How To Choose The Best Wireless Speakers For Church Nursery Rooms
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How To Choose The Best Wireless Speakers For Church Nursery Rooms

Wireless speakers for church nursery – How to choose the best!

Many churches offer a way for parents and their children to attend the service while their child is in the nursery or cry area. It is something that I know my young family appreciates.

Choosing the best wireless speaker for your church nursery isn’t as simple as it sounds. Before you connect a pair of Bluetooth speakers to your sound system, there are many things to consider.

Most sound systems do not support Bluetooth, so buying some equipment is necessary.

Sennheiser ew iem g4 twin wireless in ear monitoring system

This article will help you determine what is best for your church. This should be as simple and quick as possible. Amazon links are provided. Amazon has proven to be the fastest and most efficient way to get what I need. Instead of spending hours in music shops or electronic stores, I spend just 15 minutes ordering the items I need, and they arrive at my doorstep two days later. It’s easy!

Other useful articles and articles that I have written are linked in the article. Implementing church technology doesn’t have to be time-consuming or laborious.

Four Options to Provide Sound in Your Nursery or Cry Room

You can send sound signals from your church sound system into your nursery, cry room, overflow room, multipurpose room, or other rooms in your church building.

Each option has its pros and cons. I’ll share my opinion on wireless speakers for a nursery church at the end of this article.

Option 1 – Do you need to go wireless?

It would be remiss of me not to ask whether you want wireless. Wireless speakers for church nurseries are more expensive. Although it is more convenient, it will still cost you more.

For less than $100.00, you can purchase a 100’ cable and connect it to a mini amp speaker combo. The cable can be run from your sound system’s auxiliary output to the nursery and then plugged into the powered speaker. So simple a Pastor can do it!

This option has one problem. There is labor involved if the cables have to be run through walls. Although running wires up to false ceilings and nursery walls is relatively simple, drilling or running through conduits can make the labor cost prohibitive. This project is not possible unless you have great volunteers.

Option 2 – Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for Church Nursery

You can also place a Bluetooth speaker in your church nursery, such as the Ultimate Ears Bluetooth speaker or Mackie Bluetooth speaker. I recommend you not to use Bose speakers. These are too costly for what they do, especially in this case.

This method is not recommended for use with walls. All Bluetooth speakers are not created equal. This setting might not be suitable for your little home Bluetooth speaker system due to its distance from the nursery or the number of walls it must penetrate.

A Bluetooth-enabled sound system or an audio system with Bluetooth capability will be required.

You can also connect your mixer to a tablet that’s Bluetooth-enabled. You can connect your tablet or computer to your sound system’s auxiliary output.

We’ve had good experiences with Mackie. In our main sanctuary, we currently have a Mackie soundboard.

Option 3 – Wireless transmitter and speakers for the church nursery

You have an alternative if you don’t want Bluetooth speakers in your church nursery but still want wireless.

You use a wireless signal transmitter such as the AKG mini instrumental system to send the signal to the nursery. While you will still require a powered speaker such as the Mackie Powered Speaker to send the signal, Bluetooth is free.

This system is not able to penetrate walls or travel a great distance. Although these systems work best when there is clear sight, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t work. It is worth trying it out.

This option also means that your sound person will need to be aware of the battery level of the transmitter. It was impossible to find a transmitter you could plug into. They don’t make them since they were originally designed to cut the cord during performing.

This type of system is easy to use. Simply plug the transmitter into your soundboard’s auxiliary output and place the receiver inside the nursery. The receiver’s output is connected to the powered speaker.

Option 4: Modifying an Assisted Listening Device To Be Used In The Nursery

You have four options to provide audio in your church’s nursery. The fourth is to modify an assisted listening device like the Peavey-Assisted Listening System. Peavey products have been my favorite for over 40 years. Peavey is a brand I trust. You can be sure to get a high-quality product when you purchase Peavey.

A hearing aid system can be used to assist the hearing impaired in your church’s worship services by making it easier for them to hear sermons and other audio presentations. These systems usually include a transmitter, 4 or more receivers, and a set of headphones or earbuds.

It is easy to modify this system. You attach the powered speaker to your earbuds or headphones instead of connecting them to the receiver. You only need a 3.5mm-to 1/4 in adapter.

This type of system will also require the same signal strength testing. If you don’t want a powered speaker, your parents can use headphones or earbuds. This will reduce the cost for both of you.

Wireless Speakers for Nursery: The Best

Best speakers for church nursery image

The decision is up to you. But, I think a wise pastor would opt for the double win in such a situation. The modified assisted listening option is my choice for the best wireless speaker in a church nursery.

This option will bless your parents and reach out to those who are hearing impaired. This option is a double blessing.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts on finding the best wireless speakers in church nursery areas.

Thank you for reading our article on the best speakers for a church nursery

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Pastor Duke Taber

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