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What Is Impartation?

Impartation in a Christian context refers to the spiritual practice where one individual, often considered to be spiritually mature or gifted, transfers certain spiritual gifts or blessings to another individual. This concept is rooted in the belief that certain spiritual gifts, such as prophecy, healing, speaking in tongues, or wisdom, can be passed from one person to another through prayer, laying on of hands, or other means of spiritual interaction.

This practice is often seen in various Christian traditions, particularly those that emphasize the work of the Holy Spirit and the continuation of the gifts of the Spirit as described in the New Testament. The idea is that through impartation, individuals can receive enhanced spiritual capabilities or blessings that enable them to serve God more effectively in their personal life and ministry.

It’s important to note that impartation is understood and practiced in different ways across different Christian denominations and traditions. Some view it as a deeply significant spiritual event that requires careful discernment and guidance, while others may see it as a more common and accessible practice.

In all cases, the practice of impartation is generally accompanied by prayer and a strong sense of reliance on God’s will and direction. The underlying belief is that any spiritual gift or blessing ultimately comes from God and is given for the purpose of building up the church and glorifying Him.