How to Set up the Roland V-1HD Video Switcher

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How to Set up the Roland V-1HD Video Switcher? The Roland V-1HD video switcher is a high-tech video and audio switcher that is reasonably priced and very versatile, especially considering its price. One of its many features is that it is super easy to set up, learn, and use. If you need a good video switcher and are inexperienced with these … Read more

What Does a Video Switcher Do?

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Video switchers are commonplace in many houses of worship because they help these congregations access high-tech tools that allow for very professional, sophisticated video productions. Whether you wish to video-stream a sermon, class, important meeting, or a live or remote broadcast, the right video switcher helps you utilize the special effects that make any production look and … Read more

What Is a Video Switcher?

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If your house of worship wants to live-stream or record sermons, classes, and broadcast productions, you need a video switcher. Also called a video mixer, these devices come in various sizes and types, and they essentially allow you to bring together all of the functions you have to perform to live-stream or record something. Most live … Read more

Video Switcher Basics

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Since so many houses of worship live-stream and/or record their productions, sermons, and classes, it’s important to note that using a video switcher is a great idea. Why? Because a switcher brings everything together and allows you to manage multiple audio and video devices on the same box, managing any production is much easier than you think. … Read more

The Top Reasons To Use A Video Switcher Over Software

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You will likely use software or a video switcher to live-stream or record events at your house of worship. Experts recommend video switchers over standard software, even though both have advantages and disadvantages. Why? This is why. The Basics of Video Switcher vs. Software Software installed on your computer will receive the audio/video content, then convert it to streamable data. Encoding is the process of … Read more

How to Set Up Blackmagic Design ATEM Switchers

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Setting Up A Blackmagic Design ATEM Switcher The Blackmagic ATEM mini switchers are truly a breakthrough because they do amazing things while costing very little. They can easily bring together all the functions you need so that your live broadcasts are professional and clear. Setting up the switchers is not difficult because each comes with a user manual that … Read more

The Best Video Switchers for Church

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The demand for video switches has increased dramatically as the church enters the world of live-streaming video and video production. As has the need for upfront information and honest recommendations regarding these products. After seven years of live streaming, I felt I could contribute to the conversation and help you in your quest for the best live streaming … Read more

What Is The Best Video Switcher For Church?

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Find the Best Video Switcher for Your Church Video switchers are essential equipment for church video productions that require multiple cameras. The top-of-the-line professional video switcher is the Roland V-1HD. It has four HDMI inputs and a powerful 8-bit video processor. It isn’t always easy to find the perfect video switcher. It is important to ensure that the switcher can … Read more