Topic: Parables

The Parable of the Hidden Treasure: Discovering the Priceless Treasure Within You

In the Parable of the Hidden Treasure, Jesus begins by telling us of a man who finds a priceless treasure hidden in a field. Drawn to the promise of joy and blessings, the man gives up everything he owns in order to buy the field, and thus gain the treasure. From this parable our Lord tells us that the Kingdom of God is unimaginably valuable, and we should be willing to give up everything in order to gain it.

The Parables of Jesus Christ

The parables of Jesus Christ make up a powerful collection of timeless teachings that have shaped the lives of countless people over the centuries. Many of these stories continue to provide wisdom and insight today.

The Parable of The Wedding Feast: Humility and Acceptance

The parable of the wedding feast, found in the Gospel of Matthew, teaches a powerful lesson about humility and acceptance of God’s grace. Through the actions of a king, invited guests, and finally the uninvited poor, this lesson offers guidance for everyday life.”

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