Let's Keep the Projector Cool: Ideas for Keeping a Projector from Overheating
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Let’s Keep the Projector Cool: Ideas for Keeping a Projector from Overheating

It’s no secret that projectors are a source of heat, and if you’ve ever been to a presentation with a projector before, you know how hot it can get. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some ideas to keep your projector from overheating.

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7 Tips For Keeping Your Projector Cool

  • Clean your filter
  • Clean dust off of your projector regularly to prevent overheating 
  • Make sure the fan on the projector isn’t blocked.
  • Never put anything on top of the projector.
  • Attach a fan to the outside of the projector.
  • Place a cooling pad under the projector to keep it cool.
  • Move the projector to another part of the room.

How To Keep A Projector Cool

There are different ways to keep a projector cool, depending on your preferences and how much you want to spend.

Here are some tips that will help:

Clean your filter

The number 1 cause of projectors overheating is having a dirty filter. The filter keeps the projector’s fan from trapping dirt inside, so if this isn’t regularly cleaned off, your projector will overheat quickly. Make sure you clean your filter regularly to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Clean dust off of your projector regularly to prevent overheating. 

Dust on the projector is a constant problem. It would be best if you cleaned the dust off the outside of it as needed. If allowed to build up inside, not only will it impact cooling capabilities, but because projectors are made with moving parts inside, if there’s too much dust, it can cause your cooling fan to stop working.

This will not only cause the projector to overheat, but it can ruin the unit in a short amount of time. Make sure you clean your filter regularly and check for dust on the outside as needed.

Make sure the fan on the projector isn’t blocked.

Make sure that there isn’t anything blocking the fan on your projector. If it is blocked, you won’t be able to get a proper breeze where it needs to go, and your projector will overheat quickly. This will shorten the life of your projector and cause it to be less efficient.

Never put anything on top of the projector.

If you don’t want your projector to overheat, never place anything on top or block the ventilation holes. This will cause overheating and could damage your projector in the long run if it’s allowed to continue.

Even if you are not blocking the ventilation holes, placing something on the projector acts as insulation and keeps the heat inside the projector.

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Attach a fan to the outside of the projector.

A fan attached to the outside of your projector will increase airflow, which can help with cooling. Most people use external computer fans or external fans for their Xbox. There are also some commercially available that have been made specifically for projectors.

Place a cooling pad under the projector to keep it cool.

A cooling pad under your projector can help draw the heat away from it. Many people recommend using a stand for this purpose, which you would place on top of your desk or table and then put the cooling pad underneath where your projector is located. Again, most people use a laptop cooling pad for this.

Move the projector to another part of the room.

Sometimes, it’s just impossible to place the projector near a window. However, moving it to another part of your room where there is more ventilation and/or air conditioning blowing on it can also help keep your projector cool.

If this is a permanently installed projector, perhaps you can point the cooling ducts of your air conditioning system toward the projector.

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping A Projector Cool

What should I do if my projector is overheating?

If your projector is overheating, it’s important to determine the cause as soon as possible. If this continues for a long time and you don’t take care of it; not only will your cooling fan stop working but there could be damage done inside the unit that can’t be repaired in most cases.

You should immediately turn off your projector and take follow the steps listed above.

Will a cooling fan stop working if I block the airflow?

A cooling fan will not work properly if something blocks its path, so this is important to avoid at all costs. Blocking even one part of the ventilation system can cause your cooling fan to fail and can cause your projector to overheat.

How should I clean my projector?

Cleaning the outside of a projector is important for keeping dust from building up on it, but you must be careful when cleaning any part of the unit. Never spray anything directly onto the device or use an excessively wet cloth because this could damage the projector or cause a short circuit.

You should use a dusting cloth and wipe it down. If you still see dust, then repeat this process until there is no more visible dirt or grime on your projector.

How often do I need to clean my filter?

The frequency that you need to clean your filter depends upon how much use it gets in a given period of time. If you use it frequently, then it’s important to clean the filter every few months so that dust doesn’t build up and cause damage.

What can happen if I don’t keep my projector cool?

You could easily shorten the life of your projector by not taking care of its cooling system adequately. It is very difficult to repair a damaged projector and it will cost you a lot of money. If your projector is overheating, this could cause damage to the internal components which can be very expensive to repair or replace.


Keeping a projector cool is important to ensure that it doesn’t overheat and cause damage. Follow the steps above to keep your high-tech equipment running at peak performance.

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