Revitalizing Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

We all know that Reinhard Bonnke was an internationally renowned evangelist and preacher. He preached to over 100 million people across Africa, Europe, Asia, North America, and South America. His ministry reached more than 250 nations of the world on radio or television with 200 languages spoken around the globe.

What many might not know is how much wisdom he’s accumulated through his vast experiences as a Christian leader. In order to help you be inspired by some of his most insightful quotes I’ve listed my favorites below:

reinhard bonnke quotes

Who Was Reinhard Bonnke?

Reinhard Bonnke was born on April 19, 1940, in Königsberg, East Prussia, Germany. He was the son of a military logistics officer and accompanied his family to Denmark during the exodus from East Prussia.

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At the age of nine, after his mother discussed with him about a misdeed he had committed, he became a born-again Christian. He felt a call from God to serve as a missionary in Africa beginning at the age of 10 and stated that he had the experience of baptism in the Holy Spirit.

Reinhard Bonnke Quotes

“You have faith stories, too. No matter how small, remember them, recite them, count them, and celebrate them. They build your faith for what is coming next in your life.”

Reinhard Bonnke

When you do business with people you need money. When you do business with God you need faith. Faith is the currency of the Kingdom of God.

Reinhard Bonnke

“When you pull up roots in order to fulfill a divine destiny, there is not a sense of pain or loss. Rather, there is a great expectation for things to come.”

Reinhard Bonnke

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of unity. He is the bonding element. This bonding is a wonderful effect of faith in Christ. It is creative. It brings about a new kind of oneness not even known in the closest of earthly families.”

Reinhard Bonnke

God always works with workers and moves with movers, but He does not sit with sitters.

Reinhard Bonnke

“When people decide not to take risks, this is why. They fear they might suffer unexpected consequences. And, as my ulcers and depression proved, the risk is real. But is that reason to hang onto the past? To cling to mediocrity? No. Doing that is the first step along the path of seeing a living faith become a dead one. The old place, the old building, the old method, the old success, is comforting. The new step is frightening. We must place our trust completely in God to move beyond these comfort zones in life.”Reinhard Bonnke

“People in obedience to the Lord do not worry, do not fret, do not need to know all of the outcomes before they are willing to commit themselves.”

Reinhard Bonnke

The Bible says that the devil is like a roaring lion (1 Peter 5:8). He comes in the darkness, and tries to frighten the children of God with his mighty roar. But when you switch on the light of the Word of God, you discover that there is no lion. There is only a mouse with a microphone! The devil is an imposter. Got it?

Reinhard Bonnke

“The need is not the call. This piece of wisdom has saved the lives of many a missionary, especially in Africa, where the needs are so great that they can pull you to pieces. A missionary can put out so many fires trying to meet needs around him that he suffers burnout. I have known missionary friends who said, “I hear the cry of lost souls calling me into the mission field.” These workers are headed for the missionary bone yard. They have responded to the call of the need rather than the call of God. We must go where God sends us, speak what He gives us to speak, hear His voice and obey it – this is our best protection from burnout. It will also guide us to the very best strategy for accomplishing His mission. For everything a man does to follow the call of God, there are ten things he does not do. We cannot do everything. We must focus on the call and not simply the needs.”

Reinhard Bonnke

“As I waited for the time for preaching, I said within myself, “Oh Lord, she doesn’t have faith. How’s this going to work?” In a moment the Holy Spirit spoke back to me, “Today it’s not her faith, it’s your faith. You are going to see a great miracle.” This idea was too big for my theology-in-a-nutshell. She didn’t have faith, but my faith was enough for her miracle? Immediately, my mind raced through the Scriptures. Could I find an example in the New Testament that would demonstrate that Jesus healed someone based on the faith of another? Suddenly it came to me: the story of the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof to Jesus.”

Reinhard Bonnke

The less Holy Spirit we have, the more cake and coffee we need to keep the church going.

Reinhard Bonnke

“We are not helping people to get God right, but to get right with God. The Holy Spirit alone opens hearts and minds.”

Reinhard Bonnke

“Jesus did not call them—or you and me—to ditch their smiles and to wear sackcloth. His mission was not to turn people into “stick-in-the-muds.” Jesus Himself was not very conventional! The disciples caught His infectious spirit, one that would challenge the stuffy establishment. He showed them new things, especially faith and love, by which, they would conquer the world.”

Reinhard Bonnke

If you are doing nothing, God doesn’t need to give you any help in doing nothing. Go out and do something impossible for Jesus, and then God will help you.

Reinhard Bonnke

We may sing ‘welcome, welcome, Holy Spirit’, but He does not come because of our welcome. He is no guest, no stranger invited in for an hour or two. He is the Lord from heaven and He invites us into His presence.

Reinhard Bonnke

The Ministry Of Reinhard Bonnke

In Wales, Bonnke studied at the Bible College of Wales under Samuel Rees Howells, who inspired him. After Howells mentioned answered prayer in one meeting, Bonnke prayed, “Lord, I’d also want to be a man of faith. I want to see how you meet people’s needs.”

evangelist reinhard bonnke

The German student passed through London and met the renowned preacher George Jeffreys, who encouraged him. He served as a pastor in Germany for seven years after graduation.

His African ministry, which he was largely recognized for, began in Lesotho in 1967. He subsequently conducted evangelical meetings across Africa.

According to reports, over 79 million individuals became Christians due to Bonnke’s ministry.

He has been dubbed a “giant and a general in the Army of God.”

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