How Much Does A Church Video License Cost?
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How Much Does A Church Video License Cost?

Understanding the Cost of Church Video Licenses

How much does a license for a church video system cost? It depends on the size and type of license. Licenses for smaller churches cost less.

Churches can purchase annual or event licenses. Annual licenses allow unlimited coverage, while event licenses can only be used for one event.

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The Church’s size determines the price of the video license

Depending on size and type, a church video license costs between $85 to $760.

There are two licensing options. The Family Values Producer Package allows churches to use copyrighted works from many Christian and family-friendly studios.

The Family Values package is the best choice for churches that don’t allow secular content. The Family Values package provides the licensing you need for faith-based films or documentaries. It is also cheaper than the second package.

The Total Producer Package is the second option. This package allows you to use copyrighted material from all major Hollywood studios. This package includes almost every movie that has been released.

Because they have access to more films, the Total Producer Packages are more expensive. This package is ideal if you want to highlight a particular point in a sermon with a blockbuster movie.

Two types of licenses are available. An annual license provides uninterrupted coverage for the entire year. The set price is paid annually for renewal.

Churches can also purchase an event license. An event license can only be used once. An event license can be purchased if you’re holding a movie night that is only one time. Because they can only be used for one event, these licenses are cheaper than annual licenses.

The church’s size is the next factor that influences the price. Based on the number of viewers, annual and event licenses are classified. Category “A” is for churches with up to 99 members.

The annual Family Values Package costs $90 per annum for a Category A church. Category B licenses are required for churches with 100-199 members. They cost $135 per annum. These licenses are available for $240 in a Total Producers package.

The Family Values Package cannot be used for events with more than 200 people or churches that have more than 200 members.

For churches with 1500-2999 members, the Total Producers Packages start from $240 to $760 per annum. The Total Producers Packages are available for individual events and range from $85 to $265.

Church Video Licenses Protect against Expensive Fines

What is a church license for? A church might choose to show a movie or a portion of a movie. There are many reasons. A Sunday school class may be interested in showing a movie.

A sermon may include a film to illustrate a point. Some churches hold movie nights. If the movie is copied, it may be illegal.

There is a good chance that you will not be able to show a public domain film unless it is used for public performance.

In 1976, the Federal Copyright Act was passed. It protects producers and studios from copyright infringement. Copyright violations can lead to major fines.

You could face up to $150,000 in fines if your church is found guilty under the act. These fines can be avoided thanks to Christian Video Licensing International (CVLI).

You can show copied films in the church by purchasing a church video license. You can either play the whole film or just a few clips. Movies can be played at movie night or used during sermons.

The Motion Picture Licensing Corporation and Christian Copyright Licensing International created the CVLI. The license covers motion pictures from all major studios.

Although there are few chances of a church being penalized for using copyrighted material in its worship, licensing is necessary. It is a good idea to obtain a church license for video. These licenses are used by more than 60,000 organizations across North America.

A CCLI License may also be required by your church for music

Many churches also include copyrighted music as part of their services. You may need permission to play the music or display lyrics to avoid fines or penalties.

For churches that wish to perform songs of worship, the CCLI license is affordable. There are many types of licenses, including streaming licenses. This license is required if you plan to stream live video or upload music to the internet with copyrighted content.

SongSelect is available to those who have a CCLI license. The program gives you access to more than 100,000 songs. Download traditional and contemporary songs as well as audio previews and sheet music.

You can create custom arrangements, record services, translate songs, and project lyrics on a TV screen with the standard copyright license.

Conclusion: What does a church video license cost?

It is against the law to play copyrighted material at a church service. There is no risk of getting into trouble, but churches could be fined up $150,000 for violating copyright laws.

A license is required to allow you to play videos at church. Many licensing options are available to churches of any size through the CVLI. The cheapest license costs $85 and covers one event for a small congregation. For larger churches, annual licensing costs as high as $760 and starts at $90.

The Family Values Package is a cost-saving option for small churches that only want to share faith-based content. This package is only available to churches with at least 199 members and does not include Hollywood movies from major studios. The Total Producers Package allows churches to play movies from virtually any studio.

Churches may also require the CCLI Copyright License to perform songs of worship. The cost of a music license is similar to the video license.


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Pastor Duke Taber

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