Four Top Choices for Line Array Speakers for Church Auditoriums

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Find the Best Line Array Speakers for Church Sanctuaries

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You are probably not a sound expert if you’re like me. If you are a pastor trying the best sound quality possible for your church services, you may have a problem. The people at the front are complaining about the loudness of the music, and the people at the back are complaining they can’t hear you.

You can ask the volunteer running the sound system what they can do to fix the problem. After a few technical details, he finally states that he needs line array speakers.
You can see that this isn’t going to be a simple fix.

line array speakers in church

What are Line Array Speakers?

Line array speakers are a group of PA speakers aligned vertically and point towards different points within your sanctuary to distribute sound evenly to all members. Line Array Speaker Diagram

The diagram shows that the lower speakers are set up to be slightly softer towards the people at the front of the church, while the upper speakers are more pointed out and louder. There is a slight variance in the overall sound level throughout the room.

Are Line Array Speakers Worth It?

Line array speakers can be good or bad. This question is split in two. Line array speakers can be very effective in both design and implementation. This is the best solution for the problem of sound coverage in your church. But, the speaker system can only be as good as its components. It is possible to have the best line array system and still produce poor sound quality.

So I suggest the best line array speakers you can use in your church auditorium. I’ll be happy to show you some options within your budget.

Churches: Top Line Array Speaker Systems

The Best Line Array Speakers

jbl professional vrx932lap two way powered line array loudspeaker system
JBL Professional VRX932LAP Two-Way Powered Line Array Loudspeaker System

Best Line Array Speakers For Church

The simplicity of these JBL-powered line array speakers is what I love most. They can be mounted above the congregation or placed on speaker poles. Each speaker does not need to be aimed at individually. You can point at the bottom speaker and all others correctly.

A powered speaker does not require you to use a power amplifier. This reduces the need for additional equipment. You don’t need a snake to transmit the signal to the speakers with the right wireless system.

These speakers are unbeatable in sound quality. They may not be within the budget of many churches, but they are excellent, and you get what you pay for.

Other Top Active Line Array Speakers

rcf hdl6 a 1400w 2 way powered line array module
RCF HDL6-A 1400W 2-Way Powered Line Array Module

Line Array Speakers For Church Runner Up

The RCF HDL6A costs almost 800 dollars less than JBL speakers. This is an excellent alternative for congregations with tight budgets.

These speakers have the same benefits as JBL speakers and include setup and an amplifier.

High-end distortion at loud volumes is the only drawback. This shouldn’t be an issue if you don’t intend to have loud worship. These microphones can be used for public speaking and vocals, so you might find the difference beneficial.

Although they don’t cover as much as the JBL speakers (100 degrees by 10 degrees), this coverage is still noticeable in smaller venues.

Best Passive (Non powered) Line Array Speakers

jbl professional vrx932la 1 two way line array loudspeaker system
JBL Professional VRX932LA-1 Two-Way Line Array Loudspeaker System

Best Passive Line Array Speakers For Church

The JBL VRX932LA-1 is powered but has the same components. It is a passive array speaker. This is a great option for churches with a sound system and power amplifiers.

Best Passive Line Array Speakers at a Budget

mackie drm series, 12 inch arrayable professional powered loudspeaker
Mackie DRM Series, 12-Inch Arrayable Professional Powered Loudspeaker

Best Budget Line Array Speakers For Church

This line array speaker system is ideal for small to medium-sized churches. Their flexible design can be used in sanctuaries or fellowship halls.

These speakers are very affordable. These speakers can handle most music except rap and rock. In that case, you can add a subwoofer.

These line array speakers are a great solution for a church with a tight budget concerned about the sound quality or echo in their sanctuaries.


line array speakers for church

I hope you have found the answer to your question about line array speakers for church auditoriums. These speakers may seem too costly, or you don’t believe you need them. We have compiled a list of the top speakers for church sanctuaries.

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