Symptoms of Soul Ties - A Biblical Perspective
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Symptoms of Soul Ties – A Biblical Perspective

Soul ties are an important concept in spiritual warfare that many Christians, especially those in Evangelical and Charismatic circles, are familiar with. A soul tie refers to an unhealthy spiritual bondage between two people that goes beyond the natural bonds of human relationships. While soul ties can form in many relationships, they most commonly result from sexual sin or from emotionally dependent relationships.

Soul ties allow the enemy to gain access into our lives. Through soul ties, we open doorways for the enemy to afflict us spiritually. Soul ties keep us bound to the past and can hinder us from fully loving others. As believers, it’s vital that we break ungodly soul ties and guard our hearts. The Word of God has much to say about this topic.

In this comprehensive blog post, you’ll learn:

  • What soul ties are from a biblical perspective
  • How soul ties form and their typical symptoms
  • Why soul ties are dangerous and should be broken
  • How to identify soul ties in your own life
  • Steps to break soul ties and walk in freedom

Let’s dive in and unpack this important spiritual warfare concept.

Symptoms of soul ties - a biblical perspective

What Are Soul Ties? A Biblical Understanding

The word “soul tie” itself is not in the Bible. However, the concept is described throughout Scripture. A soul tie refers to an unhealthy spiritual bond with another person. It goes beyond a natural connection and allows the other person access into your soul.

Soul ties are formed when two souls are joined together into one flesh. This most commonly happens through sexual sin. God designed the sexual union between husband and wife to create an intimate bond between their souls. However, when sex occurs outside of marriage, an ungodly soul tie is formed.

This is why the Bible warns against sexual immorality. 1 Corinthians 6:16 (NKJV) says:

Or do you not know that he who is joined to a harlot is one body with her? For “the two,” He says, “shall become one flesh.”

When you join physically with someone, your souls also join together. This gives Satan a doorway to wreak havoc in your life. Soul ties formed out of sexual sin must be renounced and broken.

However, sex is not the only way soul ties form. Ungodly emotional dependencies can also create ungodly ties. If you make another person your primary source of love, worth, security, or identity, you can develop an unhealthy soul tie with them.

Codependent relationships are breeding grounds for unhealthy soul ties. A codependent tie with a spouse, family member, or friend can become spiritually binding. Any relationship where someone has an unhealthy hold on your heart can lead to a soul tie.

While not all soul ties are inherently sinful, they all must be broken if they allow enemy access and hinder your ability to fully love others. Even natural ties like those between parents and children should be broken healthy when the child reaches adulthood. This allows the child to freely bond with their spouse without spiritual hindrance.

Now that you understand what soul ties are biblically, let’s explore some common symptoms.

Symptoms of Soul Ties

Soul ties manifest in our lives in various ways. Here are some common symptoms of an unhealthy soul tie:

1. Obsession or preoccupation with the person

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about this person? Are they always on your mind even when you try to forget them? This reveals a spiritual connection to them that needs to be broken.

2. Emotional vulnerability to the person

When you go through hard times, do you have an emotional urge to go to this person first? Does their opinion of you carry more weight than it should? Do they still have access to your heart? This is likely evidence of a soul tie.

3. Loss of identity apart from the person

Have you built your identity around this person or the relationship? Have you lost sight of who you are apart from them? A soul tie can make you spiritually and emotionally dependent on the other person.

4. Lack of proper boundaries with the person

Soul ties cross emotional, spiritual, and physical boundaries God intends for our protection. If you tell them things you wouldn’t tell anyone else or allow them liberties you shouldn’t, a soul tie could be influencing you.

5. Sexual spirits afflicting you

Sexual soul ties open the door for jezebel, incubus, succubus, and other lustful spirits to attack you. Ongoing sexual thoughts about the person, masturbation, fantasy, and lust could reveal this type of tie.

6. Manipulation or control between you

Does this person still seem to have a hold on you emotionally, spiritually, or mentally? Soul ties allow someone to influence and manipulate you even from afar through the spiritual realm.

7. Inability to fully love others

Because your soul is still tied to someone, you may struggle to form intimate bonds with others like your spouse. Soul ties can hinder all your relationships.

If any of these symptoms sound familiar, you may have an unhealthy soul tie that must be broken. Let’s look at why soul ties are so dangerous according to Scripture.

Dangers of Soul Ties

The Bible warns against soul ties for good reason. They have many detrimental effects if left in place. Soul ties:

  • Give the enemy legal access to afflict you.
  • Allow people from your past and present to manipulate you.
  • Keep you bound to destructive relationships spiritually.
  • Prevent you from loving others freely.
  • Open you to spiritual attacks like lust, anger, and depression.
  • Allow past partners to drain your spiritual well-being.
  • Keep you trapped in the past when God wants to do something new.
  • Hinder your blessings and destiny.

