Encouraging Bible Stories About Strength In Hard Times
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Encouraging Bible Stories About Strength In Hard Times


We all go through hard times. Times when it feels like we’re slogging through mud with no end in sight. It’s during these tough moments that we need encouragement the most. And that’s exactly what the Bible provides.

Top Bible Verses About Strength

In this article, we’ll explore three Bible stories about strength in hard times. These stories are a reminder that God is always with us, even when things are at their darkest. We hope they’ll encourage and empower you as you face your own hard times.

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The Power of Stories

Stories have the power to comfort us in our times of need. They can give us hope when we’re feeling down, and remind us that we’re not alone.

This is certainly true when it comes to the Bible. The Bible is full of stories about people who have gone through hard times and come out stronger on the other side. These stories offer encouragement and hope, especially when we’re feeling overwhelmed.

Bible Stories About Strength

One of the best things about the Bible is that it’s filled with stories about people who have gone through hard times and come out on top. These are stories that we can all relate to because we all face challenges in our lives.

It can be really encouraging to read these stories and see how God has helped others overcome difficult situations. These stories remind us that we’re not alone and that God is always with us, no matter what we’re going through.

When we’re feeling down, these Bible stories about strength can be a source of motivation and hope. They remind us that God is always willing to help us, even when we don’t think we can make it through on our own.

Abraham’s Resilience

When things get tough, it’s important to remember the biblical figures who faced hard times and overcame them. One such figure is Abraham.

adversity. Not only did he face it, but he came out stronger on the other side. When his wife was taken captive, Abraham didn’t give up. He pursued those who had taken her and rescued her—all while raising a son alone in a foreign land.

One of the most inspiring things about Abraham is his resilience in the face of. Not only did he face it, but he came out stronger on the other side. When his wife was taken captive, Abraham didn’t give up. He pursued those who had taken her and rescued her—all while raising a son alone in a foreign land.

This is a quality we can all aspire to have in our own lives. No matter what hardships come our way, we must never give up. With faith and resilience, we can overcome anything

David and Goliath

The next story we’ll look at is that of David and Goliath. This story is a particularly encouraging one, because it tells us that even if we’re facing powerful opposition, we can still stand our ground.

David was a small shepherd boy who was determined to stand up against Goliath, an imposing giant of a man. Despite the odds being strongly against him, David stepped forward in order to protect his people. Against all expectations, he emerged victorious!

This story emphasizes the importance of standing up for what you believe in and trusting that you can prevail against any obstacle or challenge. It also highlights the power of faith, as David believed he would have success with God on his side—and he did. With faith and courage, anything is possible!

Job’s Perseverance

Job is another great example of courage and perseverance in the face of difficult trials and tribulations. Even when his world was crumbling apart, he remained steadfast in his trust in God and never gave up hope. Job endured immense pain, suffering, and loss, yet he held onto his faith that God would restore all that was taken away from him.

Job’s story reminds us of how important it is to stay faithful in the midst of difficult times; to remain determined despite facing distress, despair, and doubt. His story also encourages us to remember that our situations can change for the better, as God can work miracles even when we least expect them. Ultimately, Job’s story illustrates how strength comes from having hope and trusting that everything happens for a reason.

Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife

When life throws us a curveball, it can be tempting to give in to fear and despair. Joseph’s story reminds us that we shouldn’t give in—and that by turning to God, we can achieve amazing things.

The story of Joseph begins when he is sold into slavery by his brothers. While serving Potiphar, the captain of Pharaoh’s guard, Joseph is accused by Potiphar’s wife of trying to seduce her. He resists her advances, however, for the sake of remaining true to God and his faith. Despite this accusation and the resulting imprisonment, Joseph stands firm in his faith and trusts that God will deliver him from this situation.

His faith is rewarded when Pharaoh takes notice of him—Joseph warns him about a dream predicting seven years of famine—and Pharaoh appoints him as second in command over all of Egypt (Genesis 41:41-43). This incredible success proves that no matter how hard things seem to get, we can trust in God that he will provide us with strength and courage to make it through our trials.

Daniel in the Lions’ Den

The story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den is well-known throughout the Bible. Its lessons of courage and faith are valuable to keep in mind during these difficult times. Daniel, who was a righteous man but was falsely accused and thrown into a den full of hungry lions, prayed for help, and God sent an angel to shut the lions’ mouths.

Though Daniel faced persecution for his religious beliefs, he did not waver in his faith and trust in God. Without fear or hesitation, he followed what he knew to be right and true—even though it meant being thrown into a pit of hungry predators.

This story teaches us to remain strong in our beliefs and convictions, even when those around us or our circumstances indicate otherwise. It encourages us to rely on God’s strength during hard times so that we can have the courage to carry on despite any obstacles that may come our way.

Paul’s Imprisonment

Paul was an apostle of the early church and is renowned for his strength and courage in the face of adversity. Paul’s imprisonment is a great example to us all of how we can be encouraged during hard times, even when our situations don’t feel fair.

Paul was imprisoned several times, but it never dampened his spirit. He managed to remain strong even in the direst of circumstances because he knew that God was always on his side. During his first imprisonment in Rome, he wrote four letters: Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon – all of which are full of encouragement for those going through struggles and trials.

At one point during his imprisonment, he said, “All the Saints greet you, especially those from Caesar’s household” (Philippians 4:22). This shows that even when faced with prison walls, Paul still believed in God’s power to bring people into a relationship with Him. Even Paul’s life behind bars was still filled with joy!


In short, the Bible is packed with stories about people who faced hard times and turned to God for strength. No matter what you’re going through, you can find encouragement in the Bible. God is always with you, and He will help you get through anything.

Pastor Duke Taber
Pastor Duke Taber

Pastor Duke Taber

All articles have been written or reviewed by Pastor Duke Taber.
Pastor Duke Taber is an alumnus of Life Pacific University and Multnomah Biblical Seminary.
He has been in pastoral ministry since 1988.
Today he is the owner and managing editor of 3 successful Christian websites that support missionaries around the world.
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