Revival Breaks Out At Lee University – Now Over 60 Hours Long

Lee University’s Stone Chapel hosts a 60-hour church service, drawing students and community members alike, with no end in sight.

What began as a religion class on Monday morning has now become a place for people seeking transformational peace, with attendees singing, praising, and sharing their testimonies around the clock.

Lee University Revival 2023

The ongoing service dubbed a “revival,” has attracted people from all over Tennessee and beyond, with many flocking to Wilmore to participate. The palpable feeling of hope and hunger for the Lord has been mentioned by many attendees, who say that nothing else in their lives is providing them with the peace and joy they crave.

Local pastor Tim Bracken has commented on the lasting influence this service is likely to have on the community. “It’ll probably be years before we really realize what’s come out of this, the positive that has come out of this revival,” he said.

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Faye Palmer, a Cleveland resident, expressed her excitement at being part of this movement: “I’m just standing here shaking, you know? Because it’s powerful. We’re looking for the power and glory of God to show up and do what he said he would do. And he’s doing that.”

As the service continues with no end in sight, it remains a beacon of hope and inspiration for those seeking spiritual nourishment and community connection.

Last Friday, Lee University Campus Pastor Rob Fultz made a prediction on Twitter that the ongoing revival happening at Asbury University wouldn’t remain confined and will soon spread to other campuses nationwide.

Fultz’s prediction came true on Monday when Lee University experienced a “mighty move of God” that began at the Stone Chapel and continued to grow throughout the day.

Fultz tweeted videos of students worshipping God and crying out in prayer, repentance, and deliverance. He continued to tweet updates on the service’s progress, noting that after 12 hours, the worship, repentance, and healing were still going strong.

As of Tuesday morning, the service continued, with students and community members still worshipping and calling out to God, bringing salvation and deliverance. The excitement over the revival at Lee University spread to Twitter, with one user writing that “REVIVAL IS DEFINITELY HERE!!” and that words couldn’t express the excitement they were feeling.

The ongoing revival at Lee University is just one example of how God is awakening deep wells of spiritual hunger and revival on campuses across the country.

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