How to Add the Bible to vMix Streaming Software

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How to Add the Bible to vMix Streaming Software? Adding the Bible to vMix is a great way for churches and ministries to reach more people. It can be difficult, however, because of how many different formats there are. This blog post will show how easy it is to add Bible verses from your sermon into vMix! Why Incorporate … Read more

Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 Review

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People are now doing everything online in today’s Covid-19 age, even going to church. The Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 software allows churches to encourage people to attend church services even if they are not there. Proclaim3.0 can be used for in-person services, but it is particularly useful for online services. It allows church members to worship together as they … Read more

How to Live Stream to Facebook Live Using OBS

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How to Live Stream to Facebook live Using Open Broadcaster Software. Facebook now allows live streaming to pages. If you have a Facebook page, you can stream directly from Facebook. You must adjust the settings to ensure this feature doesn’t lock your page. However, live-streaming on Facebook Live is much easier than it may sound. How do you get started with OBS? Your computer must meet certain … Read more

How to Start Streaming with OBS

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How to start streaming with Open Broadcaster Software The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), an app that allows live streaming, is extremely easy. OBS is also free and open-source, so it is available to all. OBS is free but has many perks that streamers of all levels will love. Here’s how you can start live streaming with OBS. OBS: How to Get Started You … Read more

OBS Vs. Xsplit: Which Is Better?

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There are many live-streaming software apps available. But does this mean that they all look the same? Software like Xsplit and Open Broadcaster Software (or OBS) are similar in many ways. This is mainly because they both are excellent apps that many people enjoy. This software is popular among gamers who want to stream live on YouTube and Twitch. No matter … Read more

What Is OBS?

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Open Broadcaster Software (or OBS) is a free, open-source software for live streaming and video recording. OBS has many advantages. You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is a significant difference from similar apps that are only compatible with Windows or Mac. OBS has the greatest advantage: it allows users to create professional videos and live streaming … Read more

How To Record Video With OBS

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How to record video with Open Broadcaster Software It is easy to use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to record videos. OBS is a wonderful app. Once you understand how it works, you can create beautiful picture-in-picture layouts and introduction videos. You can also use lower thirds to reduce the time spent on post-production. OBS can capture and create live video content with a production feel. … Read more

Here Are 8 vMix Alternatives To Choose From

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vMix is a popular choice whether you run a YouTube channel, broadcasting studio, or other live-streaming platforms. Although there is a learning curve with vMix, it is a highly efficient app that offers many options in terms of pricing, features, and packages. It’s a good idea to have an excellent alternative app in case broadcasters switch to vMix for any reason. There are … Read more

vMix Tutorial: How to Start Live Streaming Church Services With vMix

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vMix is a popular live-streaming app that broadcasters use to create great videos. While there is a learning curve to vMix, you will soon be able to stream professional-looking videos even if you are not an expert. You’ll soon be a pro in vMix if you use their tutorials, including YouTube videos. The vMix program allows you to add multiple input sources to switch between them while streaming. You … Read more

vMix vs Wirecast: Which is Best for You?

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vMix vs. Wirecast Live Streaming Software If you are broadcasting live, your live-streaming software should be the first thing on your computer. vMix as well as Wirecast, offer excellent live streaming software. This software is great for small companies or large broadcasters. There are differences between the packages so you can make the best choice. To Begin with… vMix has … Read more

vMix vs. OBS: Which Is Better?

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The software you need is essential if you own a broadcasting site and are interested in live streaming. There are many live-streaming software options available. Some are free, and some are paid. You need to determine what features are most important for you, then search for software that meets those requirements. vMix stands for Video Mix, and OBS is for Open … Read more