How To Create A Church Facebook Page

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How To Create A Church Facebook Page Creating a church Facebook page is a great way to connect with your congregation and share news and events. Here’s how to get started: Step 1 Go to, and on the left sidebar, click pages. Then click “Create A Page.” Step 2 Select “Church or Religious Organization”. Step 3 3. Enter the … Read more

Facebook Live vs. YouTube Live: Which is the Better Option for Church Services

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Facebook Live vs. YouTube Live? Many churches are turning to live streaming services like Facebook Live and YouTube to reach a wider audience. The question that needs answering is: which service is better? It’s hard to say definitively, but each has some clear advantages and disadvantages. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of both … Read more

How to Live Stream to Facebook Live Using OBS

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How to Live Stream to Facebook live Using Open Broadcaster Software. Facebook now allows live streaming to pages. If you have a Facebook page, you can stream directly from Facebook. You must adjust the settings to ensure this feature doesn’t lock your page. However, live-streaming on Facebook Live is much easier than it may sound. How do you get started with OBS? Your computer must meet certain … Read more

Facebook For Church: How To Start Or Grow A Church Using Facebook!

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It became clear that God had called my wife and me to a new adventure last year. We were asked to open a new Mesquite Nv church. Although this was not my first church planting, I had done two others. However, it was the first one I planned, and I didn’t know anyone in the area. So I had to learn a … Read more

How Do I Live Stream On YouTube For My Church?

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You can stream live on YouTube. How can you create a YouTube live stream? You will need a YouTube account, camera, computer, and encoding software to set up a YouTube live stream. Encoding software prepares the video to stream. Except for multi-camera use, the computer doesn’t require any additional hardware. In that case, you might need a video … Read more

How Can You Stream To Facebook Live For Church Services?

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How can you stream to Facebook Live for Church Services? What do you require to stream a live worship service on Facebook Live? You will need a Facebook account and a mobile device with a camera and the Facebook application. If you plan to make a professional stream, you will need additional equipment, such as a tripod, … Read more

How to Find and Make Free Church Media Graphics And Images

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In the seven years, I have been publishing online, I have learned many things that have been invaluable to our church media program. One of these is how to create free church media graphics. This article was originally written while I was still working on my Viral Believer site. The article was aimed at using church media graphics for … Read more