How Do You Know You Are Trusting God?

Introduction – How Do You Know You Are Trusting God?

It can be a challenge to know when we’re truly trusting God. In fact, it can be downright confusing at times. We might pray for something and not see it happen or go through a tough experience and wonder where God is. So how do we know if we’re really trusting Him?

A few key indicators can help us determine whether or not we’re placing our trust in Him. For starters, let’s take a look at what trusting God actually entails. Once we clearly understand what it means to trust Him, we can begin to look for these other signs in our lives.

Trust isn’t always easy, but it’s always worth it. When we put our trust in God, He never lets us down.

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How Do You Know You Are Trusting God?

Dealing With Fear and Worry

The biggest thing that holds me back from trusting God more is my fear and worry. I worry about the future and what might happen. I worry about my family and friends and whether or not they’re okay. I worry about my own safety and the safety of those around me.

It’s hard to let go of that fear and worry, but I’m learning that keeping them bottled up inside is not healthy. When I do, it just makes me more anxious and stressed out. That’s why it’s important for me to talk to God about my fears and worries and to pray for strength to let them go.

I know that I’m trusting God when I can let go of my fears and worries and put my trust in Him instead. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

Understanding That Faith Is a Choice

It took me a while to understand that faith is a choice. As humans, we like to think that we’re in control of our lives and our destiny. We like to think that we can do things on our own and that we don’t need anyone else.

But the truth is, we’re not in control. We never were, and we never will be. At some point, we must give it up to God and trust that He knows what’s best for us. And that’s not always easy. It’s a choice we have to make over and over again.

But the more I choose to trust God, the more I see His hand at work in my life. I see Him directing my steps, leading me down the right path, and providing for me when I need it most. When I choose to trust Him, everything falls into place.

How Does Trusting God Look Different?

For me, trusting God manifests in all sorts of different ways. I know that I’m trusting Him when I’m seeking His guidance in my life and when I’m trying to follow His path even when it’s difficult.

I also know that I trust Him when I feel at peace, even amid chaos. And when I can let go of my worries and trust that He will take care of me, that’s another sign that I’m putting my trust in Him.

I know trusting God isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. When I am able to trust Him, it brings me a sense of peace and calm that is unlike anything else.

Practical Ways to Develop Trust in God

One way to develop trust in God is to get to know Him better. This can be done by reading the Bible and other Christian books, spending time in prayer, and attending church.

Another way to develop trust in God is by recognizing His guidance in your life. This may come in the form of a quiet inner voice, a Scripture verse that suddenly comes to mind, or an external sign or event.

Another way to build trust in God is to surrender your will to Him. This means being willing to follow His leading even when it doesn’t make sense to you.

Finally, one of the best ways to develop trust in God is simply by taking baby steps of faith. Trusting God doesn’t have to be a huge leap; it can be small things like obeying His prompting to call a friend or compliment someone. As you take these baby steps of faith, you will begin to develop more trust in God.

Learning the Difference Between Faith and Control

One of the most difficult things about trust is learning the difference between faith and control. For me, it’s been a lifelong lesson. I’m a control freak by nature, so letting go and trusting God has never been easy for me.

But I’ve learned that faith is active. It’s not sitting back and doing nothing while you wait for God to act. Faith is taking action despite your fear because you know that God is with you and will never leave you alone.

Control, on the other hand, is passive. It’s when you try to take matters into your own hands because you’re afraid of what might happen if you don’t. Control is rooted in fear, while faith is rooted in trust.

Learning to trust God can be difficult, but it’s worth it. When we trust God, we can live our lives with peace and joy, knowing that He is in control and will never leave us alone.

Putting It All Into Practice

So how can you tell if you’re really trusting God? I think it comes down to a few key things.

First, are you asking God for guidance? This doesn’t mean that you need to be constantly asking for signs from the heavens, but it does mean that you should be seeking His will for your life and making decisions in line with that.

Second, are you relying on God’s strength rather than your own? This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work hard or use your talents and abilities. But it does mean acknowledging that God is in control and trusting Him to give you the strength and wisdom you need to carry out His plan.

Finally, are you obedient to God’s Word? This doesn’t mean that you’ll never make a mistake or have moments of disobedience. But it does mean that you’re trying to follow what God has said when it comes to the big things.

If you can say yes to all of these things, then I think it’s safe to say that you’re on the right track regarding trusting God.


How Do You Know You Are Trusting God?

How do you know you are trusting God?

For starters, you can look at the evidence. God has a track record of being trustworthy. He has always been faithful in the past and He will continue to be faithful in the future.

You can also look at your own life. When you trust God, you see positive changes in your life. You experience peace and joy and find yourself more content and satisfied.

Finally, you can ask God to help you know if you are trusting Him. He will give you guidance and clarity, and you can be assured that you are on the right track when you are following Him.

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