How to Start Streaming with OBS

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How to start streaming with Open Broadcaster Software

The Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), an app that allows live streaming, is extremely easy. OBS is also free and open-source, so it is available to all. OBS is free but has many perks that streamers of all levels will love. Here’s how you can start live streaming with OBS.

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OBS: How to Get Started

You must first connect OBS with your preferred platform to live-stream your favorite games. This usually means Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. OBS also supports other services, but these are the most common. These steps will help you connect to the correct platform.

  • Right-click OBS and select Run as Administrator to run it on Windows. This is because any game capture software must be granted Admin permissions.
  • Click on File, Settings, and finally, choose the Stream tab on the left-hand side.

You will now need to choose your platform. Each platform is different in terms of how it sets everything up. This is how you set up each platform.


  • Click on Twitch from the drop-down menu of Streaming Services.
  • Use your Twitch TV dashboard to select Settings, the stream key, and the show key. Make sure to agree to the prompts asking you not to share your key.
  • Copy the stream key into the box for Broadcast Settings in OBS. Click on the Apply button.


  • Select YouTube/YouTube Gaming from the drop-down menu of streaming services.
  • Click YouTube Creator Studio and click the Live Streaming tab to the left.
  • Click Reveal in the Encoder Setup section to see your Stream Key.
  • Copy the stream key and paste it into the Stream Key Box, which can be found under OBS’ Broadcast Settings menu. Click on the Apply button.

Facebook Live

  • Choose Facebook Live from the drop-down menu of Streaming Services
  • Click on Create Live Stream to go to Facebook Live.
  • Make sure you check the box titled Enable persistent stream key in the Connect tab.
  • Copy and paste the stream key into the Stream Key Box in Broadcast Settings in OBS. Click on Apply.

Set up your Stream Layout

You can add your Twitter handle to set up your stream’s layout, add images or banners, or any other personalizations that will help make it more personalized. Each scene can be created from multiple sources. Multiple scenes can be created for different games. Or, you can make it simple and create one scene for all your games. Once your scene has been created, you must add your sources. Follow these steps to do this:

  • Click on Plus in the Sources menu and then choose Game Capture.
  • Give your game capture an unforgettable name you’ll never forget.
  • You can customize the capture settings by setting the Mode option to capture full-screen applications and the foreground window when you press a hotkey. Or manually selecting which window should be captured. If you have a Game 
  • After you are satisfied with your settings, click OK to save them.

Add Other Features

Now it’s time to add features before you can move any further. These are the most important features of live streaming.

Add your webcam

  • Click on the Plus icon in the Sources menu and choose the Video Capture Device.
  • Give your video capture device a name that is simple and makes sense.
  • You can access your webcam capture properties using the Device drop-down menu. If you feel the settings are important, then modify them.
  • After everything is in order, click the OK button.

Add text

  • Click on the Plus icon in the Sources menu and choose Text (GDI+).
  • You will need to enter a name in the text box. This is the name of the source and not the actual text.
  • You can also change the font and color of your text if you wish.
  • When you are happy with how things look, click the OK button to save the text.

You should now see the text on your screen. If you need to modify the text, you can click Edit Scene.

Add images

  • Click on the Sources box and click on Add, then image. Name your source to make it easy to remember later.
  • Click Browse to locate the saved image on your computer. Then click Open to open that image. You can make the image transparent by changing the Opacity value to less than 100.
  • After tweaking your settings, click OK to add the images to your live stream.

Finally,… Live Streaming with OBS

Once you have connected to your preferred platform and are satisfied with your on-screen elements, you can go live. OBS makes it easy to go live whenever and wherever you are ready. To get started, you must open the OBS window and look in the bottom right corner for Start Streaming. It’s that easy!

Conclusion – Streaming with OBS

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OBS’s website contains useful information and valuable features for live streaming. Once you decide which platform you want to use, live-streaming can be easy. You can also personalize the stream by adding banners and fancy text to your images.

We are grateful you read our article about How to Start Streaming with Open Broadcaster Software.


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