Uplifting Examples of Humility Found in the Bible


We all have our struggles, and we all have our moments of weakness. But what we sometimes forget is that we are not alone in this. The Bible is filled with examples of humility.

Throughout Scripture, we see people who are down on their luck but don’t give up, people who have been through the worst but still choose to do good. These people remind us that there is always hope and that the power of humility can change everything.

This article will explore some of the most uplifting examples of humility in the Bible. We hope they will encourage you to stay strong in adversity and always remember that God is with you.

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Examples of Humility in the Bible

Jesus Was an Example of Humility in the Bible

One of the most well-known examples of humility in the Bible is that of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus was God in human form, he did not come to Earth to be served but to serve others. He washed the feet of his disciples, an act that was considered to be very lowly and humble. Jesus also spoke about humility when he said, “Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.” (Mark 9:35). Jesus set the example for us to follow.

When we are humble, we do not think about ourselves and our needs. We are thinking about others and their needs. We are willing to put aside our desires and preferences to serve others. We are not concerned with getting credit or recognition. We are content to let others take the credit.

True humility is not thinking less of ourselves. It is thinking of ourselves less. When we are humble, we are not focused on ourselves. We are focused on others and on serving them. We are not always trying to get ahead or to get something for ourselves. We are content to do what is asked of us without always needing to be in the spotlight.

Moses – Learning Through Humility

Moses is an excellent example of someone who learned through humility. He was a leader, but he never forgot that he was just a man. He immediately repented when confronted with his own mistakes and asked for forgiveness.

He also showed great humility when he met God. He didn’t come before Him with a list of demands or try to prove that he was worthy. Instead, he asked for guidance and for God to teach him His ways.

Moses represents the perfect balance between pride and humility. He knew his strengths, but he also recognized his weaknesses. He never let his ego get in the way of his relationship with God or others.

Joseph – A Story of Humility

In the story of Joseph, we see an excellent example of humility. Joseph had every reason to be proud—after all, he was favored by his father and had many talents. But he never let his position go to his head.

He was always willing to help others and put their needs before his own. When his brothers sold him into slavery, Joseph could have quickly become resentful. But instead, he forgave them and trusted God to rescue him.

Joseph’s story reminds us that humility is a powerful quality that can improve our lives. We open ourselves to God’s grace and blessings when we humble ourselves.

King David – Balancing Power With Humility

King David was an excellent example of humility in the face of power. His story reminds us that humility is possible even when we are in a position of influence. He showed us that no matter our accomplishments or authority, there is still room for humility.

Although he was anointed king over all of Israel, David humbly approached God with a plea for mercy and help against his enemies. He also asked God to examine his heart and give him understanding, showing his humility and trust in God’s sovereignty.

What’s more, King David humbly accepted Nathan’s rebuke when he disobeyed God’s commands and brought consequences upon himself, his family, and the nation. We can learn from King David that no matter what position of power we hold on earth, we should always remain humble before the Lord and seek guidance in His ways.

Paul– Humbly Proclaiming the Gospel

Continuing with the examples of humility in the Bible, look at Paul’s example. Paul was a Jewish scholar and persecutor of Christians until God met him on the road to Damascus and changed his life. While some would have used that as fuel to brag, Paul humbly proclaimed the Gospel to everyone he encountered.

Paul’s writings show how he recognized that God had called him for a unique purpose, but instead of boasting about it or seeking glory for himself, Paul was content to remain humble and stay focused on his mission. He even goes so far as to say that he considers himself “less than the least of all God’s people” when talking about how he has been called by God (Ephesians 3:8).

Paul was aware of his great calling and acknowledged that it wasn’t because of anything special about himself– it was all due to God’s grace. Through his example, we can learn how humbling ourselves before God is a way to authentically live out our faith and see our true identity in Him.

Job – Trusting in the Lord Despite Difficult Circumstances

Have you ever been in a tough situation and felt like the odds were stacked against you? All of us have had those moments—but how we respond can say a lot about our character and faith. Job is a great example of someone who faced seemingly insurmountable circumstances but still trusted the Lord.

His story is a classic example of humility. Despite Job’s possessions being taken away and his body is stricken with painful boils, he never cursed God or lost his faith. Instead, he humbly accepted God’s will and received greater blessings than he initially had—a reminder for all of us that no matter what tests or tribulations we face, God always has a plan for us.


Examples of Humility in the Bible

In short, the Bible is packed with examples of humility. From Moses to David to Jesus, we see people willing to put themselves in positions of service and vulnerability. They knew that true greatness comes not from being served but from serving others.

The Bible is a great place to start if you’re looking for a role model of humility. These examples can help you become more humble in your life and see the value of serving others.

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