Angels Unaware: 18 Mysterious Pictures Of Angels Among Us

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Are angels real? The Bible says they are. Here are 18 pictures of angels. Or at least those that took the pictures believe so. Decide for yourself.

Mission Trip Angel

This photo was taken in a cave in Honduras during a mission trip in Vera Cruz, Copan. There was no light shining into the part of the cave we were in and this was taken on a basic flip phone camera. It is truly beautiful!

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Angel In The Sky

Through a window in the clouds, Aurora Borealis (the Northern Lights) appear in an angelic form over the winter landscape of northern Canada.

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Angel In Georgia

A strange photo that was posted on Coast To Coast AM’s website Friday is getting a lot of attention today. A law enforcement officer from Georgia shared an image of an angelic figure that was captured on a wildlife camera. A lot of people are wondering what the unidentified presence could be and there are quite a few theories as to what the figure actually is.

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Truck Driver Angels

Angel Saves Man Who Was Crushed when a10,000 lbs truck axle falls on him- Bruce Van Natta (CBN)

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Bright Light Angel

BRIGHT LIGHT ANGEL! This picture was taken by a lady who says “I was taking a picture of the wall I just painted, and just prior to that, my mom and I were going through a rough day. I prayed that God would send angels down to protect us. This was taken about an hour later. That is the north side of the house, no sun at all.”

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Church Angel

This picture was taken from a Youtube video about the 5 most amazing videos caught on tape. It appears that a little has a guardian angel behind her as she is singing.

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Angel In Hospital

In September of 2012 a 14-year-old girl, Chelsea Banton, with a history of serious health issues, lay dying of pneumonia in a hospital room. But as her mother, Colleen Banton, waited for the girl to take her last breath, an image of a bright, angel apparition of light appeared on a security monitor. Within an hour, the dying girl began a recovery that doctors are at a loss to explain.

Photo via Pinterest

Angel Over Bed

A user on Pinterest uploaded this picture that seems to show a guardian angel hovering over someone sleeping.

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Angel Next To Baby

Those who took this picture claim it is a picture of their baby’s guardian angel. I am not sure I would call it a guardian angel but if that is what they say.

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Angels In Winter

Angels are seen on a picture made in wintertime on Athos Greece.

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Angel At Car Crash

This photograph was taken at the scene of a car wreck and seems to show an angelic image.

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Angel In Florida

An angelic cloud caught on camera with two children in Florida.

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Angel In The Sky

March 13, 2013, this angelic cloud appears over Royal Palm Beach, Florida

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Angel In Chapel

A being of light appears twice inside the church at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Parish in Glenview, Illinois.

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Angel Fighting Fire

Photo of a massive fire in Yanchep, Perth Australia has an angel form soaring through a glowing orange sky!

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Angel Of The Gardens

An angel with wings is formed by water from a fountain at botanical gardens in British Columbia.

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Promise Keeper’s Angel

What is believed to be an angel might have appeared, on stage, at a Promise Keepers event. A Baptist minister, Miles McPherson, is said to have used his iPad to photograph the men leading the PK worship when the light-imbued form was captured. In disbelief, the pastor took another photo, and again, the angelic light appeared beside the men.

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Backyard Angel

The person who took this picture claims it is a real angel in my backyard. Not photo shopped.

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About These Pictures Of Angels

Authors Note:

There is no way to tell if one, two, or all of these images of angels are real or can be explained away. What we do know is real is that there is a world where angels exist. The Bible is full of examples. So let’s make sure we continue to do this.

Hebrews 13:2 Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

Have you ever had an experience with an angel? Tell us your story in the comment section below!

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11 thoughts on “Angels Unaware: 18 Mysterious Pictures Of Angels Among Us”

  1. I have experienced traumatic event about 4 yrs ago this month .. i was heading to my house and i felt a sharp stabbing pain was the sharpest pain i have ever felt .. i pulled over. ..2 blocks from my house .. til it eased up so i could make it home. While experiencing this pain ..i heard a very.very faint sof voice.. it told me not to go home ..danger .. warning me my Ex had a Gun. I couldn’t make this up if i tried. 100% truth,.. i tryed to ignore the voices. But they grew more frantic. I calmly said outloud i have to go home my daughter is there. As soon as i said that the pain resisted almost instantly. I continued home forward 20 mins..
    My Ex .. shot and killed my friend .. but as he fired the first bullet i turned to run to my friends aide .. i was pushed , pushed soooo hard my head flew back..almost as if it was whiplash at that very moment he fired another bullet..i felt the bullet graze my shirt on my left side ..if infact hadn’t been pushed the bullet would have struck me in my left lung. There was no explanation of this force that saved my life .. i know it was a angel . It had to be … there was no one else in the room. But us three. My ex was sentenced to life in prison for 1st degree murder.

