th to change my ways because he seen something in my and to tell my family and friends and to just spread the word to not sure what this means and im confused and i need help

  20. I had a dream that we were in another town and driving over a viaduct. Someone had built a souvenir shop at the top of it. We went in to look around and when we came out our granddaughter started climbing up on the rail. Before I could completely get the words out to get down or she was going to fall, she did fall. I screamed and looked down at her 39 ft below. She was laying on the railroad track not moving. I woke up with tears in my eyes and a relief that it wasn’t real.

  21. I had a dream over a month ago that, within that week, I was asking God what bible school to look into. I started to look to different ones and continued to ask God for guidance and vision, and dreams and God finally showed me a dream three days after I was looking and showed me a dream that I was in a classroom with students and saw a teacher I recognize. I don’t know anything about him, but I have seen him before, and I believe that God showed me what school to go to, based on the teacher and where does he teach. This dream had been in my head for the longest time.

    I continue to pray till this day and I’m not 100% certain that if I should go to this school. I’ve talked with many people and I looked into this school personally and I liked how the school was. My pastors think of school differently but they do not know much about it.

  22. God has worked wonders in my life the past year. Changed me completely in every aspect. Although i have been calling myself Christian for about 6 years, its only in the last year i truly submitted and turned my life over to him completely. The happiest part of my life to date. Even trials have been different. Last night though i had a very vivid dream that I woke up and discovered cough medicine liquids gel type tablets in my bed all over and i called my wife in and asked if she was addicted to them and casually she said yes and i was instantly angry, i then walked into the on suite bathroom and my son was hiding in there and scared my and when i raised my hand to protect myself he stabbed my with a toothpick deeply in my hand. I asked my wife to remove it which she did but didn’t seem to care about it. Then i came downstairs to find my Son drinking beer with his friends and was so frustrated i went on the deck to cool off. An older neighbor i used to know 18 years ago and didn’t ever have issues with was yelling scripture loudly and condemning someone and I didn’t clue in that it was me at first. When i did i became instantly enraged but couldn’t remember a word of scripture to defend myself or even figure out what he was condemning me of. He was a big man with white hair and a black suit suddenly when i got right up to him not the original neighbor who was yelling at me. I didn’t feel afraid but more like he was tempting me to do something about the situation and kept yelling scripture at me. I Threw him down and punched him like i wanted to destroy him and then ran because I knew I would be put in jail. But I couldn’t find my way home no matter what I did. At the last i remember sliding down the street on my stomach to the bottom of some street somewhere in some town I didn’t recognize and never found my way home to tell my wife, I was probably going to jail. I have no explanation for this and maybe its just indigestion lol. but i remembered every detail and emotion of it. I haven’t even been angry for over a year and stay very Christ centered where I feel the safest.. One more thing, though i have lived in the same town for 19 years and know this place and everyone well but yesterday as i was leaving for work i noticed this female off to my left and she was disheveled and walking oddly. It made me want to stop and confront her as to who she was which is highly unusual for me, I felt instantly like something was not right but decided I was just tired and my mind was working overtime. But that was real not a dream, the dream I described up top happened the next night. When i saw this woman I didn’t feel like she wanted my help just that she was not good, i don’t know why my mind thought this way so fast, but there was no doubt. Like i say my relationship with the Father has been so strong and enriching for quite awhile now this was just a set of completely random events, first an out of place encounter, then an out of place confusing dream. I have prayed for discernment and I’m not sure why I’m posting this is all unlike me but here it is.

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