How To Display Lyrics On Your Camera Feeds In Church And Live Streams

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How to Display Lyrics on Your Camera Feeds

Whether running a live stream for your church or remote viewers or if you have a projector screen at the church that displays lyrics to hymns and scriptures, EasyWorship and NDI out functionality for vMix and OBS can be used to do this.

How To Display Lyrics On Your Camera Feeds In Church And Live Streams

EasyWorship can be fed directly using the NDI camera

You can display lyrics on your camera feed by using the feed editor. This will allow you to set your PTZOptics NDI cameras background as your lyrics. The entire video stream can be sent with the lyrics to any NDI-enabled software. This is an easy way to add lyrics to any live stream.

USE NDI Output from EasyWorship and Pull Al Channel Video Feeds to Live Stream Software

You can also display lyrics on your camera feed using the NDI output from EasyWorship. The alpha channel video feed can be pulled directly into any live streaming software that supports NDI. This is a flexible option that may even be more.

This approach can display your lyrics using streaming software that supports NDI, such as OBS or vMix. You will first need to go to EasyWorship’s settings and set the NDI video output. After you do this, all slides you show will be displayed in the video production software.

You can add the EasyWorship slides to your OBS video by clicking the plus button. To make it easier for anyone to control the display of the lyrics, you can add a name to the input. You can ensure that the lyrics appear correctly during the hymns.

Once the system is set up, only one person will be responsible for managing when the lyrics are displayed. When the slide is ready to display, this person will click on the “Go Live” button in EasyWorship.

What is EasyWorship?

EasyWorship allows churches to broadcast live streaming and streams of their services. You can include lyrics, scriptures, announcements, and sermon notes.

The program offers many tools and features that allow for control over the broadcast. Live streaming allows churches to engage more with their congregations and viewers outside of the church.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use. You can customize the software to fit each church’s needs by adding tools, song lists, and photos.

This software allows churches to organize media in multiple libraries and tags them for easier search. It allows data sharing between users on the same network. Administrators can also control what files require special permissions.

Understanding how these systems work

Before setting up video production to broadcast and live stream your church services, you should first decide what capabilities are necessary. If you plan to broadcast lyrics or Scripture overlays, ensure you have the necessary equipment.

PTZ cameras can connect remotely to the monitor and control station. NDI is a protocol used to transmit video and audio over the internet. An IP-only camera requires the IP addresses to connect with the rest of your network and work together. All NDI cameras will show up on the same camera simultaneously. This simplifies the whole process.

Your NDI cameras will now feed directly into EasyWorship. The video can be used as a background for lyrics. You can send the video feed with lyrics to any NDI device, as they all work together in real time.

This is especially important if you use other video production software. You must set the video output as NDI to ensure that any slide in the video production program will be accessible. Slides with lyrics from EasyWorship can be added as NDI slides to the video.

Final thoughts on how to display lyrics on your camera feed

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Your audience engagement can be increased by being able to add scripture or lyrics to your live stream. Your viewers will stay engaged, whether you broadcast your service on a projection screen at the church’s front or live stream it to the Internet.

The EasyWorship software was designed to enhance the live streaming of church services. It is easy to use by many people. Many churches don’t have the resources to hire extra staff. Volunteers operate the video production system, so these features must be easy to use. EasyWorship is simple to use.

EasyWorship allows you to set up your lyrics as NDI slides. They can then be integrated into your audio and video feeds. You can do this using EasyWorship or with your video production software. After you have set up your slides, you can integrate them seamlessly into the broadcast. The lyrics will be visible, and people can sing along to the hymns. You can also display Scriptures using readings or parts of sermons. You have many options when live streaming your service.

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