Small Churches: Best 12-Channel Mixer For You
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Small Churches: Best 12-Channel Mixer For You

Find the Best 12 Channel Mixer for Your Church

The Soundcraft EPM12 high-performance audio mixer is the best 12-channel mixer. The Soundcraft EPM12 high-performance audio mixer features simple layouts and quality preamps. This makes it the best 12-channel mixer for small churches.

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For whom is the Soundcraft EPM12 recommended?

Soundcraft EPM12 can be used in any environment. This 12-channel mixer is designed for professionals and can be used in small to medium-sized churches. This mixer can be used as the mainboard in your church or for live performances by your band.

This mixer can be used in the studio but is designed for live sound. The high-quality GB30 microphone preamplifiers are high-resolution and have a wide gain. Two auxiliary sends are also included, which can be switched globally for pre-fader and post-fader delivery.

The Soundcraft EP12 is a good choice for bands needing a low-cost mixing console. The 12-channels of the console are ideal for a small group or a worship band. You can adjust the sound to suit your performance with the many equalizer and fader settings.

The Soundcraft EPM12 is an excellent choice for anyone who needs a 12-channel mixer. You may need more input and might need to upgrade to a larger board. The EPM12 is a good choice if you don’t need 12 channels at the moment, but you can expand your options with the EPM12.

soundcraft epm12
Soundcraft EPM12

Best Mixer For Small Churches

What are the main features of the best 12-Channel Mixer?

There are many details to consider when looking at 12-channel mixers. These are the features you need to pay attention to:

  • Performance and overall quality are excellent
  • Monitors can output a large number of outputs
  • FX settings and engines onboard
  • Additional features and equalizer settings
  • Design and construction of quality

First, consider the board’s quality and its ability to produce flawless sound. The quality of the preamps and the circuitry will affect these details. Low-quality preamps will increase static noise, hisses, and pops in the sound from the microphones.

12 preamps should be included in a 12-channel mixer. The number of outputs you have can vary. Even if your mixer is not connected to monitors, you should at least have two outputs.

If you want to modify the sound you create, you may find that the onboard FX engines or built-in effect processors are important. Some mixers offer a limited number of live mixing tools, while others have more options.

Mixers include various types of equalizers in addition to the onboard effects. Some mixers only have the ability to adjust the frequency of high/low, while others offer two, three, or five-band equalizers.

These details, along with the overall quality and design of the construction, make the best 12-channel mixer.

Why did we choose the Soundcraft EPM12 Audio Mixer As The Best 12-Channel mixer?

Soundcraft EPM12 is the audio mixer that offers the most features. It has two auxiliary outputs and multi-band equalizers. The mixer is also constructed with quality materials. The board will not be damaged by moderate impact.

The EPM12 uses high-quality microphone preamps. The GB30 amplifiers provide low-noise pickup. You should have a clean, clear sound if you use high-quality mics. For condenser microphones, the mixer has 48-volt phantom powers.

Another reason to get the EPM12 is the overall design of your audio mixer. The EPM12 is a great choice for musicians, churches, schools, and other institutions needing high-quality soundboards.

This mixer was also chosen due to its low price. Soundcraft EPM12 mixer is a more affordable option than other mixers its size. This makes it a great choice for beginners and an economical purchase. You get professional-grade performance with a mixer that offers a simple interface and basic controls.

The EPM12 12-Channel Multichannel Mixer: What we like and dislike

Soundcraft EPM12 is a 12-channel mixer that stands out thanks to its sturdy design, simple board layout, and total performance in live settings.

The EMP12 is a perfect board for road travel. It can be mounted on a rack and is just over 11 pounds. This makes it light and easy to transport. The sturdy metal frame makes it ideal for use on the roads.

The knobs, faders, and switches layout are straightforward, regardless of whether you are familiar with mixers.

There are also several line adjustments and equalizer settings that can be used to tweak the sound. The quality preamps make up the difference.

The EPM12 12-channel mixer has one drawback: it lacks onboard effects. This mixer is low-cost and high-quality, but it can be used for live performances that may require a variety of effects.

Some users may also experience small problems. These small issues may not impact the mixer’s performance or sound quality, but they can be annoying. The mixer doesn’t have a power button. To turn it off, you need to unplug the mixer. You will not be able to see if the mute lights mute the channel.

Soundcraft EPM12: Why should you consider buying it?

The Soundcraft HTML12 mixer is not designed for people who need many effects, recall settings, and other special features. This mixer is simple and has basic controls. It produces reliable sound in live settings.

This sound mixer’s main strength is the GB30 microphone preamplifiers. These preamps are not the best, but they produce high-quality sound without the extra noise. These preamps are sensitive and can be individually adjusted with the EQ settings or faders.

There are no effects and no on/off buttons. These issues can be overcome by using the mixer with an additional effects board or leaving out the effects altogether. This board is great for those needing a basic audio mixer to deliver clear, consistent sound. This is why it is our top choice for 12-channel mixers.

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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