10 Marvelous Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes

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People love Kathryn Kuhlman. Her ministry was just a little bit before my time, but I have loved all of the Kathryn Kuhlman quotes I have read. I have read them over and over.

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God used her in a mighty way and in some small way even with these Kathryn Kuhlman quotes He is still using her today.

I hope you like the selection of quotes that I have used.

kathryn kuhlman

10 Marvelous (pun intended) Kathryn Kuhlman Quotes

I made a consecration of my life

I made a consecration of my life that I had never made before, when I saw that it was absolutely possible for me to so yield my life, my body, as a living sacrifice – a sacrifice so consecrated to Him that the name of God Almighty may be glorified through the life of a sinner saved by the grace of God. – Kathryn Kuhlman

The Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels

The Heavenly Father does not ask for golden vessels. He does not ask for silver vessels. God asks for yielded vessels – those who will submit their will to the will of the Father. And the greatest human attainment in all the world is for a life to be so surrendered to Him that the name of God Almighty will be glorified through that life. – Kathryn Kuhlman

Remember something

Remember something, God never permitted a difficulty to come into our life without also giving us the ability to handle it. God has provided us with every faculty. He has given us the power that we need for living victoriously. It is a fact that everyone of us down deep has what it takes to successfully meet whatever life brings. – Kathryn Kuhlman

It isn’t a matter of being worthy

It isn’t a matter of being worthy, for no man is worthy! It isn’t our perfection or our penitence, or a matter of our labors to reach the place of perfection or worthiness. It is God’s grace alone! – Kathryn Kuhlman

As an example, let me share a memorable experience

As an example, let me share a memorable experience I had as a young child. It was a hot Saturday night and Papa and I were about to enter the meat market situated on the main street of Concordia, Missouri. The two of us were at the doorway when suddenly a man, noticeably very drunk, shoved Papa back. I saw my father step aside and hold the door open while the stranger staggered into the market. Standing nearby was a man watching the whole scene. Knowing that Papa was mayor of Concordia, he asked, “Joe Kuhlman, are you going to let him get away with that?” I was still holding onto Papa’s hand when I saw him smile and answer: “I can afford to let him go first.” That was a lesson in love and humility that I have never forgotten. – Kathryn Kuhlman

Who can fathom the love of God?

Who can fathom the love of God? He loved us while we were yet sinners. You may be a sinner reading these words right now. You may have committed every sin in the book and broken every commandment of God. The Lord continues to love you. He has not cast you aside. – Kathryn Kuhlman

I surrendered unto Him all there was of me

I surrendered unto Him all there was of me; everything! Then for the first time I realized what it meant to have real power. – Kathryn Kuhlman

I belong to Him

I swell with pride when I can face the whole world and say, “I belong to Him. The mighty God of this universe is my heavenly Father. I’m His by adoption. I’m a joint-heir with His wonderful Son’ In that moment when you’re prone to be depressed, when you find yourself in the spirit of bondage, look up. just pause and remember to whom you belong. – Kathryn Kuhlman

When Jesus hung on the cross

When Jesus hung on the cross, looking upon His enemies as He was being crucified, He said: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” That is God’s love, the love of heaven paying earth a little visit through the Person of Jesus. – Kathryn Kuhlman

Beloved, the secret of victory over fear is very simple

Beloved, the secret of victory over fear is very simple – it is trusting Jesus! One of the most frequent expressions on His lips throughout His life here on earth was, “Fear not!” So look up! Faith in God has in times past “subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword…turned to flight the armies of the aliens” (Hebrews 11:33,34), and FAITH CAN DO IT AGAIN! You are not only a conqueror, you can be more than a conqueror through Him Who loves you! – Kathryn Kuhlman

Who Was Kathryn Kuhlman?

Kathryn Johanna Kuhlman was born in Concordia, Missouri, to German-American parents. She was “born-again” at the age of 14 in the Methodist Church of Concordia, and began preaching in the West at the age of sixteen in primarily Baptist Churches.

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Kuhlman traveled extensively around the United States and in many other countries holding “healing crusades” between the 1940s and 1970s.

She had a weekly TV program in the 1960s, and 1970s called I Believe In Miracles that was aired nationally.

Kathryn Kuhlman is still dearly loved by both Pentecostals and Charismatics alike. These Kathryn Kuhlman quotes are a great addition to the library of Spirit-filled Christian quotes that we have.

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  1. Engelhard Chauncey Aebeb

    Thats Phenomenon..I belive in Jesus and as i write this mail I am In a critical stage of my life waiting for the police to come pick me up but the quote really is inspirational, thank you Lord Keep Me True..

  2. Katherine Rivas

    I’m teary eye as I read that quote . When you surrendered all you’ve come to realize that theirs a God whos got your back because you put your faith on the cross and his finished work !.

  3. Surrending all ur life ,soul heart and everything you have to Christ Jesus who God transform him to flesh who carry our burden our sinful acts on the cross and paid our debt is the greatest thing i ever did and becoming a vessel for him to use is the Greatest thing and receiving his divine luxury Gifts money cannot buy.the day i read this divine powerful quote i experience a new joy life a new heart i mean everything change

  4. Kathryn Kuhlman’s Life is such a model to me, I so much admire that I keep asking for God’s Grace to help me surpass her.

  5. certainly like your website however you have to check the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to inform the truth nevertheless I will surely come back again.

  6. Consecrating my life and body is a consecration unto him as a living sacrifice is a consecration unto him.

  7. Ibeh Ann Chika i like your comment!
    its all about decision.
    you decide, and the holy spirit will take over!
    He is always there waiting! to help

  8. continue with the great work of God to save this unfaithful generation and may almighty God bring more of great ministers of Him like our late mother in Lord kathryn khulman

  9. I felt led by the Holy Spirit to read once again the book by Jamie Buckingham, Daughter of Destiny, the biography of Kathyrn Kuhlman. There are many many more wonderful quotes by Miss Kuhlman in that book. She gave her all to what she did. She sacrificed a lot to daily please Jesus. Each person can learn so much from her dedicated life.

  10. PST Bless akere David

    I am a pastor and a missionary in Nigeria Africa filed with the holy spirit with a vision of spreading the gospel worldwide, if you can help me reach an organization, group, individuals, mission body who can help me achieve this vision I will be glad

  11. Our names are similar:
    Kathryn Kulmane and
    Karen Kulmane.
    I remember reading about her ministry as a young adult. I’ve always wanted to be like her and serve our Lord. I’ve prayed to be a healer. Even though I have never experienced a dramatic “healing”, I have in my effort to have God use me to heal, witnessed heart changes in those I’ve prayed over. In particular, my husband, who suddenly took ill with a devastating illness called aplastic anemia. He surrendered his life to Jesus on his deathbed. I, along with hundreds of believers, had been praying for 35 years. There was quite a celebration in heaven!
    I know Kathryn was there. She was my inspiration.

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