Essentially, they limit your spiritual freedom and prevent you from fully following Christ. The enemy uses them to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Healthy human connections are joined together by God, soul ties are forced together by Satan.

As 1 Corinthians 6:12 (NKJV) warns:

All things are lawful for me, but all things are not helpful. All things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

Ungodly soul ties bring you under the power of other humans in an unhealthy way. You must break them to enjoy the full freedom purchased for you by Christ.

Identifying Soul Ties in Your Life

In order to break ungodly soul ties, you first need to identify them. Spend some time in prayer and reflection asking God to reveal any ties needing to be broken.

Consider your past romantic relationships, family dynamics, friendships, spiritual leaders, or anyone who had ungodly access into your heart. Ask God to check your motivations and see if an unhealthy dependencyexists.

Common relationships where soul ties may form include:

  • Romantic partners, especially those you were sexually involved with
  • Family members like parents or siblings
  • Close friends
  • Ex-spouses and divorcees
  • Cult leaders or spiritual authorities who abused their position
  • Friends with benefits and hookups
  • Old flames you never quite got over

Soul ties can form with anyone you had a codependent relationship with or joined physically with outside marriage. Their access to your soul gave demons access to you.

Ask the hard questions. Does your ex still have any emotional pull on you? Do you crave approval from a parent who was distant in your childhood? Are you jealous of your friend’s other relationships? Does bitterness brew up when you think of a former leader who hurt you? These emotional ties could point to soul ties that the enemy is using to keep you bound.

Once you prayerfully identify any potentially unhealthy soul ties, you can move forward breaking their power over you.

How to Break Soul Ties

By God’s grace, every ungodly soul tie can be severed in Christ. You can close the doorways these ties created and prevent future spiritual oppression through them.

Here is a simple process for breaking soul ties:

  1. Confess involvement – Confess your willing participation in forming the soul tie and ask God for forgiveness. Own up to any ways you allowed this ungodly tie with repentance.
  2. Renounce out loud – Verbally renounce the soul tie in the authority of Jesus. Say clearly that you want it broken and will no longer be bound by it.
  3. Break it spiritually – Spiritually sever the tie by the authority you have through Christ. Visualize it being completely cut and severed from your spirit.
  4. Remove legal rights – Remove any legal hold or grounds the enemy has to torment you through this tie. Plead the blood of Jesus.
  5. Close access points – Seal off any access points this soul tie created for spiritual oppression by demonic spirits.
  6. Pray deliverance prayers – Release the tie entirely to Jesus, asking Him to deliver you fully from its effects. Ask for healing.
  7. Reflect Christ’s love – Replace the ungodly tie by reflecting Christ’s perfect love to others. Meditate on Bible verses about God’s love and who you are in Him.

This straightforward process releases you from bonds to the past. While soul ties may rear their head again, keep declaring your freedom in Christ and separating yourself from them. God wants you fully freed up to love others through Him alone.

Walking in Relational Freedom

As you go through this process of identifying and breaking soul ties, some relationships may need practical changes too. You may need to create emotional, physical, or spiritual boundaries with certain people for your own health. This is perfectly acceptable and wise.

Don’t feel obligated to stay closely connected to people God is freeing you from. Give the relationship over to Him. Release others completely while standing firm in who you are in Christ alone.

Guard your heart moving forward. Be aware of how the enemy forms soul ties so you can avoid them by God’s power. Some practical tips include:

  • Wait to have sex until marriage.
  • Build your identity in Christ alone.
  • Release the need for human approval or validation.
  • Avoid oversharing private details quickly.
  • Let go of bitterness and grudges towards others.
  • Limit contact with past romantic partners if married.
  • Release codependent dynamics in your relationships.

Walking in healthy, Godly relationships protects you from unhealthy soul ties. You have power over them through the blood of Jesus. Keep growing in emotional and spiritual maturity. Fill your soul with God’s unconditional love. And enjoy the relational freedom Christ purchased for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Soul ties refer to unhealthy spiritual bonds formed with other people, giving the enemy access.
  • They commonly result from sexual sin or codependent relationships.
  • Soul ties allow people and spirits from your past to influence and oppress you.
  • Symptoms include obsession, loss of identity, sexual spirits, emotional vulnerability, and inability to love freely.
  • Soul ties must be renounced and broken to walk in spiritual freedom.
  • Guard your heart and enjoy relational freedom through the power of Jesus Christ.

Friend, through the power of the Holy Spirit, you can break every ungodly tie binding up your soul. Walk forth into healthy relationships reflecting Christ’s perfect love. May God bless you as you find deeper freedom in Him.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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