Did Nicodemus Get Saved?


As Christians, we often ponder the spiritual journey of individuals we encounter in the Bible. One such person that has captured the imagination of believers throughout history is Nicodemus, a Pharisee who met with Jesus secretly at night. In this blog post, we will explore the question of whether Nicodemus was saved, drawing on the NKJV version of the Bible. We will examine the scriptural evidence and consider various interpretations of Nicodemus’ encounters with Jesus.

While the Bible does not explicitly confirm the salvation of Nicodemus, we can glean insights from his actions and the teachings of Jesus. By studying these events, we can deepen our understanding of the process of salvation and the impact it had on Nicodemus and other early believers.

Key Takeaways

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  1. Nicodemus was a Pharisee who met with Jesus and was intrigued by His teachings.
  2. His encounters with Jesus suggest that he was open to receiving spiritual knowledge.
  3. The Bible does not explicitly mention whether Nicodemus was saved.
  4. Nicodemus’ actions and involvement in Jesus’ burial indicate a shift in his beliefs.
  5. The impact of Nicodemus’ transformation can inspire our own journey of faith.
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Nicodemus: A Curious Pharisee

Nicodemus was a Pharisee and a ruler of the Jews (John 3:1). As a member of the Sanhedrin, he held a high-ranking position within the religious community. He approached Jesus at night, likely to avoid detection by his peers and to engage in a private conversation with Jesus (John 3:2).

His interaction with Jesus was inquisitive and respectful, as he acknowledged Jesus as a teacher from God. Nicodemus recognized the divine nature of Jesus’ works and sought to learn from Him. This suggests a genuine interest in understanding Jesus’ teachings and a willingness to engage in spiritual discourse.

Jesus’ Teachings to Nicodemus

During their conversation, Jesus shared crucial teachings about the need for spiritual rebirth. He emphasized that to see the kingdom of God, one must be born again (John 3:3). Nicodemus struggled to understand this concept, prompting Jesus to explain further: “Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God” (John 3:5, NKJV).

This teaching highlights the importance of spiritual transformation and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding believers toward salvation. Although Nicodemus did not fully comprehend these teachings at the time, they would later serve as a foundation for his evolving faith.

Nicodemus Defends Jesus

A turning point in Nicodemus’ spiritual journey can be observed when he defends Jesus before the Sanhedrin. When the Pharisees criticized Jesus and sought to arrest Him, Nicodemus reminded his peers of their legal obligation to give Jesus a fair hearing (John 7:50-51). This act of courage implies that Nicodemus was beginning to see Jesus as more than just a teacher, but rather a figure deserving of fair treatment and respect.

Although this act does not confirm Nicodemus’ salvation, it demonstrates a significant shift in his perspective, as he openly advocates for Jesus despite potential backlash from his fellow Pharisees.

The Burial of Jesus

After the crucifixion of Jesus, Nicodemus played a significant role in His burial. Alongside Joseph of Arimathea, he provided a mixture of myrrh and aloes, weighing around a hundred pounds, to prepare Jesus’ body for burial (John 19:39). This act of devotion and reverence is a strong indicator that Nicodemus’ faith in Jesus had deepened, as he was willing to publicly associate himself with Jesus despite the potential consequences.

By participating in Jesus’ burial, Nicodemus demonstrated his respect and admiration for Jesus, further suggesting a transformed heart and a possible acceptance of Jesus as his Savior. While the Bible does not explicitly state that Nicodemus was saved, his actions provide a compelling argument for his spiritual transformation.

The Legacy of Nicodemus

Nicodemus’ story in the Bible is relatively brief, but his spiritual journey has resonated with Christians throughout the centuries. As a Pharisee who struggled with understanding Jesus’ teachings and eventually became a devoted follower, Nicodemus serves as an example of the transformative power of faith.

His story reminds us that it is never too late to turn toward Jesus, seek understanding, and embrace the path of salvation. The impact of Nicodemus’ transformation can inspire our own journey of faith, as we strive to grow in our relationship with Jesus and deepen our understanding of His teachings.


The question of whether Nicodemus was saved is ultimately left unanswered in the Bible. However, his actions and involvement in Jesus’ burial provide strong evidence for a deepening faith and spiritual transformation. As we reflect on Nicodemus’ journey, we are reminded of the importance of being open to Jesus’ teachings and the role of the Holy Spirit in guiding us toward salvation.

Nicodemus’ story serves as a powerful example of the potential for change and growth in our own spiritual lives. As we encounter the teachings of Jesus and seek to understand their meaning, we too can experience the transformative power of faith and the grace of salvation.

In conclusion, while the Bible does not definitively confirm the salvation of Nicodemus, his story offers valuable insights and inspiration for our own spiritual journey. By examining his interactions with Jesus and considering the evidence of his transformed beliefs, we are reminded of the importance of seeking understanding, embracing the teachings of Jesus, and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us on our path toward salvation.

The Bible is full of stories that can apply to our lives today. One of the most interesting stories is that of Nicodemus, a Pharisee who came to Jesus at night wanting to know how to be saved. This story is often used in Christian circles to encourage believers to accept the fact of salvation no matter what their current spiritual standing is. But what happened to Nicodemus after the story ended? Did Nicodemus get saved?

The answer is complicated. In John chapter three, Jesus says to Nicodemus that no one can go to heaven without being “born again,” which Nicodemus takes literally, not understanding the spiritual concept of being “born again.” Through the rest of the chapter, Jesus explains what this truly means and that no one can enter heaven without God’s assistance.

Throughout the book of John, Nicodemus is mentioned several more times, including his demonstration of courage by helping bury Jesus’ body after the crucifixion. These moments imply that Nicodemus did, indeed, accept Jesus as his saviour.

It is impossible to know for certain if Nicodemus accepted the idea of being “born again” and became a believer. What we can surmise, however, is that when he came to talk to Jesus, he was genuinely seeking hope. His courage in assisting Jesus’s burial displays a man of faith, and Francis Schaeffer, a Christian leader, wrote that “it may be that he had already found the real answer”.

It is unlikely that we will ever know whether or not Nicodemus became a Christian. His story is still often used to encourage believers not to be discouraged even if they have not yet experienced God’s saving grace. It is a reminder that God is always reaching out, and the hope of salvation is open to anyone who comes to Him.

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