Christian Dream Interpretation: Why I Don’t Use A Christian Dream Interpreter Or Dictionary

In 32 years of walking with Jesus, I have seen fads come and go many times. One of the trends that are currently making its rounds across the church is Christian Dream Interpretation.

As with most fads, Christian dream interpretation takes a biblical principle or teaching and runs with it and stretches it way beyond what the Bible or God intended.

Because it is my job as a pastor to lead people to a place of maturity in their Christian walk, I feel I must address this issue. I believe that God gives dreams. I question whether or not believers are the ones that need dream interpreters.

So in this article, I will attempt to teach you how to interpret your dream rather than relying on some internet guru or itinerant man of power for the hour.

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Joel 2:28

“ And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.

A Balanced Approach to Christian Dream Interpretation

Let me first off state that I am the type of person that does his best to be balanced and only speak where the Bible speaks and be silent or at least be honest enough to tell people it is an opinion when the Bible is silent or not precise on a subject.

That being said, the Bible is clear that God has and does use dreams to communicate with people.

From the Patriarchs to the Prophets, to the Apostles and early church God has used dreams to communicate to His people.

As the scripture clearly states in the scripture from Joel, dreams will be given in the last days, and we are definitely in the last days.


Are Christian Dream Interpreters from God?

So the question is not if dreams are a compelling way that God communicates with people, but the method used to interpret dreams.

Is there such a thing as Christian dream interpreters or a “ministry” of interpreting dreams for believers? Does the Bible give a dictionary to understand dreams from?

Honestly, I have grave concerns about this. The thought that people have a specialized ability to interpret dreams is a common practice in the New-Age movement. The use of symbols like is found in the dream dictionaries comes from psychology, not scripture.

Anytime something comes from these sources; I screen it heavily before I will allow it even close to me or those God has entrusted me with. The New-Age movement that masquerades as spirituality, but is filled with deception and darkness. Psychology places man at the center of the universe, not God.

I am also concerned that once again we are going down the path of having to go to man to receive from God. Instead of every believer having their 2-way communication with God, we are going to middlemen, like was done before the Reformation, to understand what God is speaking to us.

The dream interpreters are teaching by example that you need them or that you need to buy their specialized dream dictionary instead of the Bible, to hear from God.

This is not the Christianity I believe in.



There is, unfortunately, no mandate. There are a couple of instances where God gave the interpretation to someone, but there is no ministry of dream interpretation listed in the Bible. Those instances where God used someone to interpret a dream, it was the dream of an unbeliever.

Joseph, when he was in prison was given the interpretation to some unbeliever’s dreams, but there is no record he became the official dream interpreter. Instead, he became the Pharaoh’s second in command.

Daniel was given the interpretation to a dream of an unbelieving king, but he never was considered a dream interpreter, but instead, he was a prophet.

Paul was given a dream to go to Macedonia, and since he was a believer, he interpreted his dream.

He went, to his ministry team and shared with them the dream, and together they interpreted the dream as God telling them to go to Macedonia.

Is your Dream from God?

So before you go run off and follow another Christian fad that distracts you from the real purposes of God in your life, consider these things concerning dream interpretation.

  1. Not all dreams are from God. Just because you had a dream does not mean it is from God or that it even needs to be interpreted. I call this discerning the difference between late night pizza dreams and God dreams. I have found that when God gives a dream, it is accompanied by a strong sense of His presence.
  2. Some dreams come from your subconscious. When there is something that is bothering you emotionally or in your thinking, many times it manifests as a dream to help you work through it. An example of this is when I went through a divorce and was separated for a short time from my kids. I kept having dreams that my daughter was dying or had died. I would weep in my dreams. This was my hearts way of expressing the feelings I was having about missing them and mourning the loss of the relationship at the time. Never was it a warning from God about her impending doom.
  3. Many times God will speak to you personally about the dream. You do not need an interpreter. God is more than capable of letting you know what a dream means. If He was big enough to send you the dream, then He is big enough to reveal to you its meaning. You have the Holy Spirit; you have His word. Many times He will confirm the dream directly to you.
  4. Go to the elders and leaders of your church for confirmation of your interpretation. They are the ones that are entrusted with the care and wellbeing of your soul. Get wise counsel from them, not some person who is claiming to have a gift. If you look hard, those claiming to have a gift, are also looking to advance financially by this so-called gift. Never do you see in the Bible a person genuinely gifted by God, charging for the use of that gift. Even under the guise of donations. Hear me very well here. If you chase after someone claiming to have a gift, to interpret a dream, you are walking very close to seeking after divination. The Bible clearly and explicitly forbids us to use divination. We are not to try to seek after those that would predict the future or unexplained mysteries. We are to seek after Jesus. All the dream interpretation talked about in the Bible, was naturally given by God, not because the believer sought after the explanation. God revealed it; they did not seek it.

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How To Interpret Your Dream from God.

So, if you have had a dream that you believe comes from God, first and foremost go to Him for the interpretation. He might reveal scripture to you that fits with the dream. He may speak to you in that still small voice, and you all of a sudden understand what it is about. And sometimes you might get a sense of peace about the future knowing it is in His hands.

After you have gotten it from Him, then confirm it with mature and stable people in the Lord to see if your dream interpretation is correct and ALWAYS make sure it lines up with the word of God. That is why being connected to a group of believers is essential. God has placed those people in your life to help you learn how to hear from God.

Just because you had a dream about having a new wife, does not mean you are to divorce your current one! Kapish?

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Now go and speak to God yourself about the dream He gave you instead of clicking another page on the internet looking for Christian dream interpretation or to get a “dream interpreter” whom you don’t even know or can trust to do it for you.

Rise up, Christian. God wants to speak to you personally.

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Christian dream interpretation

This article is about the validity of Christian dream interpretation and dream interpreters. It is not an offer for dream interpretation.

Blessings to you all!

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