Believe It or Not: God Does Hear the Prayers of a Mother
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Believe It or Not: God Does Hear the Prayers of a Mother


You might be wondering if God hears the prayers of a mother. You might be asking yourself if your prayers even matter. Let me assure you that they do.

God hears a mother’s prayers because mothers have a unique and special role in their children’s lives. Mothers are entrusted with the care and guidance of their children, and God listens to the prayers of mothers to help them in their essential tasks.

So don’t hesitate to pray—God is listening. And He will answer your prayers in His own time and way.

God hears the prayers of a mother

The Power of a Mother’s Prayer

A mother’s prayer is not only a powerful thing, but it is also a beautiful thing. There is nothing more beautiful than a mother praying for her children. When a mother prays for her children, she is praying for their future. She is praying for their safety, health, happiness, and success.

A mother’s prayer is a powerful tool to help her children in their time of need. It can give them the strength to face their fears, the courage to overcome their challenges, and the hope to keep going when they feel like giving up.

A mother’s prayer is beautiful because it shows her children that she cares about them and wants what is best for them. It reminds her children that they are never alone and always have someone who loves them and is rooting for them.

What Does the Bible Say About Mother’s Prayers?

The Bible is clear that God hears the prayers of a mother. In 1 Samuel 1:27, Hannah prayed to God for a son, and God answered her prayer. In 2 Kings 4:26, a mother prayed to God for her son, and God healed him. In John 11:41-42, Jesus prayed to God for His friend Lazarus, and God raised Lazarus from the dead.

The Bible also teaches that a mother’s prayers are powerful and effective. In 2 Timothy 1:5, Paul writes that Timothy’s faith began when he was “a child” and was “strengthened” by his mother’s prayers.

In James 5:16, we are told that “the effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” There is no reason to believe that a mother’s prayer is less effective than a father’s.

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It is clear from the Bible that mothers play a vital role in their children’s lives. They must pray for their children and trust God to answer those prayers. As they do so, they can be confident that God hears their prayers and will work in their children’s lives in amazing ways.

Examples of Mothers in the Bible Who Prayed

Scripture is filled with examples of mothers who prayed for their children. One of the most famous is Hannah, who prayed for a son and dedicated him to God’s service when he was born.

When her son Samuel became a young man, Hannah continued to pray for him and even interceded on his behalf when he was appointed as a judge.

Another example is Sarah, who prayed for a child in her old age and bore a son, Isaac. When Isaac grew up, he married Rebekah, and she became pregnant with twins. One day, the twins were fighting inside Rebekah’s womb.

Sarah prayed for them, and God answered her prayer by deciding which one would be born first—the one that would be Esau, the father of the nation of Israel.

There are countless other examples of mothers in the Bible who prayed for their children and saw God answer their prayers. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed or helpless as a mother, know that you’re not alone. God hears the prayers of a mother and will intervene on your behalf.

When Does God Not Hear a Mother’s Prayer?

It’s important to remember that God only listens to our prayers when they are sincere. God won’t hear your prayer if you’re praying for something out of anger, selfishness, or manipulation. He will only listen to a prayer said with pure love and intention.

It’s also important to remember that just because God doesn’t answer your prayer in the way you want or expect doesn’t mean He isn’t listening. The Bible says that no matter what we ask for, God will do what’s best for us—His plans are always greater than ours.

So if you’re praying for something and don’t receive it, understand that it is because that very thing may not be suitable for you in the long run.

How to Develop an Effective Prayer Life?

As a mother, you may wonder how to develop a practical prayer life. First and foremost, pray from your heart with faith and passion. Pray like your pleas mean something to God, and He will take notice.

Apart from that, stay in constant communication with the Lord through reading His Word and meditating on it in your prayer times. Ask Him questions like “What do You want me to learn?” or “How can I strengthen my relationship with You?” This kind of approach will help you keep the right relationship with God.

Also find time to thank God for all the blessings He has poured on you. Pray for strength when facing difficult situations; don’t be afraid to come before God with your doubts and fears. His power is so much greater than our own—trust Him to hold you up!

What to Remember When You Pray as a Mother

Yes, God does hear a mother’s prayers, but there are still some things to remember as you pray.

First of all, be humble. It’s easy to come to God with a sense of entitlement. But instead of grasping for something you may not deserve or want, be thankful for what you already have.

Second, be obedient. This means obeying God’s will and striving for an obedient heart in all aspects of life—especially when raising children.

Finally, be willing to wait on the Lord’s response. His answer may not come when you want it or how you expect it to. But because He knows our hearts better than we do, we can trust His answer is best for our children and us.


You don’t need to be religious to believe that a mother’s prayers can help her children. A mother’s prayers for her children can be mighty, and God does hear them.

So if you’re a mother, don’t be afraid to pray for your children. Pray for their health, their happiness, and their safety. Pray for them to be successful in everything they do, and pray for them to find their place in the world.

And above all, remember that you’re not alone. God is always listening, and he will answer your prayers.

Pastor duke taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
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