  2. Hello, In 2018 I was fighting stage 4 cancer for 18months. At the time I was going to visit my father-in-law, my husband was driving the car. I was looking to the sky and I saw a vision of an Angel smiling at me in the sky for almost an hour. He was in the Greek mythology styling with curly hair. The younger image morphed into a more traditional image of an older God . Both images were from a profile side of their face. They showing themselves to me to tell me that everything will work out to be just fine. Fast-forward to now and its the end of 2020, I dont have cancer or any trace of it.
    That day change my life. I just want to tell all the world that God exists and he love all of us.

  3. My grandmother died and I was devastated. I felt like my life was over as well and like I will never get over it. I cried myself to sleep and while I was crying, I asked my Gram to give me a sign that she is better now. I felt something touch me and I jumped up. The next day I went to her house where she lived with my Aunt and there was an angel over top the house. I didn’t want to tell anybody because I figured who would believe me. I could barely believe it myself. Almost a week later on the day we said our good byes, we gathered at her house afterwards and the angel returned that day. This time my mother was sitting in her truck and caught it on film.. I believe in my heart that angel is my grandmother and she wanted me to know she’s okay. I wish I could attach

  4. Pictures taken of angels do not illuminate the surrounding areas. Pure energy is received by the camera is taking a photo. Anyone who sees an angel only sees them because they are being allowed to. Any picture taken that has an angel in it only appears because they want it to be seen. Angels will have animals wild animals tamed animals aggressive animals become passive and they will want to be near them. This energy is positive and it is love this is why they seek to be near them. The only time angels are seen is because they are the leaders and they are here for a purpose to guide the people to live in this experience. Mankind’s attempt to understand that which they do not know, they try to explain things in the best way that they can. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  5. Lisa Ka;ye Hanifan

    Hi – My name is Lisa, and I look exactly like the angel taken in the backyard of someone. I am 54 now, but the face looks exactly what I looked like in my 20s. Do you know where the photo was taken? What year? I have always been spiritual and worked with spiritual healing, “The Reconnection”. Could I be the angel in the photo or is it just a fluke? Do earth angels leave their bodies at night and do spiritual work?

  6. I confess the name of Jesus as my Lord and Saviour.

    Over the years I have had many experiences of things that go bump in the night. Years ago as a Police Officer I was involved in a near fatal shooting of myself whilst attempting to arrest two people involved in a domestic dispute. After that night I became hyper sensitive to all things that go bump in the night. Dreams, visions and seeing things that the human eye cannot.

    “Angel Over The Bed” was something that started after the event. It began with me waking up swinging, yelling and in a sweat, but over the years I have learnt to relax. Only a few days ago I awoke knowing they were there. I closed my eyes and thanked Jesus for His mercy, protection and provision over the years. My heart immediately became flooded with love and it was as though I was in another reality, light came in swirls under my closed eyes and the room filled with an incredible aura and presence. After they left I was filled with incredible peace, joy and calm that has now lasted for days. Indeed God is not dead!

    I can testify along with NIKI ADKINS that Jesus or an Angel saved me all those years ago. At the time I was wrestling a man into the back of a Police Vehicle who yelled out, “God have mercy.” I heard two gun shots and turned to see a flash, at the same time someone not visible, pushed my head to the side just before a burning sensation knocked me off my feet.

    My partner had been wrestling the other offender who had managed to take his sidearm off him and fire three shots at me. The man I was wrestling had seen what was happening and called out to God who intervened. I do not think he called out deliberately, but in fear. Nevertheless God intervened.

    The bullet grazed my left temple leaving nothing more than some broken skin. Had my head not been pushed, I believe it would have been a very different outcome for me. The timing also allowed my partner to regain control over his weapon before we secured both offenders safely.

    Thank you Jesus.

    Not all things that go bump in the night are friendly or are conducive to our health, mental stability and well being. Buyer beware. But when it is God there is nothing to fear.

  7. People dont become angels when they die. People and angels are both created by God but two seperate beings. Read your Bible.Also, you cant pray to dead people. They dont answer prayers. Only Jesus.As for the crazy story Martin tells its nonsense.

    1. Its apparent you’ve NEVER lost someone, you said read you’re Bible? How could you be so harsh and cruel? Why are you upset that some ppl find comfort in doing so(praying or talking to someone they’ve lost? Why try and take that away?very inconsiderate

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