Christianity has played a significant role in shaping politics throughout history, from the development of democracy in ancient Greece to the present-day debates about social issues. Christian beliefs and values have influenced political ideologies and policies, and many Christians have felt a moral obligation to participate in political discourse.

In this list of Christian articles about politics, we explore the intersection of faith and politics, examining the ways in which Christians have engaged with political issues and analyzing the implications of their beliefs for public policy. We will consider a range of topics, from the role of government in society to the ethics of political action, from the relationship between Christianity and political parties to the challenges facing Christians in the political arena.

Our hope is that these articles will provide insight into the complex relationship between Christianity and politics and encourage readers to engage thoughtfully and critically with these issues. We believe that Christians have a unique perspective to offer on political matters, one that is grounded in a commitment to justice, compassion, and the common good.

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