How to Live Stream to Facebook Live Using OBS
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How to Live Stream to Facebook Live Using OBS

How to Live Stream to Facebook live Using Open Broadcaster Software.

Facebook now allows live streaming to pages. If you have a Facebook page, you can stream directly from Facebook. You must adjust the settings to ensure this feature doesn’t lock your page. However, live-streaming on Facebook Live is much easier than it may sound.

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How do you get started with OBS?

Your computer must meet certain requirements to take advantage of Facebook Live and OBS fully. These requirements are:

  • The maximum length of 240 minutes (not including continuous streams).
  • One key-frame interval every two seconds
  • Maximum bit rate 4000 Kbps
  • Video resolution: Maximum 720p (1280×720) resolution and 30 frames per Second (FPS).

These settings should not be a problem for most computers. These requirements should not be a problem unless your computer is very old.

Let’s get streaming!

You have two options to start a stream. You can click on Live Video at the top of your Facebook Page. You can also click on Live in your right-hand sidebar if you have a Facebook page that you wish to live-stream. The top will have Live Video to the right. They are both easy to find. The background of your page will darken, and a popup will appear asking you to connect your webcam immediately. If the popup does not appear, you will see a black square at the center of your screen that states Unable to Find Camera. There will be two buttons above: a Camera button to the left and a connect button to the right. You’ll need to press the Connect button.

After the Connect button has been activated, you will see a blue box that offers a few additional options. You will need to copy and paste the Stream Key into the Stream Key section of OBS. This is very easy, but it is important to remember some key points, especially if you are doing this for the first time. These are:

  • You can only use the Stream Key you receive for one Live preview/post connection.
  • After you create the Key and URL, they will expire within 24 hours.
  • You must use the same URL and the Key to preview and post. You cannot preview, stop streaming, and then resume it later. All of this must be done in one sitting.

You must ensure that you have all settings ready. This is particularly true for the Audio setting. Your Scenes and Sources must be properly set up before you go live. For example, if you accidentally end your stream, you must create a new live video and copy the new Stream Key to the OBS settings. Once you are ready, you can stream in OBS. The stream will only be visible to you on this particular Facebook page. This will continue until you click Go Live. Your screen will display a message saying Preview/Fetching video stream. This can take up to a few seconds.

You can now enter a Post message. Next, give the video a title and tag it as you wish. Before you can go live, you must do these things. Once you have started your stream in your software, you will see a popup window that allows reviewing all your settings, including Audio settings. There are other options available, including Allow Embedding and Activate Continuous video.

Once you have double-checked your settings and are sure everything is correct, your stream will now be online; the Go Live button should appear in blue. Click on the Go Live button. You can also click Schedule to schedule a start time for your video to go live. Any of these options should work. The preview of your live stream will change once you go live. You’ll also notice a red indicator in the upper left-hand corner. It would be best to mute your preview to prevent audio looping.

You will see comments about your live video and can also comment. After completing the stream, click the Finish button to stop Facebook Live. The video will be saved very soon and appear on your Facebook page in your Video Library section.

Now you’re done

This is it. You’re done live-streaming on your Facebook Live page. OBS makes live-streaming super simple, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. OBS is a powerful and free tool that can be used for live streaming as well as real-time audio/video mixing. Screen recording can be added between your videos or as a part of your video. You can also pause between live sessions if necessary.

OBS is an excellent way to look professional, even if you are not a professional. You can quickly download the software from their website. If you have any questions, you can always visit that site anytime. You can also find many YouTube tutorials to help you with any problems. It is easy to live-stream to Facebook Live with OBS. Now you’ll know how to do it.

We are grateful you read our article about How to Live Stream to Facebook Live Using the Open Broadcaster Software.

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Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

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