How to Chroma Key A Blackmagic Design ATEM

How to Use the Chroma Key A Blackmagic ATEM

Anybody who has ever seen a weather broadcast knows the effects of a color key green or blue screen. Most people know that the weatherperson isn’t standing in front of a weather map. This person is standing in front of a green screen. It’s up to the producers to replace the screen with an actual image, at least from the viewers’ point of view. This action is much easier with the Blackmagic ATEM Switcher. Once you have used it once, it should become a breeze.

how to chroma key a blackmagic atem

What is Chroma Keying?

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Chroma keying, also known as chroma-key compositing, is a technique that allows two images to be combined or layered together according to their color hues (the “chroma range”). It is also known as the post-production or video-production phase. This involves replacing a green or blue screen with one of the layers. However, even though these are the most popular chroma key colors, you can use any consistent or uniform color. It is forbidden to duplicate any color with clothing or other items in front of the camera. If this happens, the clothing will display the image (e.g., the weather map), that replaces the green or red color.

The Blackmagic ATEM mixer is capable of handling the chroma keying process well. It makes it very easy. It’s as simple as pressing the correct keys and knowing when. Although there is a lot more, Blackmagic makes it easy for non-techies. The process is quite simple. The presenter will stand in front of a background of either green or blue, and the person responsible for the chroma key process will remove that color and combine it with another image. The ATEM switchers, now available on the market, allow you to combine multiple elements of chroma-key in real time. You can combine live, graphic and prerecorded elements simultaneously.

What is the Work of it?

This example will use the ATEM Mini Extreme as the chroma key process. However, all mini switchers are capable of handling this process. The Mini Extreme comes with four upstream chroma keys. This means that you can have four cameras, each receiving a keyer. You have eight inputs with the Mini Extreme – four for your cameras and four for the four you can connect to a virtual computer to access the rendered backgrounds.

Blackmagic ATEM mixers make it easy to transfer your cameras. Pre-rendered still image backgrounds can be loaded to a fixed camera virtual set from the media pool or media players. To change the background on your cameras or to load it into your media players, macros can be set up. You can use the DeckLink Quad HDMI or live virtual set software if you prefer.

The chroma keyer works well with the Blackmagic ATEM mixers. If you wish to have the key parameters generated automatically, it provides a color picker that lets you select background colors. The foreground color correction allows you to match the background and foreground layers. This makes the process seamless and continuous. You can also use it for title overlays by creating graphics with either a blue background or a green background. If you want to produce fixed-screen virtual sets, your mixer has four keyers.

The Media Manager feature can do most of the work. You’ll find Users, Folders, and Downloads. You’ll find still images in the download section that you can use instead of the green screen. After selecting the photo you wish to use, you can drag it onto the screen to coincide with the green screen camera. You can zoom in on any screen section to adjust or move an object around.

Blackmagic ATEM Mini Extreme and other Blackmagic ATEM mini mixes offer benefits that most other mixtures (at minimum, not reasonably priced) don’t usually offer. This includes:

  • You can increase the size of the bounding box to get a wider range of gamut
  • Higher threshold
  • Cleaner key
  • Preview of the color
  • Spill suppression

Amazingly, even the most affordable Blackmagic ATEM mini mixer can use the chroma key feature. You can replace the green screen with any still or live video input source. The mixer and your computer screen are easy to set up once everything is connected. The buttons on the ATEM mixers are easy to understand. Press a few keys, and the chroma key process will be complete. These systems are easy to learn, even for those who have never used them.

Conclusion – How To Chroma Key A Blackmagic ATEM

chroma key

Blackmagic ATEM mixers include their software, which you can run on your computer. This makes the process quick and easy. These mixers are affordable, starting at $300 and going up as you go. However, these are high-quality mixers with features you won’t find in mixers of much higher price. It is essential to know how to use the chroma key function. This is not only for weather broadcasts but also for other types of productions. Blackmagic allows you to create crisp images and replace any blue or green screen with the correct image, making your broadcast look professional.


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